When Can Babies Eat Cheerios, The Best Food Of All Time

when can babies eat cheerios

Wondering how to add cheerios into your baby’s meal?

First, I must say that you have chosen the right food to feed him. Cheerios is a very great snack to introduce if you want your kid to welcome diverse types of foods in the future.

However, when can babies eat cheerios? Or in another way, when is the most appropriate moment for you to introduce cheerios to him? I will give you all the answers you need to know in the following content. And you will definitely have the best tips to feed your baby after reading it.

Benefits of cheerios

Cheerios has a long history of development and earned quite many milestones until now. At first, people only consider it a type of snack to eat for fun. Time after time, it has become of the most nutritious foods and fantastic for kids’ breakfasts.

It’s a great way to start their day, which gives them enough energy to study and participate in activities. Also, it is a delicious snack that they can have anytime and anywhere. Having it in your babies’ diet, you are following an excellent method to help them thrive strong and healthy.

There are a lot of types and brands in the market nowadays and most of them contain the same nutrients, including vitamins, iron, calories, and sugar. You just have to be sufficiently wise to notice which one is appropriate for your babies’ age.

Benefits of cheerios

When can babies eat cheerios?

Normally, it takes 7 to 9-months-old for your kid to be grown enough for any finger-food-introduction. That is the time when babies are curious about the world, yearn to move around, and start developing their brain, motor skills, as well as communication.

Moreover, at that age, most of kids are 100 percent ready for foods that they can grab with no difficulties, not too crumble, and small enough to swallow. The best types of cheerios that they can try are the plain ones.

You will be able to prevent sweetened teeth, diabetes, and choking risks from happening to them if you choose the right size and the cheerios can dissolve in your kid’s mouth.

How to tell if your kid is ready for cheerios?

Besides age, there are plenty signs that you need to notice to decide whether your baby is grown enough for cheerios.

1. Teeth

Various parents think that they can only introduce finger foods in general and cheerios in particular when their babies have teeth. That is a common and incorrect misunderstanding that they should think over right now.

A baby’s gums and jaws are much more powerful than parents assume. When he is about 9-months-old, they can be sufficiently strong to mash many types of soft foods. To find out if your kid is ready, just pay attention to his chewing skills.

If you think your baby has mastered it, he is old enough for cheerios. Now, you can try out by soaking the cheerios in water or milk. After they get soften, feed him. If the piece you choose is small enough for him, he will swallow it well. And if you are lucky, he may fall in love with cheerios immediately.

2. Development

According to pediatricians’ and experts’ experiences, babies often show two signs when they are ready for finger foods:

They are able to use pincer grasp

Pincer grasp is the ability to hold and pick up little objects. It is often used to measure the development of children and marks a crucial milestone in parents’ diaries of raising their kids. If your baby can pick small things up and hold them in their hands without difficulties, they are ready for cheerios.

They are able to sit up alone

Another sign is that your babies’ availability to sit without assistance. It shows that he is ready to control his muscles and balance. Also, he can prevent choking risks from occurring to himself by being able to turn his tummy position into sitting position.

*Tips to protect your kid from choking:

  • Don’t allow him to play or walk around when you are giving him cheerios
  • Don’t let him eat in your car while you are driving
  • Don’t let him put too many pieces in his mouth at the same time

3. Allergies

Most types of cheerios are safe for toddlers. However, each kid has different health conditions and can be allergic to anything if parents don’t pay attention. Cheerios may contain some inappropriate ingredients that can cause allergies and unwanted reactions after eating.

Therefore, you should only introduce cheerios to your kid if he shows no negative symptoms after trying baby cereals. And remember, it is necessary to watch out for any allergic signs that your baby experience to have a good preparation.


I hope you have found out whether you can give your baby cheerios. If you like my writing and the information I provide, do share it. I believe other parents are wondering the same thing that you used to. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to leave questions down below. I would be glad to answer.

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