Top 5 Best Overnight Diapers of 2024 Buying Guide

best overnight diapers

With an overnight diaper, parents can be assured their child is not awoken at midnight because of wetness at their hips and thigh. In this article, we will propose 5 best overnight diapers for you to consider.

We all know that sleeping is one of the most necessary factors of a baby. Parents have to make sure their baby has a good sleep to guarantee the best health. One way to support moms and dads for this significant job is the overnight diapers.

Top 5 Overnight Diapers

1. Sposie Diaper Booster Pads (30 Pads)

1. Sposie Diaper Booster Pads (30 Pads)

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Apart from using only overnight diapers, it is suggested to use a booster pad to support for the overnight diaper in absorbing the liquid. This is extremely necessary for some babies who make too much urine at night.

The Baby Booster Pad of Sposie is one of the most believable products that mostly moms choose to use for their children.

Baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and easy to get allergic. Understand that, these boosters are added more absorbency in order to quickly soak all the liquid, as a result, keep your baby’s delicate skin away from rashes.

With this “assistant”, you will be assured that all the leaks will be eliminated and your child will be more comfortable to sleep.

Furthermore, these booster pads are designed to fit with almost diapers as well as training pants. Notice that there are customizable positions in the product for boys and girls.

These booster pads don’t have any adhesive strip so that they make more comfort for your baby when wearing.

2. Swaddlers Pampers Baby Diapers (Size 6)

2. Swaddlers Pampers Baby Diapers (Size 6)

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The diapers from Pampers Swaddlers brand are recorded on the top choice of United State Hospitals. This is explained by persuasive reasons and the most important thing is the quality of the product.

With the ultra-soft cloth that has a super absorbent ability enables to quickly soak all the liquid, the hips and thigh of your baby are always kept dry and cool. Your baby will not be awoken by the wetness while sleeping.

In addition to that, these diapers are designed with special liners to absorb liquid away in order to prevent the skin of your baby from mess or wetness.

Impressively, the Pampers Swaddlers Diapers are able to protect your baby for around 12 hours. Hence, let your baby wear it and you will have a good sleep without any annoying from your child.

Especially, there is an indicator on the diaper to help you know when you need to change it for your baby. In particular, this line will change its color to warn you the amount of liquid inside. This is such a smart diaper for your beloved baby.

3. Huggies Overnight Diapers (Size 4)

3. Huggies Overnight Diapers (Size 4)

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These overnight diapers from Huggies are famous for their impressive absorbency. They can provide the leaky protection for about 12 hours to help your baby have the best sleep.

This size-4 version is advised to use for babies from 22-37 lbs. because it can supply enough space to absorb a large amount of liquid.

With the “leak lock” design, these diapers will prevent as much as leaks as possible. The wetness will be kept inside the diapers only, as a result, it contributes save your baby skin and health.

In addition, these overnight diapers also have Snug Fit waistband together with unique tabs so that you are totally possible to adjust the diapers to fit with your baby’s thigh and hips, waist. It helps to avoid the leak even when your baby turns or tosses.

More interesting thing is about the Pooh Disney image on the diapers, you baby might be attracted and love to wear them.

4. Pamper Cruisers Economy Diaper (size 4)

4. Pamper Cruisers Economy Diaper (size 4)

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Another best overnight diapers come from Pampers brand, it is called Pamper Cruisers Economy Diaper (size 4).

Different from the ordinary diapers, these overnight diapers won’t be sagged after wearing for a while. Moreover, they are improved with extra absorbency in order to evenly distribute the wetness and make the best comfort for baby.

This kind of overnight diapers also provides a 12-hour protection for your baby. Thanks to that, both babies and parents will have a restful sleep without annoyance.

Especially, they are designed with 3-way fitness that adapts to the legs, the bottom, and the waist. This will make the diaper totally fit with your baby’s body and maximum eliminates the leaks.

5. Bamboo Nature Baby Diapers (Size 4)

5. Bamboo Nature Baby Diapers (Size 4)

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One of the biggest plus for Bamboo Nature Baby Maxi Diaper is about its totally natural ingredients. So, these diapers will be safe for your baby when they regularly wear them.

Besides, all of Bamboo Nature Diapers are certified to be healthy and friendly with users. Your babies will be protected from any chemical danger when wearing the diaper.

With Bamboo Nature Baby Diapers, you don’t need to worry about the perfumes or allergens from them will attach your baby. They are completely safe and skin friendly.

The version I recommend to you here is at size 4, they are big enough to contain the urine your baby makes within a night. Especially, they are designed to be ultra-absorbent and super-soft in order to make a dry and comfortable environment for the baby’s restful sleep.

