5 Good Character Traits Your Child Needs To Know

5 good character traits

Nurture, care and character building for children in the early years is very important. According to experts, the following values ​​will be babies live fast learner if taught before the age of 5.

1. Honest

The best way to encourage honest personality in children’s parents themselves have to set an example, shown is an honest person.

Through daily behavior is the most intuitive lessons for children. If parents occasional harmless lie though, but he’ll be able to imitate. Do not ever say things like this: “Do not tell us to eat candy is announced this afternoon.” Instead, let the child hear the words of your honesty with others.

Another way to promote the values ​​of honesty: Do not overreact if your child is lying. Instead, help your child be able to tell the truth, or to confess guilt. When the child admitted it made a mistake in something, stay calm and act appropriately. Teach children the important things: whether to tell the truth sometimes is not pleasant or easy to do, but she’ll feel better if you have to tell the truth.

Can punish a child in accordance with the “rules” set out. But let’s talk seriously and gentle with children about child causing mistakes and more importantly, do not forget to thank you for the honest child.

​2. The determination

Determined to be a character that you can encourage your children at an early age. The easiest way to do that is to avoid excessive praise your child, but to give children the honest remark, gently.

Also, for your kids how to resolve, parents should encourage children to do the difficult, challenging or slightly beyond and praise when they dare to do. If your child is shy, gently encourage your visitors to become familiar with a new child in the playground, even if it can provoke anxiety and fear. If your baby irascible, please help her anger management by counting from 1 to 10. Then, compliment her and let her know just completed a difficult job. Doing so would strengthen confidence and help her baby to continue winning.

3. Responsible

As a child, children are taught to apologize when a mistake or when someone hurts. This is the way to teach children responsibility for their actions to the people around. However, this statement is not all, because with many little “sorry” was uttered very easily, it helps children escape the crime without thinking.

You can enhance lessons on a higher level, the initiative is consequently corrected young players will send a much stronger message. Such as children’s toys you win and missed hurting you, parents will know that their psychology is not the only place to see where the wrong baby, you keep calm, talk about their actions, requirements young explains why she needs to apologize and offer suggestions to help young children can compensate for bad actions that like.

That way, you do not just teach children to take responsibility for their actions, but also encourage the child to take responsibility to fix mistakes. This is an important character to help them achieve success in the future.

​4. Know love

Parents often tend to think that children always love and express love in a natural way. That is true, but to love is extended, children need to be answered.Let your child see how you can show love to everyone in your life. Hold your mate when there baby there and tell your children about love for their parents, their loved ones how much.

kiss will make children feel love for their parents
The hug, the kiss will make children feel love for their parents.

​And of course, do not ignore the sentiments expressed in your daily baby by saying “Dad / I love you”. The hug, the kiss will make children feel love for their parents. It is from this foundation, children will be ready to show affection responded honestly.

5. Knowing thinking

A mother that is very frustrated and tired when 2 daughters age 3 and age 4 or squawking every time she put them off the supermarket. Finally she had to ask the child to say the view: How to go shopping every mother and child are both 3 comfortable and no one should be upset?

She said she would bring bread to not require parents to buy more. And her solution is to sing me to feel better mentally. So the next time shopping was fairly smoothly because the girls have kept that promise. When leaving the supermarket, the baby asked: “Do you feel uncomfortable again?” And the mother said she felt very happy and very nice things when there is no controversy.

The story above is a workaround that parents do to help children understand the value of the said judgment, as well as learn to care about others. Over time, interest will gestures become habitual, they will know how to say anything and do anything to help others better mood. At the same time when the baby is also aware of good to anyone, it will be good again, which encourages children to have more interest to act otherwise. This is an indispensable character for children integrate into any environment to live, learn and work.

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