How Much Does An Ultrasound Cost?All You Need to Know

how much does an ultrasound cost

It can be said that becoming pregnant is one of the greatest moments of a woman’s life. Except for the fact that she is bearing in her body a priceless angel, the mother-to-be will be very excited to find out the gender of her baby as well as keep track of the fetus’s growth.

Some, of course, would not choose to know their babies’ sex for a surprise later. However, it would be even more joyful if a pregnant woman could see her baby ’s shape.

Luckily, all the mother-to-be could get an opportunity to know how their bundle of joy look like with the assistance of the modern ultrasound. With this being said, how much does an ultrasound cost nowadays?

Who will receive the ultrasound?

All the expecting mothers are encouraged to have several ultrasound scans during pregnancy.

Ultrasound During Pregnancy
Ultrasound During Pregnancy

When an ultrasound process finishes during pregnancy

During her pregnancy, an expecting mother usually receives at least two sonograms. The first is after 3 months of pregnancy, and the second is in the next trimester.

First-trimester ultrasound

Here are some notably common signs of getting pregnant: missed period, sore breasts, omitting and exhaustion. If you have these, then congratulations! You’re having a baby.

Now it’s time to go to the ob-gyn’s office and get ready for the official confirmation with an ultrasound scan and a blood test.

First-trimester ultrasound
First-trimester ultrasound

What expectations in the exam.

At this phase, your baby is a very small creature. Your fallopian tubes and your uterus are more nearby your birth canal than to your abdomen. Therefore, the ob-gyn doctor will carry out a test through the vagina to get it clearer. The test causes no pain.

In the first snapshot, it will be difficult for you to get lots of information. However, you’ll get a more obvious picture when your fetus is around 13 week, which will be a wonderful time to share fascinating news together.

Second-trimester ultrasound

Thrilling midway through your pregnancy, usually between week 18 and week 20, a detailed anatomy scan called a level 2 ultrasound is performed. The second-trimester ultrasound gives you and your practitioner a clear picture of the overall health of your baby and your pregnancy.

What expectations in this exam.

This anatomy scan happens in 20 to 45 minutes if you’re pregnant, and it would take longer if you have more than one baby. This ultrasound is a way to see how the baby’s developing.

It also offers reassurance that everything is going exactly the way it should be, by measuring the size of your baby and checking all the major organs.

You’re capable of seeing close-up images of your baby’s developing body. However, it will be difficult for unskilled eyes to differentiate between the kidneys and the stomach.

Therefore, you should ask your doctor to indicate the organs of the baby while she is reading the ultrasound scan.

Second-trimester ultrasound
Second-trimester ultrasound

How much does an ultrasound cost?

Generally, the 3D or 4D costs around $37 to $200, which may change depending on the mother’s requirements and the ultrasound period of time.

But if you intend to own a package for convenience sake, then the cost of the 4D ultrasound scan package deal ranges from $200 to $289 without insurance. It offers free images as well as DVDs that consist of your baby’s image videos.

With insurance, your insurance provider will pay a portion (or all) of the cost.

Cost Of 4D Ultrasound at some certain service suppliers.

How much is it at some certain service suppliers? The cost of 4D ultrasound almost differs from place to place. Let’s consult a few suggest prices of 4D ultrasound scans in specific places.

4D Ultrasound
4D Ultrasound

Unique Ultrasound

Its 3D/4D Peek package and gender determination are known as the cheapest ones at only $55, but only applicable when the fetus is between week 14 and week 20. The deal contains 2D, 3D, and 4D ultrasound scans in 5 to 10 minutes, gender checks, 6 black and white images, and a free diagnostic exam.

A baby visit

The cheapest cost of a 3D /4D ultrasound scan is $59, which is ideal for pregnant mothers between 14 to 40 weeks. It is accompanied by 3D and ultrasound in 15 minutes, gender check, a CD with colored 4D images, and 5 black and white images of the baby.

Stork Vision

The cheapest 4D ultrasound price is $130, which is good for pregnant mothers between 26 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. The duration of the ultrasound is 30 minutes, and you are able to know your baby’s sex and hear her heartbeat.

In addition, you will also be offered a free DVD of the whole ultrasound process. It also contains two colored laser prints and black and white photos as well.

How much does an ultrasound cost? Obviously, a few centers just offer one 3D/4D ultrasound which is called the Angel Baby package. The cost of the service is $299 but its sale price is $249.

This package is suggested for 25 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. It includes gender determination and 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound sessions in 20 minutes.


With the above information, I am sure that you have known clearly “How much does an ultrasound cost?” Most doctors highly recommend that every expectant mother should have three ultrasound scan sessions.

That keeps track of the baby’s development process, the maturity of the baby’s placenta. It also checks the artery resistivity of the mother’s uterine as well.

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