How Many Diapers A Day Should You Prepare For Your Baby?

how many diapers a day

One of the things your newborn baby needs every single day (aside from essential ones like foods and nutrients) is a diaper. Over the first few years of your baby, changing a diaper is the duty you shouldn’t forget. It might be an inconvenience sometimes but it surely is a must. The question is, how many diapers a day should you prepare and use for your newborn baby? In this article, I will answer that question.

What good news can you get from the number of diapers your baby has used up in a day? If your baby has used up many wet diapers, he could have medical issues like hydration. A number of diapers you used for a day are a good indication that the baby is getting enough drink and eats every day.

How Many Diapers a Day?

● Baby is Newborn to 1 Month Old

Newborn babies need at least 6 or more wet diapers a day. Their bowel movements are normally 3 to 4 per day. During the first month too, you often have to change at least 8-10 diapers per day.

● 1 Month Old and More

Babies who are 1 month and even older will use 4-6 wet diapers daily. After the babies turn more than 1 month old, they will have decreased the number of bowel movements. If you are breastfeeding, the babies’ stools are softer, but if you are feeding the baby with formula milk the stools are firmer. During 2-5th month of the baby, he will use up approximately 8-10 diapers.

● 5-9 Months Old

The number of bowel movement becomes lesser, and the number of wet diapers that will be used per day is approximately 8.

● 9-12 Months Old

The number of wet diapers your almost 1-year-old baby is approximately 8 per day.

When Should You Change Diapers?

You should change your baby’s diaper quickly as you notice that it’s already soiled. Bacteria and urine that are stored in the diaper can cause rashes which will irritate the baby’s skin. Before you feed your baby, make sure that you already changed the diaper. When it is soiled, change it too.

During night time and when your baby is sleeping, it’s never a good idea to change the diaper especially if they’re not awake for the feeding. Change the diaper before you feed it at night.

Newborns specifically will tend to change wet diapers every 1 or 3 hours daily because of their random bowel movements. Before or after feeding is commonly the time the babies have their bowel movements.

How to Change Diaper?


The first thing to do is to wash your hands with soap and rinse with water, or better yet a baby wipe. Put a soft and clean blanket on the bed. Prepare the following: fresh diaper, baby powder or lotion, wipes, diaper cream and a wet washcloth.

● Removing the Used Diaper

Lay the baby down. Undo the diaper’s tabs and fold in half so avoid sticking it to your baby’s skin. Take down the diaper’s front and fold it down. Use the front to wipe the soil if there is a bowel movement. Clean the dirty diaper’s side. With one hand hold the baby’s legs up, with the other hand grab a wipe. Wipe the bottom from the front to back to clean off the soil completely. Pull out the diaper. You should use the diaper pails to contain old diaper.

● Put a New One

Place the clean diaper’s back side under the bottom of your baby. Make sure to sit it right at the waistline of your baby. Open up the diaper’s front and pull it up between the baby’s legs. Spread the front, open the tabs and pull across the front.

● Wash your hands

After you change a baby’s diaper, you should wash your hands to avoid spreading infection.

To clearly watch the procedure just watch the below video:

Other Tips in Changing Diapers

Changing diapers is not as easy as you imagine it is. Well, it would be easy if your baby’s behaving and you really know what to do. But what if it’s the opposite? Here are some of the few tips I want to share with you:

● Give Your Baby a Toy

Babies are wiggly especially if they’re a bit older. Imagine this if you are changing a diaper. It would be a great help for you would hand the baby a toy which he can play with so he will have a distraction while you are changing his diaper.

● Prepare Handy Washcloth

It’s essential to always have a washcloth to place at the top of the baby, especially if it’s boys. They tend to urinate when the diaper is removed.

● Practice

Changing a diaper it’s a craft, it is never perfect but an easy and quick one should be attained. Practice and always do the changing.

Keeping track of the diapers you use per day is important and changing it is also essential. Knowing how many diapers per day to use will make the task easier for you. I hope that the information I shared is helpful.

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