Know What You Should Be Feeding Your Baby: Best Baby Foods

Breastfeeding a child is not a difficult task for mothers. They don’t have to think about how or when to feed the child or if the milk will make them sick. However, the mother needs to avoid some foods when lactating.

Health-focused organizations, like the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the World Health Organization, recommend that infants should only be fed breast milk, for at least the first six months of their life to fulfill their nutritional needs and to have a strong immune system.

Once you introduce solid foods to your baby, pediatricians advise the mothers to continue breastfeeding their babies till their baby turns one. After that, it depends if the baby still wants to be breastfed and if the mother still wants to breastfeed the baby or not.

If you are a new mom and don’t know where to begin, then you are in the right place. This article is all about guiding you on what and when to give your baby.

Is Your Baby Ready For Solid Foods?

Not every child is ready to have solid foods around the same age. Some signs that a baby is ready to have solid food include: being able to sit up straight with minimal support, have good head control, or when they start reaching out for food on other’s plates.

When it comes to introducing solid foods to the baby, that’s where real science plays into action. First-time moms don’t have much of an idea about what to and not to give their babies. When you start introducing solid foods to your infant, you are helping them develop their taste buds. Sure, the decision of when to start solid foods depends on the infant but it is not recommended before the age of four months. Also, when the babies are four months old, parents are required to start with liquids, such as fresh juices, etc.

You can start by buying canned baby food/purees from the store or pharmacies nearby. Although, not every store or pharmacy might have baby food available. PricePro Pharmacy is one of the best pharmacies in Canada where you can order all that you need just sitting right there at your home in the US.


The Perfect Age For The Perfect Food


Give them well-cooked meat, poultry, vegetable, or bean purees. Also, you can feed them single-grain cereals mixed with breast milk or formula milk.

Mashed banana or avocado

For 9-Month-Olds

Feed your nine months old minced meat or poultry instead of purees. And finely chopped vegetables. Furthermore, you can start giving them mashed soft fruits like bananas too.

For 12-Month-Olds

You can start giving them an appropriate amount of what the family is having. You can also give them fruit that is finely chopped or are easy to chew and swallow such as bananas and berries etc.

Bottom Line

When your baby turns one, you can give them everything. However, avoid giving them foods that are a choking hazard.  Avoid feeding them nuts, kennels, gum, hard candy, jelly beans, whole grapes, etc before they are at least four years old.

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