Top 5 Best Wipe Warmers of 2022 Buying Guide

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One of the challenges of being a parent is having an easy diaper changing time with their baby. There could be strategies in doing it but is still best if you have something to help you. Babies will surely love warm wipes and wipe warmer is the best thing to purchase to help you ease your diaper changing experience. What are the best wipe warmers in town? I will list down the 5 best wipe warmers you can choose from. ​

There are a lot of mothers who’d say that wipe warmers are not necessarily at all because babies can live without warm wipes. But, we all want the best for our baby right? Wipe warmers are actually clever solutions that help parents make the diaper changing easy stuff. Who would like to have ice-cold wipes right? Even us grown-ups don’ like very cold stuff touching our skin, then about the babies who have sensitive skin?

How Does It Work?

A wipe warmer is an electric appliance that needs to be plugged in in order to work. At first look, it looks like a sleek wipe box. Inside the box is a pillow or a sponge that you have to moisten to help the wipes stay moist and warm. Next, if you have wipes, you can start filling the wipe warmer with it.

Close the top, and then gently thread the 1st wipe through the opening to easily access it. Get the lid closes tightly then you can press the button. It will send a signal then the wipe warmer will start to warm the wipes in the perfect temperature. The box is also moisturized all the time so the wipes are always warm and moist.

Is It A Must-Have?

Think of this situation. If you live in a cold place and the room temperature becomes cold, if a cold wipe hits your baby’ bottom they have the tendency to pee. If you really wipe your baby with a cold wipe while you’re changing the diaper, they will really pee. You might find some commentaries online that says wipe warmer is never necessary. Yes, it’s not a baby essential you can’t live without. In fact, a lot of mothers confessed they have not been using the wipe warmer in their family. ​

But, you can also read a lot of experiences that say after using wipe warmer, their lives changed for good. Diaper changing time was once a very difficult job, and babies tend to cry more or become uncomfortable when cold wipes are used for their bottoms. ​After using the wipe warmer, the moist and warm wipes become very valuable and become part of the routine. When purchasing one, just don’t think that you will live without it, because you really can for the reason that it’s not your bottom that is being wiped with a cold cloth. Think about the increased comfort level your baby will experience if you will use warm wipes for them.

Tips and Tricks for Using Wipe Warmer

1. Unplug if Not Used

Wipe warmers will work and continue on heating the wipes as long as it is turned on. If you change diapers throughout the day, warm wipes won’t be a problem. However, wipe warmer has a tendency to dry out wipes over 24 hours period. So, if you can calculate that you won’t be using the wipe warmer the next day, turn that off. Your wipes will still remain damp and soft for the next time you’ll use it for the baby as long as it’s not over the 24 hour period. Also, doing this will save you electricity.

2. Fill with Water

If you read the instructions that come with the product, it will instruct you to fill it with water especially if it doesn’t have a sponge. Water can also prevent the baby wipes from drying out, so it is still moist and warm. Avoid pouring it on the wipes; instead just fill the bottom of the wipe warmer. But there are also wipe warmer brands that come with a replaceable pillow. Make sure to buy that one.

3. ​Do not Overfill with Wipes

​There are wipe warmer brands that claim that their products can fit a hundred wipes inside, this is exaggeration. If the baby wipes are close to the heating element, they will dry out quicker. If you overfill the baby wipes, the lid can squash and destroy the top wipes. These will it difficult to pull through the dispenser. However, you can experiment with how many wipes can be fit into the wipes so the next time you will not overfill it. Look for the brand that has a viewing window, a window where you can see the wipe level clearly. It will guide you if the wipes are running out or if you put too much wipes on the warmer.

4. ​Clean It!

Clean the wipe warmer every now and then to keep it clean and bacteria free. Do the cleaning before you refill with wipes so the wipes are clean. Don’t let any mold grow inside it, especially if it has water on its bottom. One of the reasons why there are mothers who don’t use wipe warmer is because of the possibility of bacterial growth. There are ways of avoiding it, one of it is cleaning it after every time the wipes run out and before the refilling time. When cleaning it, use a non-abrasive cloth. The cloth will prevent you from scratching the insides of a wipe warmer because the scratches could be a place for the bacteria and germs to build up.

5. Wipe Warmer Safety

Familiarize yourself with the product’s instructional manual because using the product incorrectly will either leaf to electrocution or fire. If the instructions tell you to add water, do it correctly. The wipes will dry out and dry heated paper will probably cause a fire. Remember too that moist environment will lead to bacterial growth and wipe warmers is likely to be that environment. Learn and read how your wipe warmer can avoid that. Who would like to wipe their baby’s bottom with germ covered wipes, right? Also, buy the most used and popular brand (you can refer your choices below). Do not just buy the cheap and generic wipe warmer because it is often dangerous and poorly made. The known brands could be a little bit expensive but it is much worthy to buy than unsafe ones.

List of The Best Wipe Warmer

1: Warmies Wipes Warmer From Prince Lionheart

1: Warmies Wipes Warmer From Prince Lionheart

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This wipes warmer from Lionheart is designed to be used the Warmies reusable cloth wipes, an environment-friendly way to wipe. It has a 3-part heating system designed to help keep the cloth wipes moist, fresh, reafy and warm for the baby’s delicate needs. Using Warmies would be an environmentally conscious decision because the reusable wipes will keep tons of trash out of landfills. The material is made of 100% rayon derived from bamboos, no dyes or bleaches and is more absorbent than cotton.

