The Best Baby Shower Games For Large Groups, Fun And Exciting!

baby shower games for large groups

Baby showers should be fun and memorable but it’s pretty much of a difficult task to put up games for the event, especially if you have a large guest. So I decided to prepare a list of the best baby shower games for large groups you can choose from. Enjoy picking up and have a fun baby shower game time!

The following list of the baby shower games for large groups which are unstuffy options you can choose from for your planned baby shower.

1. Feed The Baby

This will be a super-fun game! Divide the group into 2.

Each team would be given two spoons and a jar of applesauce. Blindfold the pair, one team at a time, and make the team members feed one another with applesauce.

The teams should do the feeding at the same time. Monitor the time. The fastest team to finish feeding the applesauce is obviously the winner!

What’s the fun in this game? You get a chance to see them dribble and spill each other!

2. Diaper Derby

Divide the guests into 2-3 teams. Give each team a roll of toilet paper. The teams should wrap their one member with the paper like they’re putting a diary for the baby.

The most creative diapered baby wins the game. The team’s member should really look like a baby in a diaper, and the guests won’t stop laughing with the outrageous adult baby look they’ll get!

3. Guess A Baby’s Food

In this game, your guest’s parenting experience would be tested!

Choose at least 4 moms from the audience.

Prepare 5-7 jars of flavored baby foods (make sure the flavors are unique) and tear off the jar’s label so it would be unrecognizable.

The guests should take a turn in tasting each jar of baby food, and start guessing.

The one who can best identify the flavor of the baby food would be declared as the winner.

Fun right? They also get to taste their baby’s foods!

4. Baby Dec-a-Cake

Prepare or bake a batch of plain cupcakes before the baby shower. Put a miniature baby in one of the cupcakes.

At the event, bring out the cupcakes. Give the guests frosting, baby decorations, and few candies, …

After the guests already decorated the cupcakes, let the mother-to-be choose the designed cupcake that’s best for her. The winner gets a prize!

Where’s the fun part? When the guests are already devouring the cake, announce to everyone that whoever finds the cute baby in one of the cupcakes would be the next to have his/her, baby! Isn’t that hilarious?!

5. Sloppy Diaper Relay

In this game, you’ll have a diaper sport!

Your guests would be playing like Olympians in this particular game! Set up stations where there are dolls wrapped in diapers.

Divide the guests into two groups. Give each team a blindfold and prepare your timer.

Upon your signal, each team’s members should take a turn in taking off the doll’s diaper and putting another one.

The team who wins will be declared as the diaper Olympians of the baby shower!

6. Nipples Bobbing

This game is probably the most popular among the males in a baby shower.

Prepare a row of buckets and put baby bottle nipples in each bucket.

Gather all the male guests of the event because they will definitely make the game even more fun!

Each male guest would get down on their knees with their hands behind their back. Each one should bob for the nipples in the bucket.

If the timer goes off, the guest with the highest number of nipples bobbed would be declared as a winner!

7. Dirty Diaper’s Taste

A dirty diaper is everyone’s enemy! But it surely will give a fun moment when you include it in your baby shower.

I’m not talking about real dirty diapers with real poop.

Prepare at least 5 diapers and put melted chocolate in it. Pass the diaper with the melted chocolate and let everyone sniff or taste the ‘poo’ in the diapers.

The guest who can guess the chocolate’s brand would be declared as the best diaper sniffer of the event. Imagine seeing your friends and family sniff and lick the diapers! What a hilarious game!

8. How Much Is That Baby’s Item?

Set up a game like Bob Barker’s where you’ll have your guests guess a baby’s item.

Prepare 8-10 baby items which the mother-to-be or the baby will need. Take note of the item’s price. Gather all the guests and let them play just like the game in TV shows. Each participant should guess the items’ price.

The guest who can guess the price right is the winner. The best part is; all of the items you used in the game will go to the mother-to-be! This game is one of the most prepared baby shower games for large groups.

9. Who’s That Baby?

Everyone would like to get a look from the past with old baby pictures right?

Of course, everyone became a baby once!

When sending the invitations to your guests, ask them nicely if they can bring a baby picture of themselves in the event.

In the baby shower, ask for the picture and assign a number each. Post the baby pictures on the wall.

Let everyone go over the pic and guess who the baby was. The person who matches the photos the most would be given a prize.

Not that everyone would be busy figuring out who’s the little one in the picture; it will also set a feel of the event. Babies!

10. Guess The Momma’s Size!

Everyone’s attention would be focused on the baby’s growing belly.

People would go over the mom-to-be and touch the belly.

Why not make use of that and make it a game right?

Prepare a ball of yarn and scissors. Everyone should cut a string that will correspond to the mother-to-be’s measurement.

When everyone has their strings already, measure the mom’s belly with it. The closest string to measure the honoree’s size would be the winner.

11. Baby, Drink Up!

This game is suitable if you’re planning to have daring couple themed baby shower or a for-all-ages themes party.

Prepare baby bottles and fill them with beer if you’re having a grown-ups party or fruit juice if you have guest kids.

You can choose people or ask for a volunteer. In the count of 3, they should suck the bottle as quick as they can.

The first to finish his/her drink would be declared the best baby bottle sucker of the day.


The games I listed above are the top best baby shower games for large groups that I found. Baby showers are not complete with the super-fun games, the same with almost every occasion. Who wouldn’t agree with that right? I hope that the information I gave you is executable as possible. For fun factor, it surely is 100% prove. Allot a time to prepare, especially if you’re personally assigned as the game master. Another game is Bubble shooter. You can visit and play Bubble shooter game at Bubble shooter game.

Before I end the article, I have some few tips in mind. When choosing one of the games above, think of the group you’re having in the baby shower. It surely is diverse and not everyone would participate. Excite them and make them participate. Though the baby shower games are for large groups, you can’t utilize all of the people so set your strategy in choosing the participants, or better yet ask for participants!

I hope you find this article entertaining and fun! Planning to host a baby shower and has a dream of becoming a game master? Then this list is the best to read for you! Leave a comment if you like the things I mentioned.

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