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You may ask yourself why the best sleep sacks are especially important. To figure out the answer, I’ll share with you the story of my friend and her first kid.

Night after night, she was woken up by the infant’s big cries because of the blanket sliding off her. She had to put back the blanket, tuck her kid in it, then tried hard to sleep again. Up until she heard of sleep sacks and came to use them, she no longer has to put up with the baby crying at midnight (unless the kid was hungry).

Now, before making up your mind whether to buy sleep sacks for infants, consult some reviews of this product first then choose the best sleep sack that will do your baby wonders.

What Is A Sleep Sack?

Sleep sack is a bag-like garment which looks like pajamas. It is the combination of overalls on the top and the extending long grown on the bottom covering the feet of your baby. The design of the bottom half is closed so your baby’s feet are always warm when sleeping.

On the market, there is a multitude of kinds categorized from attached to sleeves and without to zipped sleep sacks. When it comes to materials, depend on each season, parents will have a proper option. For example, in winter, wool, fleece, and heavy synthetic sleep sacks can keep your baby away from cold conditions. Meanwhile, cotton is an ideal choice in summer.

No matter which model you pick up, the main function of a sleep sack is to keep warm during the night. It is better than a blanket that causes suffocation by protecting its face away from covering. The sleep sack is a good and safe replacement for a normal blanket. This is also a great support in order to let it sleep in a crib. Sleep sack keeps legs and arms of your baby, so it can’t climb out of the crib when it is older.

What are The Benefits of a Baby Sleep Sack?

Why you should chose the sleep sack rather than an ordinary blanket for toddlers? The reason is sleeping bags bring numerous advantages and spare neither concerns nor worries for parents.

Sleeping bag is a wonderful middle ground

Sleep sacks amazingly come in handy when your newborn can’t do without swaddling during her sleep. To some extent, sacks act as swaddling clothes as well as get the baby ready for beginning to use blanket.

A sleep bag lowers SIDS risk.

SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This syndrome is fatal to newborn babies when they get too hot and suffocated. The sleep sack, along with its sleeves, is cozy and warm enough to keep your little baby from getting tangled like what often happens when using traditional blankets or sheets.

According to experts, you shouldn’t use sleep sacks that have hoods since they can by chance cover and choke your baby’s face.

It comes in handy for travel.

I’m sure a familiar sleeping bag will give your child both comfort and confidence no matter where you go. To carry or to pack it is hassle-free.

The baby will sleep better.

A change in temperature commonly explains why an infant keeps waking up in the middle of the night. Put your baby in a sleeping bag, then your little one will soundly sleep without any heat changes. Thus, you won’t have to give up your sleep to pull up or push off the blanket for your baby.

Changing nappy for baby is easier.

Changing your baby’s diapers is never a problem, even at midnight since unzipping the sack is all you have to do.

5 Best Sleep Sack on the Market reviews

1. HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Swaddle, Baby Blue, Small

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In today market, HALO SleepSack Blankets prove to be the number one choice trusted to use in hospitals. This product will give babies a safe and sound sleep from the beginning.

Besides giving your child a safer sleep, the HALO Swaddle sleep sack also helps the child sleep better. HALO comes with a swaddle wrap that you can adjust to immobilize the baby’s arms in order to keep him/her from startle reflex as known as ‘Moro’.

Plus, this swaddle is the only three-way adjustable one that can change to fit your child’s sleeping style as well as development stage.

You should swaddle the baby’s arms in, both hands towards the face, and one arm out for the baby’s best sleeping posture. Also, this gets the baby ready for a gentle and easy turning to the wearable blanket when swaddling is not necessary any more. Swaddling this way is very simple and safe.

The sleep sack has zipper inverted for you to change diapers easily. There’s no point in unswaddling your baby when changing diapers.

The sack is embroidered ‘Back is Best’ to remind parents and other caregivers to let the babies lie on their backs for a safer sleep.

I’m sure you will fall in love with its design: roomy and unique. This design is recognized as being ‘hip healthy’, according to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

There are three sizes available: small, newborn, and premie. There is also a wide range of colors for this HALO sleepsack, from classic hues for two genders to quite neutral colors.

Already got fed up with the out-of-fashion swaddle wrap? Want something that’s not time-consuming? Moms review that these HALO sleepsacks spare them a lot of time.


  • This sleep sack offers extremely simple swaddling. You don’t have to spend much time searching for the swaddling art.
  • It makes swaddling at night extremely soft and more straightforward and spares you no concerns for safety.
  • One hundred percent polyester
  • Robust and adjustable fasteners make the sack fit perfectly
  • The sack is generously designed to be spacious enough for the baby to kick
  • The sack has no sleeves, thus lowering the risk of


  • Because the sack is so roomy that baby’s legs and feet can move round, thus making the feet feel cold. Yet, when the baby grows up, it is OK.
  • This sack is more suitable for older babies.

2. Spasilk Baby-Boys Newborn 100% Cotton Sleep Bag Sack

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Spasilk Baby-Boys Newborn 100% Cotton Sleep Bag Sack is the best sleeping sacks for baby boys from the brand Spasilk. This product is made of one hundred percent cotton and it can be washed by machine.

Spasilk comes with an adorable design and a comfortable look. This sack also feels comfortable. Its front part is zipped to streamline wearing, removing, and also diaper changing at midnight.