These diapers can prevent the leak for 11 hours, so they are suitable for both nighttime and daytime activities.

Benefits of Using Overnight Diapers

As per the health experts, a little child needs at least 16 sleeping hours per day to have good health. An overnight diaper is an absorbent item to help them have a peaceful sleep in both daylight and nighttime.

Together with the regular diapers, the overnight diapers provide us a complete series for baby care with some useful benefits.

Long time protection

An overnight diaper can provide the protection service up to more than 12 hours while a baby’s night sleep might be lengthened for 12 hours. Obviously, with this kind of diaper, moms and dads will be assured to sleep well without any annoying.

Safety and cleanness

In order to prevent the leaking of normal diapers, parents should use overnight diapers with a bigger container to make sure no leaking or spreading the baby’s stools or urine.


This kind of diaper is made for baby’s use, so all of the materials are pre-sterilized and soft for the baby’s sensitive skin.

All the overnight diapers are built with high absorbent ability in order to provide a cool and dry feeling for babies. As a result, the babies will have a nice sleep with great comfort.


The usage of overnight diapers is similar to other diapers; it is very simple and easy that everyone can do. Especially, they are designed with side seam and the elastic so as to be easily put on or removed.

Tips for Leaky Diaper Prevention

In fact, not 100% of diapers make sure that there is no leak throughout the night. As a result, moms and dads are those who have to deal with these leaky diapers.

However, we will give you some tips to handle such kinds of inconvenient leaky overnight diapers.

Limit the baby’s drinking before bedtime

You should try to cut down on the amount of water your baby drinks before bedtime, especially from 7 pm. In some special cases that your baby needs drinking, you had better let him/her drink for around 1 hour before going to sleep.

In this way, you not only can avoid the diapers from leaking but also make a good habit for your baby to less urinate at night; good preparation for the potty-trained period.

However, this tip is not a perfect idea for infants because they are required to be nursed regularly.

Make sure a proper diaper change

When changing the diapers for babies, make sure the diaper snug and in the right position so that they can sleep well without any uncomfortable feeling.

You can check whether you do right or not by sliding your fingers between your baby’s thigh and the diaper, and then adjust the tab in an appropriate place to make the diaper tighter but not too lose.

Prepare larger size diapers

This might be silly but actually, it brings back positive effectiveness.

One of many reasons for leaky overnight diapers is that they are too small to contain all the liquid your baby makes throughout a night. So, bigger diapers can help you solve this problem.

Someone might think that the size-up diapers will be too loose, but there are some tabs for you to adjust and make them snug with your baby’s thigh, hips, and waist.

Use the booster pad

If all of the tips above cannot completely prevent the overnight diapers from leaks, you should try the last way as to use a booster pad.

It looks like the feminine pad and helps to support for diapers. You put it inside the overnight diaper, try to make it fit and firm. This booster pad will absorb the liquid before it is overflowed to the diaper.

At first, your baby might not get acquainted with it, but several times, he/she will feel comfortable due to the dryness and warmness.

How to Choose the Best Overnight Diapers

When buying an overnight diaper, there will be some things you need to take into account.

Which kind of diaper?

In the current market, there are two kinds of overnight diapers for baby including cloth diapers and disposable diapers.

For the cloth diapers, they are cheaper than disposable ones, but you can use them for the next time by washing them. Or, you can use the service of cloth diaper – exchange used diapers for the new one.

The disposable diapers, however, will be much more convenient for users. You just directly wear it without washing before use. But they are not very eco-friendly with the environment.

Characteristics of diaper

The characteristics of a product are always on top of considerable factors when buying. There are a variety of diaper features for consideration such as sizing, absorbability, with or without lotion, elastic ability, etc. Based on your child’s skin and needs to make the decision.

Reputable brand

It is advisable to buy overnight diapers from reputable brands for the reliable service. You can also review some comments on the Internet or the experienced moms for the best advice.


When buying the overnight diapers, you should consider whether that kind of diapers is affordable for you or not. If your budget is quite small, you had better choose the diapers at the middle price range, but make sure they are qualified enough.


Overall, the overnight diapers are your efficient assistants to protect your baby’s sleep. Thanks to them, you will have the best sleep at night, and then, have a full energy to take care of your baby in the daylight.

The best overnight diapers not only eliminate all the leak of liquid but also protect your baby’s health and skin. To reinforce the absorbent ability to maximum get rid of the leak, using a booster pad might be a great idea.

Whenever buying the diapers for your baby, the most important things you have to consider are material, absorbent layers, and design. Remember to choose the proper size to make sure they are not too loose or too tight so as to make the best comfort for your child.

In order not to be overwhelmed in the various diaper market, read our recommendations for the best choice that perfectly meets your child’s requirement.

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