How To Thank Your Guests In Your Baby Shower With Best Wording?

baby shower thank you wordings

Is it your first time to host a baby shower? You have many problems to solve, such as what to wear in baby shower, choose where to party, or how to thank guests. Is it your first time as a new mom to be giving thank you words to the guests? Don’t you know what to say? Worry no more! In this article I’ll be providing you baby shower thank you wordings you can say in your baby shower.

Whether you’re the mother-to-be or the host speaking on behalf of the mother-to-be, a thank you wording should be mentioned. These words of gratitude are usually said after the food has been eaten, the gifts have been opened and the games are played. Basically, thank you wordings are said to thank the guests, friends, and family who helped in organizing the baby shower and made the event successful.

Baby Shower Thank You Wordings

If you are the mom-to-be, you know that the gifts are a little pricey and putting up the baby shower requires effort and time. But a thank you as a sign of gratitude would be appreciated. Even though the thank yous are already said in person during the baby shower, it is still best to send them to thank you notes/cards.

I listed the common baby shower thank you note pairings you can give to your audience, whether they are your close friend, relatives, family members and acquaintances.

#1: Thank You Notes For The Gifts

In baby showers, there are gifts which are really expensive or the gifts took too much effort to put up. You might be shocked with the guest’s generosity of the gifts. Most of the people would really give pricey gifts, especially in baby showers.

You can express your appreciation by saying thank you for the wonderful gifts you and your baby received.

This is an example template of thank you notes for the generous gifts:

Dear Martha and Clark,

Thank you so much for the incredible gift you gave in my baby shower. I am really grateful for the effort you put in in order to give the gift. My baby will surely become happy to see the gift you prepared for her. Thank you so much!


Steph <3

#2: Thank You Notes For Close Friends

Probably the most generous gifts and surprises will come from your closest friends. They’re the people you met who stick by your side for so many years. They surely would attend or give fabulous gifts because they’re one of the few who know you too well. There are instances when it’s the closest friends who organize and host the baby shower. They deserve a very warm thank you note. When writing or saying the thank you words, remember that it should be reflective of your relationship.

See this example below:

Dear Myka,

Words can’t explain how thankful I am that you made it for my baby shower. Thank you for the years of friendship and your very beautiful gift. You’re one of the best friends I’ve got!

With love,


#3: Thank You Notes For People Across Distance

baby shower thank you wording

Most of the guests of your baby shower come from long distance places, especially your relatives whom you seldom meet. There is also friends or family who will try their best to make it to your baby shower, but there are also those who cannot attend. Whether they are present or not, it’s still important to send them to thank you notes. These people will still send their gifts if they couldn’t make it.

To return the favor, send them a thank you note saying how grateful you are. Below is a sample thank you word you can give.

Dear Uncle Karl,

Thank you very much for the wonderful gift you send me in my baby shower. I really love the gift and I know my baby will love it too when she sees it. I wish you could have attended the baby shower but I still look forward to the day my baby is born.

Lots of love,


#4: Thank You Notes From Baby

To ease awkwardness (if you have any) and to put up fun in your thank you words and notes, you can write or say it using the voice of your baby. The guests will enjoy the thank you note when they think of the baby directly saying it to them. This is also a fun way of improving the friendly and fun ambiance of your baby shower. Check out my sample below.

Dear Aunt Mikah,

Thank you very much for the onesies and the toys you gave me at my baby shower! I am super excited to use it when I come out of my mommy’s womb. I will surely wear the onesies and play with the toys! Thank you because you also picked my favorite color!

Love lots,

Baby Zyann

#5: Thank You Notes For Group Gifts

baby shower thank you wording

It’s not impossible that a group of friends or your family would buy a fancy gift as a group. They probably would like to give a very pricey one which you can really use for the baby, and sometimes it’s too pricey. These kinds of gifts deserve so much gratitude. Thank the group who gave it and don’t left out a name, acknowledge that you like the gift and you appreciate it very much.

See my sample below:

Dear Spice Girls,

Mich, Yassi and Melanie, thank you so much for the pink and fabulous baby crib you gave at my baby shower. I am in so much awe of the fantastic gift you gave me and I’m so thankful that I still have you as my group of friends. I know baby Zyann will really love to spend time in her crib! Thank you so much for choosing such beautiful color too!

With so much love,


#6: Thank You Notes For Host/Hostess

One of the most important thanks you notes to be given is addressed to the baby shower host/hostess! She/he spends so much time organizing and hosting the baby shower and making it sure that it’s unforgettable. She also made sure that everything is in place before the event.

You can also give a token of appreciation of her effort that goes with the thank you note. It’s one way of expressing your gratitude for the effort she made. It will also make her feel good about the experiences she had and it will inspire her to host other baby showers.

See sample below:

Dear Elysha,

I couldn’t thank you enough for the time and effort you spent in hosting my baby shower. The event is a memorable one and thanks you for making it possible for me. Thank you for making the theme I love happen! You’re the best! I really appreciate everything!

With all my love,


#7: Thank You Notes For Services

baby shower thank you wording

There are people who would rather give you services instead of expensive gifts. Some of them deliver you foods, do household support and other actions. These services are as valuable as the gifts you receive.

See my sample of the note below:

Dear Uncle Benjen,

Thank you for the errands you did for my baby’s nursery the other day. I appreciate that you help in designing my future baby’s room. It really made my week!




The list I prepared for you will guide you in giving your thank you words and notes to the people whom you think have the plans of attending your baby shower. Indeed, it’s very important to show your gratitude to the people who made the event memorable. I hope that with your baby shower coming, you already thought of the people you’d be sending thank you notes with.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have comments, please tell me in the comment section below. I would be very glad to know what you think! Enjoy your motherhood.

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