If you wish to keep your baby warm, my advice is to make use of the sack’s snap tap fixed on the neck. This sleep sack is dimensioned to fit the size of newborns at 6-month-olds at most. To put it exactly, the neck is 14 inches and its length is 22 inches.

Although this product is lowly priced and many parents can afford it, Spasilk sleep sack will give you true comfort and a soft feel, as most moms review. The designs are various, especially the car shape that will attract your baby boy.


  • 100% cotton materials; sleeved design is lovable.
  • Ideal for hot weather using in the summer.
  • The cotton material is far nicer to the touch than fleece.
  • The zip is inverted to make diaper changing easier at night. The fabric feels soft.
  • Well designed and super cute.


  • Although it gives comfortable feeling, an extra blanket is necessary when you want to give your baby more warmth.
  • The material is very thin and resembles a T-shirt.

3. Organic Cotton Interlock Long Sleeve Cozie Sack – Made in the USA

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This sleeved sleep sack made in the USA is a safe and wonderful choice to replace an ordinary blanket. It is made of an amazingly soft and breathable material.

Its tog rating (level of thermal resistance) stands at 1.0, which means this product is suitable for use at room temperature (65-75 degrees Fahrenheit or 18-24 degrees Celsius).

This organic cotton sleep sack is available in various sizes, being precisely like what is indicated. As for XS, S – the minimum sizes, fold-back mittens are offered for the warmth of your baby’s hands. The sleeping bag comes with 4 different colors.

The well-designed zipper is amazing. A special pocket is added to hide the zipper under a fabric cover, thus preventing the baby from scratching himself and getting injured.

The sleeping bag offers much room for the baby to kick and move freely inside, but not to get cold thanks to the sleeved design. An extra blanket or pants placed underneath are unnecessary.

The sack has a very breathable and soft interlock cozie, thus ensuring the baby is safe and well covered. The material is 100% cotton that is grown in the US, and is dyed using low-impact fiber reactive chemicals which well bond to the fabric. Hence, there isn’t any chemical residue that can touch the babies’ mouth.

Most users respond positively about this product. It is also highly recommended by these customers since it is extremely difficult to find a sleeved sleepsuit made of organic cotton.


  • There is no need to size up
  • No chemicals that can retard flames are included.
  • Keep the baby healthy and completely safe.
  • Made of 100% cotton fabric, it is ideal to be used indoors in hot summer.
  • Very cozy and soft


  • It’s a little pricey

4. HALO SleepSack 100% Cotton Wearable Blanket, Baby Blue, Small

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HALO Sleepsack wearable blanket means a safer and better sleep. This sleepsack from halo is a good alternative to the ordinary loose blankets that can suffocate your baby when covering his/her face.

Besides a safer sleep, this product also gives your babies a better sleep. Inside this cozy sack, the baby can freely cuddle but can’t kick it off, thus helping your baby sleep soundly all night.

The sleepsack is uniquely designed and offers much room for the babies’ legs to move freely, thus ensuring their hips to properly develop. According to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, the sack is recognized as being ‘Hip Healthy’.

Without sleeves, this sleepsack prevents the child from overheating. The neck and arm openings are sized to fit your baby more safely. Your baby needs to wear a coverall, pajamas or a bodysuit before you cover him/her with the wearable blanket.

There are 3 sizes available, all of which has a 0.5 tog rating. The smallest size is made for babies weighing 18lbs at most. The medium size is for babies of maximum 24lbs and the large one is for 28lbs babies.


  • Super soft fabric and well-covered zipper.
  • The soft cotton fibers are not too warm for year-round use. They can withstand frequent washings as well as nightly wear.
  • The sack can well replace ordinary blankets and lightweight for summer use.
  • 100% interlock cotton fibers
  • You can unzip from the bottom part, which makes diaper changes easier.


  • Some of the zippers are made of plastic rather than metal. Yet, metal zippers offer higher quality and are more durable.
  • The length looks longer than what’s indicated.
  • It seems quite awkward to access the arm holes. They appear small in comparison with the sack’s dimensions.

5. HALO SleepSack Plush Dot Velboa Swaddle, Cream, Newborn

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Further exceeding the sleepsack with plain textures, this swaddle sleep sack has cream color, polka dots and thus very beautiful.

Its relatively high price (compared to the other sleepsuits in this post) is excusable when considering its material, its three-in-one design and the room it offers.

When this product serves as a cozy swaddle, the Veclo comes in handy since it restrains your baby’s arms without causing any injuries. If the baby has grown out of swaddling, you can free his hands one by one.

Among the plus points of this sleepsuit, it makes your baby not climb off his crib thanks to the unseparated bottom. There is plenty of room for the baby’s legs to move around. When you set free his arms, he can also move them freely too.

The material is 100 percent polyester, thus being warm and flame retardant.


  • Made of 100% polyester, which makes it breathable and resist fire.
  • No sleeves mean little or no overheating.
  • The sack is cozy and is a good choice for winter.
  • The 3-in-1 construction is available in three different sizes.


  • Not appropriate for summer because it is too heavy and too warm.


A baby sleep sack gives your child a safe and sound night sleep and streamlines swaddling. It also keeps your baby warm and cozy all night long, as opposed to a blanket that can slide off or wrap your baby’s legs and body.

After finding out the best sleep sack for your little one, let’s give him a sound and uninterrupted sleep throughout the night. Also, let the sleep sack protect and comfort your baby when he sleeps inside it.

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