Review Of The Best Detergent For Cloth Diapers

Choosing the cloth diaper detergent sounds easy for us to buy from the hypermarkets, but it is a daunting task to use the right detergent to protect the cloth diapers as well as your children in the long term.

Therefore, you need to spend much time to research the information about cloth diaper detergents. You should discover how detergents work in the cloth diapers and water conditions. Then, you will know the best detergent for cloth diapers.

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I recommend the Charlie's Soap - Fragrance Free Laundry Powder as the perfect fit for your baby's cloth diapers.

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Take into account some considerations before taking the detergents

There are different factors you should consider carefully before taking the products in your hands.

First of all, you need to ask yourself that wanting a normal product with the chemical ingredients or a natural item in the ingredients. Then, you should check the water condition you are washing the cloth diapers. The condition of water strongly affects in the washing process.

Review of The Best Detergent For Cloth Diapers

With the hard water that contains minerals to avoid the impact of the soaps or detergents, you are more tired of the washing process. You have to use baking soda and the detergents at the same time in hard water. Whereas, having the soft water that means you get free in mind of thinking the amount of baking soda and other ingredients in the detergent while washing.

After ensuring these two factors, what is the best detergent for washing clothes diapers - is not a tough question at all in the laundry world?

Understand and avoid these kinds of ingredients in the cloth diaper detergents

Before selecting the right cloth diaper detergent, you need to understand the cloth diaper first. Normally, the cloth diapers are made to consume urine. The crucial point is the surface of the cloth diaper need to be clean to remove the odors and comfort with babies.

If the cloth diapers are not taking in the urine or they get a bad smell, you need to change the way you wash by thinking of the natural detergent, liquid detergent, and related others.

Pure soaps

This ingredient is good for washing routine, but it is not nice for cloth diapers. Because pure soaps still appear on the surface of the cloth diaper after washing. Residues remove the moisture of the cloth so that the diapers could not absorb the urine well.

In the situation you do not have any other soaps for washing the cloth diaper, you can use an amount of baking soda (1/4 cup) to help the cloth absorb more urine.

Kinds of enzyme

Enzymes are sturdy to treat many kinds of organic matter like water, moisture, urine, feces, etc. So, the face of the cloth could not be strong enough to consume other substances, and your baby’s skin must be a great meal for those enzymes. Some kids who have sensitive skin types will face rashes, sores, bleeding and blistering.

Review of The Best Detergent For Cloth Diapers

The fragrances and dyes

These are unfriendly chemicals for baby’s skin. It is not vital for baby clothes while washing. In fact, fragrances are made from petroleum. They could be harm to fish and mammals in general. These toxic chemicals get danger in eye irritation, allergic and skin forms.

The optical brighteners

The function of this ingredient helps the face of the clothes more shine after washing. Your colored clothes will be brighter thanks to this ingredient. The invisible ultraviolet light will become the blue light. It means that skin has to digest a huge of ultraviolet light that you might not know the amount.

In the future, the users will have skin cancer or other allergic reactions though they make the clothes look brighter. To recognize the danger of this ingredient, you should observe the detergent under a black light.

The softer in fabric

There are two kinds of, the softer – liquid or sheet form. When taking this ingredient on washing, they will leave their residue on the clothes. They will prevent your clothes could not absorb moisture or other organic substances.

Furthermore, it will destroy the covers in the cloth diapers, and the diapers could not work anymore due to lack of water – proof laminate. You should not use the softer during washing, but if you still want to use it, place them as another softer – the natural softer. On the one hand, you can use a half of baking soda cup while washing.

Review of The Best Detergent For Cloth Diapers

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How much detergent for cloth diapers we should use?

You always get advice that you just need a tiny amount of detergents to put into your clothes before washing. However, there is not any evidence for the impact of the textile, water, and the detergents.

Therefore, whether you take much detergent or less, it sounds small echoes for the clothes. In this situation, you follow the recommendation for the dosage from the manufacturer. Then, you need to be flexible on using in the water condition of your areas.

Although you should follow the dosage of the producers in their labels, you need to ensure the scope or your cup that you are using, and the dosage of their encouragement in the package is balanced no matter you are choosing solid or liquid detergent.

If you do not put enough the amount of detergent, the cloth diapers will not absorb the urine and feces that may lead the odors. Your babies will not get comfortable with the cloth diapers, and they do not want to use it. On the one hand, their skin may get allergic. You know that you must replace these bad things by washing again.

Review of The Best Detergent For Cloth Diapers


5 Best Detergent For Cloth Diapers

Charlie’s Soap is the liquid detergent, and it is made from the industrial cleaner to remove the odors and other dirt in the face of the clothes. Moreover, it is rated one of the best detergents for cloth diapers because the clothes become clean without debris. After finishing washing routine, the state is coming from blue water to gray one due to replace the bad things totally.

It also has a good smell, but the ingredients come from natural smell like flowers so that your baby’s skin does not get danger from it after washing. To use it, you just need one or two tablespoons to put into the clothes. If your areas have hard water, you will use two or three tablespoons.

For those who do not live in the low – lying watery or marshy lands, you might not have hard water, so that you do not need to use two more tablespoons or add more baking soda. It depends on the level of the hard water condition.


