How Long Does Implantation Cramping Last And How To Relieve?

how long does implantation cramping last

Are you on your period?

Don’t feel so surprised when seeing that question right at the beginning of this article. I know that if you don’t care about your body and health conditions, you will never mean to read my writing. Implantation cramping during periods always makes us feel irritating and exhausted.

And the point is we don’t know how long it lasts and how to escape from it. Sometimes, even when we do, you still feel like the pain never stops. Therefore, in the following content, I will help you answer two questions: How long does implantation cramping last and how to relieve?

If you want to cease the pain you are having right now, do not ignore it.

What is implantation cramping?

If you had been through puberty, I’m sure you may have experienced implantation cramping at least once. It is fundamentally a pain in the low abdominal part of your body, which often creates pricking and makes you feel light pulling.

The cramping has its origin from the mucous membrane of women’s uterine. When the layer melts, the egg can fertilize and the uterine starts pulsing to push the pieces of the layer out of your body, creating implantation cramping and bleeding.

How long does implantation cramping last?

It depends on each person’s health conditions that the cramp can be tender or serious and can last long or short. Normally, it begins one or two weeks before your period, which means about 6-12 days after women’s ovulation.

Then, it will last for a couple of days and stop at the time your period starts or 2 days after that. If you still have implantation cramping after your period ceases, it is necessary to visit a doctor because that may be a symptom for further diseases.

Some other causes that you should know

Unstable mental situation

Several women feel frightened when it comes to menstruation. They are too sensitive about what the pain can cause and have a low ability to withstand the pain. This often occurs with teenagers and little girls who are about to experience puberty.

High content of Prostaglandins

Prostaglandins are a type of hormone, causing the pulsation to the uterine during each period. It is also the reason why, sometimes, the pain in your low abdominal part feels just like cramps.

Women who often have severe implantation cramping have higher content of Prostaglandin than others, making the cervix and arteries pulse harder.

Daily diet

The foods you eat on the days which are close to your period are the reason causing your low-abdomen-pain to be more serious. Cold foods are one of the primary causes to blame. If you eat often go home late and have to eat after the meal time, try to reheat the foods a little to avoid implantation cramping.

Severe activities

One of the advices that doctors often give women on their periods is not to work on severe activities. They may make the pulsation even more serious and you will feel extremely more miserable. Moreover, being wet or cold during menstruation can also make the pain much worse.

How to relieve from implantation cramping?

There are several useful but simple methods that you can apply and take advantage of the ingredients available in your house

Warming up your low abdominal part

It is the most common methods that most women use nowadays. Warming up your low abdominal part can improve the contraction of the uterine, making it work in rhythm. Therefore, the blood is pushed out more easily and you will feel much better.

Warm water, ginger, oil, or adhesive plasters are the most efficient tools that you can use. You can pour some water into a rubber pot and apply it to your painful area. Or if you want to treat the pain thoroughly, grind ginger and apply in about 5 to 7 minutes.

And if you don’t have much time, applying adhesive plasters will still release the pain quickly and efficiently. Any method will work. Just remember to stick with them regularly so that they can optimize their effects on your body.


During your periods, massaging will help your abdominal muscles contract less instantly. In that way, implantation cramping will be reduced in no time. Massage the low-abdomen-part every day and you will feel more relaxed.

Having appropriate foods

As I mentioned, cold foods make the pain more severe. Therefore, you can eat some additional foods to facilitate the melting process of your mucus membrane and ease the pain, such as yoghurt, eggs, or wormwood.

Calcium in those foods can reduce the risks of having implantation cramping up to 30 percent. Try to have them at least once every two days. Your pain will go away gradually.


Thank you for reading my article. I hope you have found the answer for the questions: How long does implantation cramping last and how to relieve? If you think the information I provide useful, don’t hesitate to share it with others.

And I would love to listen to your ideas as well so do send my questions if you have. Lastly, I will see you in my subsequent writings. Goodbye.

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