The long-awaited Christmas is here and this year the celebration is at your home. There will be magical moments and new stories. We all know the Christmas-themed songs as well.

Your nephews arrive, that being who became your great love. We know how difficult it is to prepare the best environment for the family, especially for children. Remember it is not the quantity of time but the quality. Christmas is the time when friends and family come together and celebrate their love for each other.

Tips for the arrival of your nephews

Around the world, we have thousands of households that use our backyard games in their gardens, recommended by parents for their durability and safety. Spimbey has the best.

Before the arrival of your nephews, you should ask yourself some questions to make them unforgettable days …

 How will the weather be?

This is important so you can plan, which games you can do outdoors or indoors. If the weather is going to get cold, you should notify your family, so your nephews come in the right clothes, and you can take care of their health.

If your nephews have a pollen allergy?

It is pollen season, certain children have allergies, that are not an impediment to the fun. If they have it, it is best to play games indoors.

Pets at home?

Our pets are also our children, remember that they get anxious with visits, spend time with your pet and with your nephews, so that both feels cared for. You will contribute to their educational and social development and will promote joy.

Do you have a first-aid kit?

A small first aid kit is always perfect, remember to have band-aids of the characters of the moment. If a mishap happens, do not lose control of the situation, remember you are the adult and for your nephew, you are his hero.

Let the fun begin with Spimbey

Outdoor activities

We recommend you clean the entire area that you are going to use for games, remove weeds from the garden, check if you have any pests or animals typical of the season. Your nephews will be in a safe environment, without a doubt they will be able to move, walk outdoors, exercise their bodies and brain.

The tops of the outdoor games that kids love are:

Ring Toss, badminton set, bean bag toss, giant Jenga. Have paint, chalk handy and you can play games on the floor and they will jump, even skating if you have the space for this activity.

Parents worldwide recommend Spimbey who has the best outdoor playsets.

Indoor activities

Inside the house, you should also allocate a place for games, establish all the dangers, among those are pointed edges of the dining room tables, coffee tables, electrical outlets, remember that it is time for great celebrations and open hot food, always have kids with a lot of supervision.

In this time with your nephews you will remember your childhood a lot, teach them the classic games such as: Playing cards, hiding and seeking painting stones, making a cupcake, painting your nails, and the long-awaited movie night.

Your nephews will say they were …. My Best Christmas ever with my aunts and uncles.

Author: Maria Sol Zuloaga Ramirez

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