How To Manage If There’s Brown Discharge Instead Of Period

brown discharge instead of period

Are you having a brown discharge instead of a period? Does this bother you too much since you do not usually have this? Have you told your parents about it? Did you consult a doctor already?

It is actually worth worrying about. Having some changes in your body will be terrifying especially if you do not know about it. This article can serve as a guide for you to know how to manage if there’s brown discharge instead of period. But first, you will have to remain calm as you read this to avoid misconceptions that could lead to silly actions and further complications.

But first, we need to give some clarification as to what this brown discharge could be. If you could listen carefully to what your teacher has to say in your reproductive system lesson, you would know something about this. However, if you could not stay awake for it, this article will provide the information that you missed.

What is brown discharge?

So brown discharge is actually pretty normal for ladies who are having their menstrual cycle. The discharge seems to be of brown color because it has been tinged with the old blood in your system, which took longer than normal to come out of your uterus. It is brown because it is only natural for the blood to turn into color when stored longer.

The brown discharge can mean a lot of things. It can be a sign that you are about to end your menstruation for that month. Besides, it could also tell you that you are pregnant as it can signify pregnancy. It can also mean that you are in your perimenopause phase, wherein you will have your menopausal stage for a few years more. Brown discharge could also tell you about being in the menopausal stage already.

When you are having your menstruation, and you notice those brown discharge, it would mean that you are about to end it. This is only the blood that has been stored in your uterus for some reason of not being able to come out any sooner. Pregnancy can also be the reason why you have a brown discharge. It would be caused by the implantation bleeding that happens due to the attachment of the fertilized egg to the lining of the uterus.

If you are in the proper age bracket, though, it might just be a sign of perimenopause. But if you think you have brown discharge instead of a period and you are also having some mood swings and insomnia, then it would mean that your menopause stage is coming any time soon.

Why you are having a brown discharge instead of period?

Here are some of the additional reasons or causes why you have a brown discharge instead of a period. Although these are not too common, you would still benefit from it as you will know the same possible causes.

Severe stressor

When you have a severe stressor, you become prone to having a brown discharge instead of a period. This is due to the changes in your physical or in your psychological factors. Examples of this kind of stress are a failure in the financial realm or a loss of a loved one.


This brown discharge can give you a message that you are having some trouble in your inner body. For example, you have just finished undergoing surgery. Or if you have just delivered a baby. The brown discharge can tell you to be careful and have a check-up session with your doctor and discuss the matter at hand. If you choose to ignore this, though, just let yourself be prepared as you are more likely to experience some complications which could be both scary and inconvenient for you.

Change of hormones

This is most noticeable when you are having a baby, and you breastfeed it. For the entire duration of your breastfeeding year, you can have the time when you can experience this. This is due to the shrinking of your ovaries as you have already delivered the baby. You might think that having a brown discharge instead of a period is dangerous, especially when you have just recently had your child born. This is not harmful, and it would only cease from happening once you stop breastfeeding your baby.

Weather changes

The weather is capable of causing such phenomenon too. This naturally happens when you go to a place with different weather from the one you are used to. This change of weather could bring a hormonal change which causes the brown discharge instead of period.

Weight loss

If you have lost a lot of your weight in just a matter of a short time, then you are prone to have a brown discharge instead of a period. This may be harmful to your health since your dead egg cells may not be able to get out of your system. Rather, it would only be stuck in your uterus. This is why you will have a painful episode of having a period in the next month.

How are you going to manage?

But how are you going to manage when you have a brown discharge instead of a period? Here are the things that you might need.

Panty liner

This can help you have cleaner underwear at the end of the day. This will be the one that catches the brown discharge to make it easier for you to clean yourself up.

Weight monitor

This can help you monitor your weight. You can have an easier time checking your weight when you have this at home or wherever you may want to go. This can help you a lot in preventing another episode of brown discharge when the reason is sudden weight loss.

Pain killers

You will also need these to be ready whenever you feel like you’re going to need them. Since there is a possibility that you would experience great pain for this discharge, you can just take pain killers so that the pain would not feel worse.

Ways to prevent

These are the possible ways in which you can manage or prevent it from happening again.

#1 Method: Use panty liners

Choose a panty liner that you can trust to do the job of collecting the brown discharge and not let it stain your underwear.

You should also consider one with a scent so that you do not smell stinky when you go anywhere. This scent could cover up for it and therefore give you a bearable scent instead.

#2 Method: Monitor your weight

Since one of the causes of having a brown discharge instead of a period, you will have to monitor your weight. To have an easy time doing it, you might want to use a weighing scale of your own.

You should make sure that you are eating the right and healthy foods at the right time. Avoid losing too much weight too.

#3 Method: Use pain killers

When you have a brown discharge instead of a period that gives you pain, you should use some painkillers. You deserve to feel comfortable with your lifestyle, and since brown discharge is almost always happening, you can have your pain killers ready.

These are only some things that you can do when you have a brown discharge instead of a period. Although it is not really an uncommon matter, it would still be best if you are prepared for it and know well what causes it. Then you can have the resolves to feel painless or not have such discharge ever again.

There are things that you can control, and there are things that you cannot. Thus, for the possible remedies or solutions, you should give them a try and find out if it would do you good, as it should.

Do you have questions regarding a brown discharge instead of a period? Let your thoughts be known by writing them in the comments below.

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