It also comes with a replacement pillow. The pillow is not the usual pillow we know but it is the soft and thick pad placed at the warmer’s bottom. It catches the evaporated water so the wipes won’t be too saggy and wet. It should be replaced every now and then to prevent mold and bacterial growth. It also prevents the wipes from getting brown and dried. ​The Cloth Wipes from GroVia is frequently bought together with the Warmies Wipes Warmer. These are gentle and soft baby wipes that will be a great choice for baby’s soft and sensitive skin. The wipes are reusable and is designed to clean messes effectively. The wipes are available in the pack of 12. It is made of cotton and polyester that will give the babies a comfortable and soft feel.


  • Safe product to use
  • Keeps the wipes warm and moist and not saggy
  • It comes with a replacement pillow
  • Rashes or any other issues wouldn’t be of a worry

2: Warm Glow Wipe Warmer From Munchkin

Warm Glow Wipe Warmer From Munchkin

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This wipe warmer form munchkin will ensure that your baby will have a moist and warm wipes with its top-warming system. It has a flip-top lid that activates a soothing ten minute light so changing your baby at night would become easier without waking him up. The warm wiper can hold up to 100 pop-up wipes.

The window will help you check the level at a glance. So, there would be no more nighttime lights and startling cold wipes to wake up a sleepy baby. This top-down warmer also prevents warming. The on/off button controls the light. The item is available in while with bluish-purple color.


  • It doesn’t have a replacement pillow but you can use the one from
  • Prince Lionheart
  • The translucent window is very useful
  • The lid closes securely
  • The warmer doesn’t get too hot
  • It is bacteria and mold-free

3: hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser

3: hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser

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Hiccapop started out of Stanford University with one goal in mind: to add some excitement and creativity to the stagnant baby products industry. At hiccapop, products are designed in a way that parents don’t need more “stuff ”. Thus, only high-end products that make a difference and last a lifetime are engineered. The weather has been getting cooler, and the temps in our house feel chillier, especially at night. Having nice warm wipes for those late night diaper changes is really nice.

The first feature of this product is its silicone seal. It helps lock in moisture and heat to prevent wipes from drying out and turning brown. When it comes to product for baby use, safety and reliability take priority. Here, the wipe warmer is integrated with low-voltage power adapter for added safety. Especially, Hiccapop even installs thermal fuses to protect the unit in the event of a sudden power surge in your home wiring. In addition, Wipe warmer also comes with a night light for easier changing in the dark plus an illuminated power button.

This built-in changing light softly illuminates the changing table so you do not have to turn on the bright lights of the room during a late night diaper change. Night Light will automatically shut off in 10 minutes. Besides, it has a large viewing window with an extra large storage capacity for over a week’s worth of wipes. I also love its elegant and modern design: a timeless design in neutral white, which is perfect for girls or boys. Hiccapop is ideal for all brands of continuous-feed wipes.


  • Silicone seal locks in moisture and heat to prevent wipes from drying out and turning brown
  • A good warm temperature
  • Low-voltage power adapter and thermal fuses for added safety
  • Extra large storage capacity
  • Reasonable price
  • Sleek and modern case design


  • You need to put in some water to prevent it from drying out

4: Premium Wipe Warmer From Prince Lionheart

4: Premium Wipe Warmer From Prince Lionheart

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Another wipe warmer product from the leading wipe warmer brand is the Premium Wipe Warmer which takes the chill out of diaper changing. It features the ever-fresh system. It keeps the wipes moist, warm and fresh without discoloration. This product is the only warmers molded with EPA approved anti-microbial additive, which inhibits the growth of microorganisms and bacteria.

It also features an insulated body and advanced moisture retention to keep the wipes moist and warm. It warms the regular and pop-ups to perfect temperature.


  • It is EPA approved so the growth of microorganisms and bacteria can be avoided
  • The wipes are warmed to a perfect temperature
  • Very convenient for mothers and babies alike
  • The advanced moisture retention keeps your wipes moist

5: Wipe Warmer For Children And Kids From Dex Baby

5: Wipe Warmer For Children And Kids From Dex Baby

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It is nice to pamper your baby with warm wipes when it’s diaper-changing time. This versatile wipe dispenser/warmer can hold any brands of wipes and locks in moisture inside so drying out over time are avoided. It is also a low voltage wipe warmer, plus is has a built-in lights that make the diaper changing easy even at night. It has a viewing window so you can check when to refill wipes.


  • Lights can be switched on and off Just add water to keep the wipes moist
  • The viewing window will help you to not overfill the warmer


Others might find wipe warmers not a baby essential, but these things exist for a reason because for other parents they are very useful. The decision is still up to you if you would like to use it or not. If you give it a try, you might find that it’s really useful not just for the baby but for you.

The best wipe warmers offer a lot of innovative changes in its system, and it’s really good news. The winner of this round-up, which is Prince Lionheart’s Warmies Wipes Warmer, is definitely one of those best wipe warmers. Why do I consider it as the best in this article? It has a 3-part heating system, and it is designed for reusable wipes. I hope that you find this article helpful in future use. If you have great experiences with wipe warmers, please let me know in the comment below!

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