Best Formula For Constipation That Helps Baby Overcome Naturally

During the first months of life, babies are very vulnerable and easily attacked by health issues. Therefore, taking good care of them is an important task.

However, it is still common to witness a high number of infants suffering from constipation due to unknown causes. That is the reason why many parents choose formula for constipation as a great solution to improve their baby’s health. Keep on reading our article to decide the best formula for constipation for your baby.

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What is Constipation?

Constipation can be characterized as the difficult bowel movements. Normally, it refers to the condition in which the bowel movements happen less than three times on a weekly basis.

Other symptoms of this problem might vary from hard stools to the discoloration of the baby’s stools, sometimes even with blood.

Some possible causes of constipation are:

  • Dehydration, which means your baby is short of fluid
  • Some other health issues, of which constipation is just a sign
  • Diet, which might contain a large proportion of solid foods. Babies who try these foods at first may face a higher risk of constipation
  • Formula with palmitoleic oil

What You Should Do

As the use of drugs is limited to babies, you had better search for other ways. In fact, there is no need for medicine to be a part of constipation treatment. They only bring side effects for baby.

Instead, you can apply a series of steps to change your baby’s daily habits and then, put an end to this annoying problem.

1. More Fluid

Since dehydration is responsible for constipation in many cases, it is easy to prevent or treat this problem by providing enough fluid for the body.

The babies are often dependent on breast milk; therefore, you should feed them regularly. Besides, the mother should provide herself with enough fluid on a daily basis. It is not necessary to be water. You can choose from healthy smoothies.

On the other hand, carbonated drinks should be strictly banned from the mother’s and the baby’s diet.

For older babies, you can use fresh juices in the baby’s diet, such as apple or prune juice. Only a small proportion every day can make a big difference for constipation newborn treatment.

2. More Active

Staying active is a key to helping your baby get over or even prevent constipation. Walking around or crawling is ideal to lower the risk of this problem.

In case your baby cannot crawl yet, you had better let him or her lie on the back. Their legs should pump like riding bicycles.

3. More Fiber

Fiber contributes significantly to the development of our digestive system, and the lack of this nutrient probably leads to constipation.

Therefore, mothers should take fiber into consideration in their diet so as to provide their baby with a necessary nutrient for constipation problems.

However, the best type of fiber for constipation treatment is non-fermentable soluble. Other types, such as insoluble, are reported to have adverse effects on the treatment.

4. Change Formula

Despite persuasive advertisements on the media, many formulas cause the baby to suffer from digestion difficulty. Besides, it is hard to identify which type is the most suitable for your baby until he or she tries it.

Therefore, if you notice constipation in your baby when using a formula, change the brand immediately.

Some formulas on the market have received many positive reviews from mothers all around the world. You should devote more time and effort to research about it.

Besides, there is an assumption that formula containing iron is more likely to lead to constipation. In fact, no scientific studies confirmed this, so you should ignore it.

5. Consult Doctor

Additional choice, and maybe the last, to help with your baby’s constipation is to consult a doctor or professional expert.

This is particularly useful if constipation lasts more than two days for below-8-week-old babies.

As the baby’s body is sensitive and vulnerable, you should not wait until everything gets worse. Also, do not use any drugs or laxatives without the advice from a doctor.

Benefits of Infant Formula

Some people might wonder what infant formula is.

As a matter of fact, every baby should be fed on breast milk during the first months. However, some mothers are incapable of doing so. As a result, infant formula was born to fulfill this task.

It can be characterized as an alternative nutrient source for the baby’s development. Soy or cow’s milk is usually the foundation for infant formula, although other ingredients might be different.

All reliable infant formulas must be guaranteed by FDA specifications; therefore, make sure that you check them very carefully before using.

5 Best Formula for Constipation Reviews

For mothers who raise their baby with formula, it is quite struggling if their baby suffers from constipation. It means that something is wrong with their formula.

It is time to make a change! Below are top 5 best formula for constipation reviews.

Normally, you will find this formula in the form of powder. However, if you prefer liquid form, then it is available as well.

It is rated as one of the most suitable formulas, especially for constipation and gas. There are some special proteins in this formula which have significant impacts on the baby’s digestive system.

The small proteins are beneficial for digestion and also keep the baby’s stool soft. As a result, the bowel movements will be a lot easier.

Also, if your baby has a very sensitive stomach, then this formula is also suitable. In fact, it can improve the condition of the baby’s stomach.

The manufacturers claimed that their formula provides the same taste and benefits as breast milk. It provides a large number of probiotics, prebiotics, and necessary nutrients, exactly like the mother’s breast milk.

Furthermore, its richness of nutrients is also responsible for its positive effects on the baby’s eyes and brain.

DHA which can be found in this formula plays an essential role in the development of the baby’s brain and eyes. Normally, baby gets DHA into the body through breastfeeding. This product is another excellent way to provide your baby with such nutrient.

