When Do Girls Stop Growing? What To Do To Get Full Height

when do girls stop growing

Are you tired of changing clothes for your girl because she has grown a lot? Let’s take it easy because she is in the period of growth. There are many factors affecting a girl’s height, including the genes, diet, lifestyle and environment.

However, when do girls stop growing? How to help your daughter get her maximum height during the puberty? Read this post to find the answers.

When Do Girls Stop Growing In Height?

When Do Girls Stop Growing In Height

The growth phase of girls tends to be much earlier and faster than that of boys and then slow down after menarche. During the age of 9 to 12 years old, girls start growing fast in height about 3 inches per year. In the first period, the growth will slow down a little, and she will grow a few more inches.

Nutrients and hormones, which are used for growth, play an essential role in the growth of girl. Moreover, girls will get the maximum increase of height when these two factors reach their permissible limit. Many girls get puberty between ages of 8 and 13 and have a growth spurt between the ages of 10 and 14.

During this growth phase, hands, legs, feet and breasts start to grow. The girl’s waist will become narrower, whereas her hips will grow rounder and wider. She will also store more body fat on the upper arm, upper back and thighs. Many girls think that this is bad and try to lose fat by going on a diet.

However, Dr. Mellisa Homes – the co-author of the book “Girolology” – said that this isn’t as terrible as what most girls think. In fact, the fat production is necessary for menstrual cycle and a healthy reproductive system. But it’s important for girls to do regular exercises and follow a balanced diet so as to ensure proper growth and development.

What Should Girls Do To Get Full Height During Puberty?

Do Exercise Regularly

Exercises and appropriate stretches help your girl grow a lot. If she regularly does the exercises like swimming, yoga, or stretches, she will continue to grow in puberty period as well as preventing several diseases related to overweight.

This following video shows you the best exercises for girls to increase height quickly, check it if you want:

Have A Balanced Diet

During puberty, girls should regularly take different values of foods, including protein, zinc, vitamin, calcium, carbohydrate, etc. Moreover, they should have three meals or small six meals each day.

Have Enough Sleep

Teen girls are often advised to take quality sleep regularly because a deep sleep can help tissues to grow tremendously. Quality sleep is actually a deep sleep in night lasting 8.5 to 11 hours. This will accelerate the production of hormones which are responsible for the growth of height.

Avoid Any Growth-Stunting Factors

You should avoid malnutrition products like caffeine, cigarettes, steroids, and alcohol because they affect not only the growth of tissues but also the human health.

Maintain Good Posture

Maintain Good Posture

A good posture, especially straight position can affect growth significantly. You should avoid slouching or hunching over.

Other Changes To Girl’s Body During Puberty

In addition to height growth, girls will experience many other body’s changes during puberty. Here are some of them:

  • Body odor: Because of the increasing production of sweat and hormone, it’s very common when teenagers have a bad odor which is not there before. The best solution is regularly washing.
  • Body shape changes: During puberty, the bones and muscles grow. The fat in hips, stomach, thighs and breasts start increasing. Therefore, every girl can increase around 15 pounds in weight.
  • Hair growth: This characteristic is considered as the first sign of puberty. Hair begins to grow in your armpits and pubic area. The hair’s color is light but progressively becomes darker.
  • Skin changes: Many people have to cope with the problem of acnes and spots appearing on the skin of face, chest, neck and back. This is the result of the production of sweat producing glands and oil or fat. A proper cleaning, an appropriate diet and medications can prevent this problem.


Through this post, I hope that all the parents and girls can have the clear answer to the question “when do girls stop growing?” as well as “How to help girls reach her maximum height during puberty?”.

It’s OK to let them sleep more and more. Plus, make sure to keep a healthy diet with a wide range of nutrients which are very important during the growth and puberty process. Also, avoid carbonated drinks that can leach calcium from growing bones.

Thank you for reading! If you have any question, let us know by leaving your comment in the box below.

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