Preppy, Classy And Beautiful Baby Girl Names You Can Choose From

preppy girl names

Surely, naming your baby girl is one of the most exciting things to happen in your motherhood. Names represent what your babies’ personality, or even yours. So, if you are the mother who’s into fashion and style, like lovely dress and preppy shoes, then you are likely to name your baby a sophisticated name. But what are the popular preppy girl names you can give to your beautiful baby girl? I’ll provide you a long list of preppy and modern name you can choose from!

There are mothers who like to name their baby girls classic name, Christian names, names that has foreign origin and has meaning that you like. But, there are also mothers just like you who would love a preppy and sophisticated name with some twist!

Modern Preppy Girl Names

Well, you don’t want so sound the name too grown-up for your baby but you can give a twist to the classic preppy names.

  1. Abigail – my father’s delight. It is an important figure in the Hebrew bible. Abigail was King David’s wife and was a great and beautiful prophetess. The name become widely used after the Protestant Reformation.
  2. Ada – Germanic origin which means graceful and noble. It is a diminutive of Adelaide and other names like Ade and Ada. The name was popularized by George Gordon Byron’s daughter, countess of Lovelace.
  3. Adelaide – German origin meaning graceful and noble. The name becomes the names of saints and royals throughout history.
  4. Alice – Old French meaning noble and graceful, a popular name in the novel of Lewis Carroll.
  5. Amber – Arabic origin which was taken from the word for fossilized tree and is used for jewelries and perfumes. It also means gemstone.
  6. Anna – Hebrew origin meaning gracious or favored, also a name of Russian royalty. It comes from the Hebrew name Hannah which was a merciful and sincere woman in the bible. It is a popularized name because of Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.
  7. Ashton – Old English origin meaning a ‘town of ash of tree’. The names was derived from an Old English surname and name.
  8. Audrey – Old English origin meaning noble strength. THE NAME IS POPULAR IN SOME AREAS OF United States. Recently, the name is popularized by the famous actress Audrey Hepburn.
  9. Bridget – Irish origin meaning powerful, strong; the name is popularized by Bridget Jones. The name is a popular name of a goddess in Celtic mythology.
  10. Cameron – Gaelic origin meaning ‘one with a crooked nose’. The name was used as a masculine name. One of the famous person who bears the name is the actress Cameron Diaz.
  11. Charlotte – German origin meaning free woman, feminine form of Charles. The name is popular in the United States of America but it also become widely popular in Great Britain. One of the most popular bearer of the name was the author Charlotte Bronte.
  12. Chelsea –Old English origin meaning ‘born on a pier’, a name of place in United Kingdom. The name wasn’t that widely used until the 20th century.
  13. Claire – a French form of Clara meaning ‘bright and clear’, feminine form of Clarus. Clara is its most modern variant, and the spelling Clare was used before.
  14. Daphne – Greek origin meaning ‘laurel tree’. Daphne was a nymph who was turned into a laurel tree according to Greek mythology.
  15. Danielle – Hebrew origin meaning ‘God judges me’, feminine form of Daniel
  16. Devon – variant of Devin with a Gaelic origin meaning ‘of a little dear’
  17. Dianna – Latin origin meaning ‘divine woman’
  18. Eleanor or Ellie – Greek origin meaning ‘sympathy and compassion’
  19. Esther – Old Persian origin meaning ‘star-like’
  20. Evelyn – derived from Aveline which is a diminutive of Greek Avila meaning ‘longed for’
  21. Fiona – Gaelic origin meaning ‘fair woman’
  22. Georgina – Greek origin meaning ‘farming woman’
  23. Hazel – Old English origin taken from a tree color’s name
  24. Iris – Greek origin meaning ‘colors of rainbow’
  25. Jacqueline or Jackie – Hebrew origin meaning ‘one who supplants’
  26. Julia – Latin origin which means ‘soft-haired’
  27. Lucy – Latin origin which means ‘light of day’. It is derived from Lucia which is the feminine form of Lucius. This name has always been one of the most popular and used female name with variants like Lucia and Lucy.

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Classic Preppy Girl Names

The list consists of the names which are popular and classic, and very sophisticated. Others are quite unusual to other people but it has this preppy effect to the one who’s bearing the name.

  1. Alexandra – Greek origin meaning protector of humanity, male counterpart of Alexander
  2. Alexis – protector of humanity, a short form of Alexandra
  3. Anne – a variant of Hebrew name Hannah meaning gracious or favored
  4. Amelia – a variant of Amalia with Germanic origin meaning hard-working
  5. Barbara – Greek origin meaning stranger or foreigner
  6. Beverly – Old English origin meaning ‘coming from the stream of beavers’
  7. Beatrice – an Italian form of Beatrix which has a Latin origin meaning voyager
  8. Blanche – German origin meaning the white one, connotation of skin as white as milk
  9. Caroline – Germanic origin meaning free woman, feminine form of Carolus or Charles
  10. Christina – Latin origin meaning Christian woman, feminine form of Christian

The list I gave above are the names that most people give their babies into. Like what I’ve said if you are the mother who’s into fashion and style, like lovely dress and preppy shoes, then you are likely to name your baby a sophisticated, preppy name.

Preppy names are memorable names and parents would love to give their names a preppy name to child right? Me myself, I gave a preppy name to my baby because I like it to sound classic like the famous actresses before. It just doesn’t sound good to the ears but your baby will feel pretty and beautiful upon hearing the name. I personally love preppy names because of its quality and it sounds beautiful too.

There are mothers who like to name their baby girl’s classic name, Christian names, and names that has foreign origin like Greek and Hebrew and has meaning that you like for example it means an amber tree, a color and goddess. But, there are also mothers just like you who would love a preppy and sophisticated name with some twist! I hope that my list gave you an idea about preppy names! Did you like the names above? Those are the most liked by many who loves preppy names!

I hope that you like the list I provided you. If you like it, please let me know in the comment box below. What about you? What preppy name did you give to your child? What plans do you have? Let me know what a preppy girl you should name your baby! I’d really like to help people out, especially with names! Thank you for reading this article!

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