Can I Eat Fresh Mozzarella While Pregnant? Surprising Facts You Must Know

can i eat fresh mozzarella while pregnant

“Can I eat fresh mozzarella while pregnant?”

This is a typical question people ask before munching on this delectable cheese.

After all, it is definitely great for your pizza, sandwich, and even cheese sticks. But you surely would not want to risk your child’s health – as well as your own, right?

So, we are here to shed some light on what mozzarella really does to you during pregnancy.

Have a look at the safety or any potential risks involved when eating this cheese. Check out what to expect from this cheese and what you need to take note of to avoid any risks.

Is Cheese Safe to Eat During Pregnancy?

is cheese safe to eat during pregnancy

It is not a big surprise that cheese is a risky food to eat during pregnancy.

In fact, many women are warned to stay away from certain cheese types when they are expecting.

The reason for this is the increased risk of a bacterial infection caused by cheese. This can lead to potential health concerns not just for the mother but also the baby in her womb.

Basically, cheese is a healthy food because of its calcium content.

You need this nutrient to support your child’s development. It is important to develop strong teeth and bones.

In addition, cheese has a good protein content, too. This is another nutrient that aids in the development of healthy muscles and cells.

Now, does it mean mozzarella is okay to consume during your pregnancy?

The short answer is yes.

However, there is a “but” to that…

You can eat mozzarella, as long as you choose carefully the brand you get. You need to make sure that the source is reputable. It must be low-fat to keep your saturated fat intake to a minimum. Moreover, you should only consume mozzarella in moderation.

Another thing to keep in mind when eating mozzarella is pasteurization.

If you want to stay away from bacteria such as listeria, then pasteurized cheese is the way to go.

Listeria is a disease caused by eating the wrong types of food. This is also linked with various complications in your pregnancy such as premature delivery, stillbirth, and miscarriage.

Keep in mind that pasteurized mozzarella spares you from these risks, though. The process of pasteurizing cheese kills the bacteria. Thus, you are not predisposed to such scary health concerns.

This is why it makes perfect sense to check first if the cheese you are looking to buy is indeed safe for you. If you experience certain symptoms such as nausea, fever, headaches, and vomiting after eating cheese, then you may be at risk of listeria.

You would need prompt medical attention if these symptoms show up.

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What is a Good Kind of Mozzarella to Eat?

Now that you know the potential dangers of listeria, let us talk about food safety.

If you really like mozzarella, you should consider making your own.

What makes it safer is that you are able to control the ingredients. You can also be certain that there are no strange or questionable components you add into your cheese.

However, you need to make sure that the milk you use is pasteurized. You should never use raw milk at all. Even if you get the milk from your own farm, you should always pasteurize it first.

This is a smart way to kill bacteria and prevent cross-contamination. Moreover, you should be able to eliminate food-borne substances or pathogens from inflicting danger to your health.

Here is a video with a step by step guide on how to make mozzarella that you might want to check out.

How to Enjoy Mozzarella – Fun Meal Ideas

Mozzarella is a truly tasty and nutritious cheese.

Now, what are the best ways to enjoy this cheese?

The most popular way to eat mozzarella is by using it for your pizza. Just simply put dollops of this cheese over your pizza sauce then top off with vegetables or some slices of meat and other toppings.

Next, you want to add some shredded mozzarella cheese over your pasta. You can also stir in the cheese to the sauce to give it a thicker quality.

Sliced mozzarella cheese is also perfect for your sandwiches. Another way to enjoy it is by making cheese sticks. This is a popular appetizer and snack, as well.

Do you love salads? If so, then you can definitely put some mozzarella cheese to your vegetable salads.

There are definitely so many ways to enjoy mozzarella! As long as you have a good source of this cheese, you should not have any concern with your health. Plus, you will be able to reap amazing health benefits from it!

Additional Tips to Think about for Your Safety and Health

It is true that cheese can be quite risky to eat during your pregnancy.

This is why it is important to choose your cheese carefully to eliminate any potential health risks that may come your way.

We highly recommend that you stick to hard cheeses that are pasteurized to remove completely the bacteria in them.

Soft cheeses from unpasteurized sources are usually not recommended for pregnant women. The risk of acquiring listeria is high, which can impact your health and jeopardize your baby’s growth.

In fact, there is a risk of a miscarriage and premature death among babies due to this pathogen consumed by the mother.

With this in mind, you should be very careful about the type of cheese you buy and eat.

Making your own mozzarella cheese is a good idea, as long as the ingredients you use are reliable.

We hope that after reading this post, we were able to address your concern regarding consuming cheese during pregnancy. Then, you can have a happy and worry-free pregnancy for you and your child’s health

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