The customer service is considered as excellent since they are available for help all the time. Besides, customers will get direct access to additional services, such as nutrition and lactation consultation.


  • Support weak digestive system
  • Suitable for sensitive stomach
  • Good for the brain and eyes as well
  • Great customer service with free consultation


  • Quite expensive, compared to its competitors
  • Some people find it difficult to dissolve this formula

Another outstanding formula for constipation in a baby is Happy Baby.

The producer researched natural breast milk carefully and tried the best to formulate all important nutrients in this product. Therefore, it provides various benefits, in addition to the treatment for constipated and gassy baby.

This product is completely organic, which means that it does not contain lactose. It is packed with many important fatty acids that your baby might need.

This formula contains an excellent amount of prebiotics that supports the baby’s digestive condition very well. To be specific, the proportion of prebiotics is four times as high as normal products.

It is one of the best organic formula options that is specifically designed for babies with sensitive stomachs. You hardly can find another better product than this one.

Most of its vitamins come from the natural sources, instead of petroleum. This guarantees the best quality for our baby. The experts also recommend it before any other medical treatments for constipation and colic.


  • Organic and lactose-free
  • Suitable for sensitive stomach


  • Might not work for every baby
  • Contain palm oil which many people find uncomfortable

You probably heard about this brand. It is one of the most famous manufacturers in this sector with a variety of products on the market.

And there is no doubt that it is an outstanding choice for constipation and spit up problems.

First, its taste is the same as that of milk, so your baby is more likely to enjoy it as much as your natural breastmilk.

Also, this formula provides a lot of DHA that is crucial to the baby’s development during the first two years.

Enfagrow’s formula is suitable for all types of stomach, even the most sensitive ones. In the treatment of constipation, it works very well by providing the baby’s digestive system with probiotics and prebiotics.

These nutrients will promote digestive health and prevent the baby from hard or bloody stools which are quite dangerous at an early age.

Besides, you will also see many similar minerals and vitamins in the formula, just like others on the market. However, with its long tradition, Enfagrow is one of the best options.


  • Various flavors, such as vanilla, to satisfy your baby
  • Very famous and reliable brand
  • Loaded with minerals and vitamins
  • Great for digestive health


  • Some might not find it effective to deal with constipation
  • More expensive than some other brands

Simple as its recipes are, this brand provides a large number of prebiotics and vitamins. As a result, Similac has become one among top popular choices of all mothers for over 90 years.

Nowadays, this brand has introduced new formula milk with iron. As mentioned above, many people are still holding a belief that formula to avoid will contain iron. No research has ever supported this assumption.

Similac Advance’s formula supplies your baby with essential vitamins to have healthy stomach and digestion. Besides, the bones might benefit from this product as well.

Regarding the taste, it is very close to breastmilk, so probably your baby will not detect the difference between your milk and this product.

Nevertheless, the results for constipation and gas are still mixed. Prebiotics in this product are claimed to lower the risk of gas; however, it may not be effective in every case. As a consequence, some still struggle with gas.

Here is one of the best options on the market for a long period of time. You should think about it thoroughly, especially when it is offered at reasonable price.

In the past, a lot of generations have relied on it, maybe including your grandparents and parents.

There is nothing much to do when you prepare this formula. It will be mixed with water, and then, after a few minutes, you can feed your baby with this healthy, beneficial formula.


  • Being trusted by many generations
  • Suitable for babies up to 1-year-old
  • Reasonable price
  • Packed with many important nutrients


  • Stain clothes
  • Contain GMOs

Unlike most other products, this formula comes from goat milk. Perhaps, it is a response of the manufacturers for many babies who are sensitive to cow’s milk. In fact, lactose intolerance is not an uncommon problem.

The possibility of the stomach and digestive problems is also much lower thanks to goat milk. To be specific, if the baby uses goat milk proteins, they do not form as hard, and big curd as cow milk proteins does in their stomach.

Therefore, your baby is less likely to experience digestive discomforts.

Although it is not organic, it follows strict requirements of the European Union. No GMOs is claimed to exist in this formula. Besides, there are no artificial ingredients and chemicals either.

Moreover, others nutrients in this formula are worth mentioning because of their various benefits on the baby’s health. They vary from vitamin D to folic acid, iron…

To sum up, it is the best formula for constipation in case your baby cannot digest cow milk.


  • Suitable for babies with lactose intolerance
  • No stomach discomforts
  • Great texture
  • Meet the high requirements of the EU


  • Non-organic
  • Some are not comfortable with its flavor


No matter what is the best formula for constipation for your baby, it is necessary to have a doctor’s consultation. This helps you make sure that the formula is suitable for your baby’s conditions.

Although most products are reliable, a sudden change to another unsuitable choice might worsen the situation.

With this list of the best formula for constipation, we hope that mothers find it useful to help their baby overcome this problem. Do not hesitate to share with us your story!

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