  • It is a sturdy detergent for diapers and other clothes, but it still safe for users.
  • It has a good smell, but it does not affect your baby clothes as well as the cloth diapers.
  • It has a natural smell ingredients so that user’s skin do not get danger from it.
  • It is the available product for hard water areas.


  • Before taking Charlie’s Soap, you have to assure that you clear away other detergents or bleaches in the washing machine.
  • Users need to ensure the tablespoons or the scopes they use to put an amount of liquid into the clothes.
  • Users sometimes have to strip the cloth diapers with another product.

The Tide Liquid Detergent is not only estimated one of the best detergents for cloth diapers but also is the number one on the top Americans detergent choice on sales. This product also has a deep clean for clothes without hassle on user’s skin.

Even though you are sensitive to your skin, you do not get allergic after washing this liquid detergent. On the one hand, it does not have any fragrances and dyes in the ingredients. The Tide Liquid Detergent also rated on the top recommendation from the washing machine manufacturer to patrons, especially mothers preferring it for their washing routines.


  • Users totally find it in every hypermarket, supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.
  • Users do not get mad to wait for a shipment to come to their hands because it is available all the time.
  • User’s skin does not get danger from the product, and they do not have any allergies.
  • The product brands are popular for every user around the world.
  • It is also a deep clean detergent for clothes.


  • When using this product, users might need to use the fabric softener to make the surface of the diaper much soft, but the diaper could not absorb urine.
  • The conflict between the softener and the liquid detergent can cause something bad in the diapers.
  • Using this item in few months, users should remove them to protect the cloth diapers.

The Allens Naturally Liquid Soap is a strong liquid detergent for clothes and cloth diapers, but it is still gentle on fabrics. Furthermore, the clothes become clean without leaving residues. It also is much bright on the fabrics after washing.

Even if you are using on your baby’s cloth diapers, your kids do not get allergic or other dangers. Due to sturdy liquid detergent, you do not need much liquid to put into the cloth diapers. You just need a ¼ pump of one pump bottle of this product.

Allens Naturally Liquid Soap is rated one of the super clean and the best detergents for cloth diapers on the market. Therefore, mothers can save their budget on the laundry detergents in one year.


  • It is not a super cleaning detergent, but also a super saving cost item with a gallon in one bottle.
  • For those who have sensitive skin like babies, they freely use this product for deep cleaning the clothes.
  • It is a sturdy detergent to remove the dirt and odors outside the clothes.
  • The surface of clothes does not have any residues.


  • If you do not use it in a brilliant way, it could be an expensive product in the short term.
  • Users need to be careful while putting it on the surface of clothes because it can cause to user’s skin.

For those who want to remove all of other substances in the cloth diapers, RLR could be your option. Because this is the laundry additive to break down all of the minerals such as lime, calcium, etc.

After using this product, the cloth diapers will be brighter, and the fabrics are stronger. In a nutshell, it also is rated one of the best detergents for cloth diapers to get out of everything of the diapers in the hypermarkets.


  • It will do the best for all of the clothes to make the clothes fresh and brighter if you understand it through the RLR session regularly (once or twice a year).
  • Consumers agree that it is also a good detergent in the today market.
  • It totally gets out of minerals on the surface of clothes.
  • It is an affordable product for everyone.


  • It is not suitable for using in the soft water condition.
  • It does not have the state – of – the – art design.
  • Because of out of the fashioned package, it could not appeal new buyers in the first trying time.

In fact, the detergent removes the odors and other bad things in the plain cotton diapers easily, even if the diapers have more dirt. However, the laundry detergent could not eliminate these bad things on the surface of microfiber diapers. The urine and detergents can get stuff in tiny fibers. In the long term, user’s skin can get damage from these stuffing things.

In this situation, you should use an extra product that helps you diminish all of the bad things in the surface of the microfibers, and the diapers come back their conditions. You might think of the Funk Rock. Also, the Funk Rock does not have fragrances, perfumes or other toxic chemicals.

Users will be impressed with the result in this product after using it to recover the old condition of the cloth diapers. It is the best detergent for cloth diapers and available for babies without annoying.


  • This product does not have any fragrances, perfumes or other toxic chemicals to get danger for the users.
  • It sometimes has a good smell that comes from pleasant natural smell.
  • Users can use this product as a changeable product of Charlie’s Soap once or twice a month.
  • It removes all of the dirt and residues in the cloth diapers smoothly.
  • It does not have enzymes, soaps and other bad ingredients for users’ health.


  • You need to use it before starting the washing routine. Therefore, you should spend much time.
  • You could not use this product daily to protect the clothes and washing machines.
  • It is not a sturdy detergent, and it could not have deep clean for clothes in general.


If you are looking for a detergent product that having deep clean on the cloth diapers as well as clothes, the Tide Liquid Detergent could be your next option.

Furthermore, you want to upgrade a super clean detergent for clothes and diapers, but it is still gentle for skin, Charlie's Soap - Fragrance Free Laundry Powder will help you in this tough task. After discovering some useful information, selecting the best detergent for cloth diapers could stay in your hands. Protect your family members with a smart choice.

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