I am just an ordinary mom, like other people, living my ordinary life.

At the moment, I am practicing the art of time juggling as I am a housewife, and mom of a toddler called Bunny.

I have had the idea of creating a blog since I found that I got pregnant to resume the journey of bringing my daughter up. Thank God! Eventually, my dream has come true. I had to delay it for such a very long time because of several reasons, mainly my very tight timetable. Hope that in the future, if Bunny reads what I am writing here, she could feel my concerns about raising and accompanying her. Also, I want to share with other women in our society, especially the young ladies, so that you are motivated to realize your dream whether of working, studying or bringing up a child. I always feel inspired whenever I get to know the stories of strong women who are constantly striving for their success. Also, my mom is an optimistic, kind, and resilient woman who is a positive role model for me to aspire to.

Doing the housework, and raising a kid without a nanny sound crazy at first. Sometimes I do not understand how I can do these 2 things at the same time. I think when people have no choice, they will do what they have to do. People often ask me if it is difficult to be a happy mom. Well, parenthood is always challenging but rewarding as well. Due to the ever-changing hormones, I could not handle my emotions at first. I started to cry once I listened to a song or just thought about my baby. Likewise, I found it hard to adapt to changes in my body, especially my appearance. I got bigger and bigger so that I could not see my feet when looking down. Sometimes, a question like ‘Why do you look like an elephant?’ Ungraciously threw in front of my face. Like other pregnant women, horrible sickness was what I experienced, particularly during the first 3 months of my pregnancy – drinking water also made me vomit! Apart from that, I was often under of a lot of stress due to my working and studying. I felt really afraid that Bunny would not be a cheerful kid because of my negative emotion.

So what did I do overcome these things? Remember that you are not alone as you always have that little angel by your side. When I felt sad or angry, I chose to talk with Bunny to calm me down and escape from the pressures of working life. One thing that I used to do every single day was to sing my favorite songs like ‘What a wonderful world’ or even ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ loudly wherever I was all alone. Keep in mind that your singing voice is a way to give your baby a great comfort.

I love kids very much, so I am so happy to see pregnant women. Wish you a safe and healthy pregnancy, and do not forget that your baby’s greatest love is you.

Have a nice day!

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