How Long Does A Baby Acne Last? You Should Know This Now

Is you newly born baby having some red spots on his face? Are you worried about it remaining there forever?

As a parent, it is only natural to worry about your baby’s health. These pimple-like bumps on his face are called baby acne. Being concerned about your baby’s health, you would ask how long does a baby acne last. This may be stressful for you since your baby is still in the first phase of life. To give you some peace of mind, this article is written for you to find out how long it lasts and what you can do to avoid irritation.

If you are not sure whether your baby is having a baby acne or it is another skin problem, it would be important to note that it looks like an acne during the teenage phase. It would seem like red and white bumps which you would definitely notice as pimples and surrounded by the skin that looks like it has been inflamed.

In addition, it would also be helpful if you take note that baby acne can manifest itself on your baby’s chin and back. It gets conspicuous enough when your child becomes queasy or when his skin is irritated by the fabric that he is using which has been washed with a strong detergent.

Be careful, though, because you might just think of the blemishes on your baby’s skin as a baby acne. It is called milia which is a different condition from baby acne. There are other types of skin conditions, thus, if your baby is not having the description that is the same to that of the baby acne, then you have to consult a doctor because it might just be another thing that can cause complication to your baby.

A. What is its cause?

Unlike the acnes that can develop during adolescent, baby acne is not caused by dirt. It is primarily on the excess oils that come from the mother which is still in the baby’s bloodstream. This oil causes the pimples to pop out of the skin and thus called baby acne.

B. How long does baby acne last?

Depending on the condition of where the baby lives and how he is treated, baby acne can last for only a few weeks. It usually stays for at most three months. If your baby has still baby acne after three months, then something might have gone wrong and you have to consult your doctor about it.

It would be totally unwise of you to let your baby take medicine without the prescription of your doctor. You might just let things worse and have an irritation on your baby.

Baby acne doesn’t really bother your baby, in fact, they wouldn’t be able to feel it. But by the way it looks, it can cause you to worry and therefore lead you to make impractical decisions in hopes of solving the problem.

How long does a baby acne last?

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C. ​What you should and should not do?

Now here are some tips of what you should and should not do when your baby has baby acne.

1. Avoid using medicines without the prescription of your doctor.

Since you do not have full knowledge of what is going on in your baby’s system, it would be unadvisable for you to let your baby take in medicine which has not been prescribed by your doctor. As mentioned earlier, this might cause irritation on your baby and therefore make the situation worse.

2. Don’t be too harsh in scrubbing.

When you are giving your baby a bath, don’t focus too much on the acne. Chances are you are going to scrub it with great force and completely overdo it. Be reminded that one of the causes of baby acne is the strong concentration of soap. Only scrub gently in order to avoid irritations.

3. Use a soft washcloth.

After bathing your baby, it would be important that you use a washcloth that is not harsh on your baby’s skin. It should be a soft one and you will have to gently rub it on your baby to dry him before changing into new clothes.

4. Avoid applying greasy lotion.

Since one of the primary causes of baby acne is the oil that is in the bloodstream of your baby, lessen or completely avoid applying greasy lotion on your baby’s skin. This may just worsen the acne and make it take a longer time to last.

However, if you have been recommended to use a non-greasy lotion for your baby, it would be best for you to monitor its effect on your baby’s skin. You will have to be prepared of stopping the use of such lotion and change. Some lotions just wouldn’t use for some types of skin.

5. Don’t try to use adult products on your baby.

It is never safe to use adult products on your baby. Don’t ever try to apply anti-acne products that are for adults. These products often have a huge percentage of chemicals that are not suitable for your baby’s use.

D. Conclusion

You do not have to worry so much about how long baby acne can last. It would be gone within three weeks, three months at most. If you think baby acne is still there after three months, then you should consult your doctor. You also have to take note of the things that you should and should not do when your baby has the acne.

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