Baby Shakes In Sleep – Should You Be Worried?

babies shake in sleep

Most of the parents wonder why their babies shake in sleep and they often have the same questions to their children doctors. In many parent forums, they also share their experience to answer this question “Is it normal for my baby to shake while falling asleep?”

In general, shaking is a normal frequency that most of the babies have while sleeping. However, it does not mean you do not pay attention to this state as it could be signs of a seizure or a neurological confusion.

An overview of shaking disorder

Shaking is the sudden and reflex motion happens at any time, which has when babies are deep in sleep. Generally speaking, these movements might be temporary and cannot require a specific treatment.

Nonetheless, there are some situations where temporary shaking is a sign of many different medical conditions. Thus, this is an extremely important point for parents to recognize the type of baby shakes in sleep.

Why does baby shake in their sleep?

There are some syndromes that you need to pay attention when your baby shakes in their sleep as they are quite serious at all.

Sleep trembles

Arms, hands, and legs are one of the most popular areas displayed trembles. Sometimes, trembles also appear on the trunk, face, and voice while babies are sleeping.

When your babies shake more than one minute, it could be symptoms of some neurological frequency. Trembles are the most popular syndromes in people are over 40 years old, but it can happen at any age.

Sleep Myoclonus

Myoclonus shakes can happen in pattern successions or alone. There are situations which occur in one specific body area and extend to other muscle groups in different parts of the body. This shake happens when your babies are in the first phase of sleep. It could be a syndrome of sleep frequency like the sleepless leg symptom.

Sleep Convulsions

Convulsions are reflex convulsions of muscle groups in one or two minutes. When your babies are having sleep convulsions, you should draw attention to their legs or arms which are shaking whether there is a change in awareness or if babies have a fever.

On the one hand, sleep convulsions might be signs of medical conditions such as head injuries, heart disease, epilepsy, etc. If the convulsions do not stop, you should bring babies to the hospital immediately.

Dystonia disorder

Dystonia disorder is also the reason of dystonic trembles and it could appear in all ages. The motions are a result of shaking movements, and painful positions might happen when some muscles are twisted.

REM behavior state

REM is a phase in sleep where eyes begin moving quickly. A normal REM behavior is when their bodies are limped with sleep immobility and their brain is still solving information. Strong dreams happen in this stage. When a baby has REM state, he or she will strongly shake and has muscle convulsions in REM stage. Their muscles react and twitch as they are acting in a dream.

How to solve baby shakes in their sleep

It is not dangerous when your baby shakes head side to side in sleep, but you should observe their sleep disorder carefully to recognize a shaking risk. Whether your babies have a normal state or not, you should know how to solve baby shakes in sleep and faithfully prepare under any circumstances.

Keep calm first

Controlling your mind is probably one of the most crucial points you need to do for your baby. When having negative thoughts in mind, you should adjust your thought to positive points. Breathe and count as many numbers as you can. This is not easy to do this but you must practice it to get a positive mind in every case, especially when solving bad situations.

Take part in a parenting course

Take your time to attend a parenting education class or a similar program to learn how other parents deal with newborn issues “Is it normal for my baby to shake while falling asleep?” will be surely answered in these courses.

Moreover, instructions also help you to tackle baby shakes in sleep by giving some tips and methods. The more you understand and are well-prepared to control the challenges of solving baby shakes, the less you will frustrate.

Observe baby all time when he or she is sleeping

It is extremely important to draw attention to your baby when you see they shake during their sleeping time. Take a turn with your partner, family members or relatives to continue the observation while babies are sleeping. As mentioned before, when baby shakes in sleep more than one or two minutes, contact to your doctors right away.

Ask for help

If your baby shakes in sleep with a fever, then you should measure their body temperature and cool their body promptly. In case the condition is worse, call the ambulance and let the best part for children doctors.


Baby shakes in sleep, constipation, Erractic breathing are some common disorders that you can see in a baby, especially in new infants. However, you should ask doctors to recognize a serious state or not, and how should you solve these issues at home.

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