Full Zipadee Zip Review And All You Need To Know

A baby grows very fast, especially during their sleep. Thus, a high-quality sleep is always parents’ main concern. Normally, you will use a blanket to wrap your newborn baby when he wants to fall asleep.

However, once he is over 3 months old, it seems to be too tight that prevents him from changing his sleeping position. Consequently, his sleep might be disrupted, and of course it is time for you to find other better options.

Recently, people have been talking about the new and improved wearable blanket on the market. The most popular options for parents are a sleep sack and Zippies.

Hence, today article will give you detailed information about these products, especially full Zipadee-Zip review to support you in raising your child.

Things to consider before buying a sleep sack

Before going deeper into Zipadee-Zip review, we will introduce you some contributing factors that you need taking into consideration if you want to buy a sleep sack.

It is suitable for

We all know that swaddling is a good sleeping tool, but it might be dangerous when your kid can roll over.

Also, a sleep sack will help your kids have a better sleep, particularly at night. It is designed to keep their whole bodies warm even when they change the sleeping position as it will not be kicked off and not wrap around the babies tightly that might lead to SIDS.

Quickly give your children a sleep sack when

  • Your baby can roll over
  • Your baby is 3 months or older
  • Your baby is over 12 pounds

Help your baby sleep longer

A good sleep tool is something which will improve their sleep. However, most of the newborn babies have ‘Moro’ or startle reflex that is an obstacle to being in a sound sleep and might make them suddenly awake.

The main causes of Moro reflex in newborn babies are

  • A sudden touch
  • A loud noise
  • A big change of the light
  • Thrown off balance

To be honest, the Zipadee-Zip is better at providing those edges of swaddling or that womb as the environment and allowing kids to roll around safely. Therefore, this new wearable blanket is very good for transitioning off swaddle.

What is a Zipadee Zip?

Of course, a Zippy is also a wearable blanket, however, what makes it different from other sleep sacks available in the market?

Why/How the Zipadde-Zip works?

Let’s see the following video to see the difference in this baby’s sleep between when a swaddle blanket and a Zipadee-Zip is used.

You can easily see that the boy in the video startled while he was sleeping. However, when he was wrapped in a blanket, it was impossible for him to move his hands and legs leading to his anger and crying out loud.

In contrast, he was only half awake and quickly continued sleeping when he wore a Zipadee-Zip. How could it work miracles like that? I am sure that you are dying to know the secret behind a Zippy, right?

And here are some special reasons

  • It will keep your babies' hands warm during their sleep
  • It will bring your babies the feeling of coziness and the sensation of swaddle
  • It will allow your babies to move around freely and even rollover
  • It will assist your babies to sleep longer, and soundly
  • It will help your baby how to soothe themselves while sleeping as it brings them a very cozy environment
  • It will prevent your babies from rubbing their faces
  • It will be fully supportive during the period of a Swing or Swaddle transition to a Crib

Zipadee-Zip Sizing

You might wonder how could you know whether a Zipadee-Zip fits your kid. Don’t worry! We are about to give you some sizing tips.

Size S

This size comes highly recommended to 3 – 6-month-old babies who are between 24 and 28 inches tall and weigh about 12 – 19 pounds. Honestly, the height is still the most crucial factor determining a perfect fit.

Size M

The medium size is produced to fit kids who are from 6 to 12 months at the height of between 29 and 32 inches. The suitable weight ranges from 19 to 26 pounds.

Size L

This size is suitable for most 1 – 2-year-old babies. In general, if your child is between 33 and 40 inches tall, size L is the best option because it will provide your kid more resistance during his sleep. The suggested weight is about 26 – 34 pounds.

Although Zippies have sizes for older babies, it is not suitable for over 2.5-year-old kids.


The design of a Zipadee-Zip follows the star-fish style. Likewise, the sleeves of a Zippy have a sharp end come in the shape of a star.

The purpose is to offer babies slight resistance giving them the freedom to move around while sleeping. Otherwise, a Zipadee-Zip provides your children the cozy and enclosed sensation in the womb and swaddle to minimize the impact of the Moro reflex.

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Features & Benefits

In this Zipadee-Zip review part, we are about to show you some good features of Zippies before mentioning its disadvantage.

Cute patterns

If you do a search on the Internet, you will see that there is a wide range of cute patterns for both boys and girls. Therefore, you are no longer need to worry that your kids have to wear blankets with old-fashioned floral patterns.


The safety aspect is another reason why a Zipadee-Zip is to be preferred.

Allows for stomach sleeping

Although all of us are advised to let our kids sleep on the back to prevent SIDS and suffocation, sometimes they feel more comfortable to sleep on their stomach. Stomach sleeping is fine after your baby knows how to roll over.

With the support of a Zippy, your little one can sleep in any positions they like as they have room to move in the cozy environment while still have the feeling of swaddling.

Roll in the Zipadee-Zip

A normal blanket does not allow a baby to roll over and move his hands and legs comfortably. Instead, it will wrap him tightly that disturbs his sleep and might cause suffocation or even SIDS.


A baby is not always well-behaved while breastfeeding. Thus, wearing a Zippy can prevent little ones from scratching themselves and mommy.

Keep a baby’s hands warm at night

One of the reasons why the Zipadee-Zip can fully support babies’ sleep is that they can keep their hands warm all night.

Keep germs away

As they are newborn babies, the immune system is not strengthened yet. Hence, wearing a Zippy will keep germs away from your kids to prevent mild and serious diseases.


It is made of cotton, so you can see that a Zipadee-Zip is not as thick and heavy as other sleep sacks. Therefore, it is suitable for hot climate in the summer.

Access to hands/Use a pacifier

It is important to give babies access to their hands and allow them to use their pacifier because that is an effective way for them to learn how to soothe themselves. Of course, you cannot always be there to calm them down!

Perfect for travel

Another great aspect of a Zipadee-Zip is that it is perfect for travel. Wearing a Zippy is ward off germs on airplanes and stroller rides. Otherwise, it is very convenient and safe to be fastened into a car seat.


Everything has its pluses and minuses. In the Zipadee-Zip review section, we have mentioned all advantages that it has. What is the biggest disadvantage of this new blanket? The truth is that all Zippies are not 100% cotton.

However, to produce 100% cotton Zipadee-Zip, the manufacturer will have to use potentially harmful chemicals. Therefore, they decided to take other materials that are safe for your babies apart from cotton.

Alternative item

In case you want to use a 100% cotton product, you can try HALO SleepSack as the alternative item (check it on Amazon.com). It is also a good product for the transition off swaddling. The special design to keep the kid warm, prevent the overheating and can be used in all kinds of climates.


Here are top 3 questions that are frequently asked by moms when it comes to the Zipadee-Zip.

When to stop using the Zipadee-Zip?

As we mentioned above, a Zippy is not suitable for over 2.5-year-old kid because the Size L is the last step before they make a change to pajamas.

Washing/Care tips?

  • Wash it on very gentle cycle and prevent using high heat to dry Zippies
  • To deal with stubborn dirt, spray the Zippy with white vinegar and wait for a few minutes before washing

What to wear under the Zipadee-Zip?

Because the body heat of each baby is completely different so take action based on how warm your kid often sleeps. It is fine to put light pajamas or a diaper on. Remember to avoid overheating that can cause SIDS.


Hope that the full Zipadee-Zip review today provided you with valuable information and you have your own decision about the sleep tool for the swaddle off transition. Have a question? Please leave a comment below. Last, recall to like and share post today with your friends! 

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