Review Of The Best Rice Cereal For Babies

Feeding babies correctly right from the very first steps of their life is very necessary providing a good foundation of a healthy and nutritious lifestyle for babies to grow up. Rice cereals are considered a good source providing nutrients for babies.

Among a great number of available options and choices in the market, moms often get confused about which best rice cereals for babies are. This guide will offer useful information of rice cereals for baby first food as well as to help moms with their best decision.

There are a variety of important factors for you to consider for the babies' health carefully. Therefore, it is advisable for you to start searching and looking the information of cereals considerately before you try to make your decision of the best rice cereal for your baby.

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Basic understanding of rice cereals

As a new mom, you might wonder rice cereals as the first solid for your babies. In fact, most pediatricians recommend using rice cereals to start baby on, but it is not recommended for less than 4-month-old babies except there is a specific recommendation of pediatricians. As gluten-free, rice cereals are chosen as the first food for gassy babies and breastfed babies.

Fortified with iron, rice cereals are an ideal food source for babies after about six months of age. At this stage, babies need to look for other sources to obtain iron besides formula or breast milk.

Rice cereals are also a great option for moms to consider when their babies are with milk allergy, which prevents them from eating and digesting protein and soy milk.

Rice cereal is a single grain, so it rarely causes an allergic reaction. Thanks to this being hypoallergenic, rice cereal is recommended for babies to start with. Some moms complimented that feeding rice cereal for babies can provide longer sleeps at night. There are also compliments on the taste of cereals made of white rice that offers a great food to teach the baby how to swallow properly.

Rice cereals are considered good if they can ensure all the nutrients necessary for babies with right proportions and without added preservatives and other harmful additives. Therefore, it is very important to look for non-GMO or organic options among various best brands of rice cereals.

Brown rice cereals or homemade rice cereals

Brown rice cereals, ideal for feeding babies a boxed rice cereal, are becoming a more and more popular choice for moms. Made with organic brown rice, this homemade rice cereal will not regret you as it keeps nutrients intact for babies.

It certainly is a good try to have homemade rice cereals, especially with organic brown rice to keep nutrients intact. There are several ways to prepare a rice cereal.

  • Grind the rice properly before cooking: Grinding will make the cooking faster and result in a smooth and great texture for the baby.
  • Soak the rice instead of grinding: It is another preference for most moms. Soaking rice or other grains can help increase the digestibility and limit the phytic acids.

Steps to make homemade brown rice cereals

  • Prepare half a cup of the organic brown rice, use cold water to rinse the rice.
  • Soften the rice by soaking from one to eight hours to increase the digestion ability as well as minimize the phytic acid.
  • Boil the rice in a pot with water.
  • Since the water is boiled, you should reduce the heat for the water to be absorbed and keep it within around 45 minutes without stirring.
  • To better serve, you can mash the rice further by using a fork then dilute with breastmilk, water or even formula.

This is how to make homemade brown rice cereal

How To buy The Best Baby Cereal

Organic and Non-GMO

Organic and non-GMO food are most recommended for your baby and your family; don’t settle for anything less. Try to read the product information carefully before you decide to buy and feed your baby.

Artificial sweeteners and artificial colors

Pediatricians recommend not buying cereals molded in various kid-friendly shapes, tainted in eye-catching colors and with sugar added. It is said that cereals lack of nutrients is often made with sweetness, fancy marketing, and colors to compensate.

It is quite harmful to consume foods with sweeteners and artificial colors to the baby’s health, which will be gradually poisoned in the long run.


Taste is also an important factor when you are looking for the best baby cereal which balances both the nutrition and taste. While whole grains are full of minerals and fiber but their taste is often bland, rice can provide better taste to the baby.

Ideally, do not try to buy cereals with big amount especially when your baby just starts using cereals. It is better to buy small packets first and allow your baby to have a taste.

Last update on 2018-07-15 PST - Details

Reviews on top rated rice cereals for babies

Nowadays, brands of rice cereals are putting their efforts on innovating new ingredients and flavors for babies to readily eat. Below is among top 5 most recommended babies rice cereals with their pros and cons so that you can easily make your best decision accordingly.

1. Earth’s Best Organic Cereal

The Earth’s Best Organic Cereal is considered as the best organic rice cereal for babies including four different flavors such as rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, oatmeal cereal with bananas and multi-grain cereal. It is an ideal cereal for toddlers and infants who have had some initial acquaintance with solid feeding.

This cereal is available with options of with or without fruit contributing to the main source of the iron daily required for the baby. Containing vitamins, dietary fiber, and minerals and being made of pure organic has grown whole grains, the Earth’s Best Organic Cereal is recommended by pediatricians as a great organic food of good taste for baby.

The Earth’s Best Organic Cereal is a completely natural and organic food containing no salt, preservatives or refined sugar and no artificial colors and flavors as well. This cereal can be served with water, formula or breast milk for babies. It is also very easy for the babies’ digestions and provides the good development basis.

The taste of Earth’s Best Organic is better than other single grain organic cereal. It isn’t salty or sweet and can blend well with milk. Since Earth’s Best is locally grown and sourced from organic farmers, it is certified free from pesticides.


  • 100% Organic with the mixture of brown rice, rice bran, oats, millet, etc
  • No salt, refined sugar added and no preservatives
  • Right proportion of necessary nutrients


  • Not ideal as first food for babies susceptible to food sensitivities

2. Gerber DHA and Probiotic Single-Grain Rice Baby Cereal

Containing DHA which is known to support eye development and brain of the kids as well as containing iron essential for the complete development of babies’ brain, Gerber DHA, and Probiotic Single-Grain Rice Baby Cereal helps to maintain a healthy digestive system for the babies and support the development process. This cereal also contains vitamin C, 6, calcium and B vitamins, which strongly enhances the overall growth and development of the baby.

This cereal’s flavor is quite great with a smooth and consistent texture. Therefore, the baby can enjoy the easy digestion process from a filling meal. Besides, this product can mix with some vegetable puree or fruits or can be served with water, formula or breast milk or even microwaved.


  • With DHA & Iron content
  • Easy to digest


  • Quite short expired date

3. Happy Organic Probiotic Baby Cereal with DHA & Choline

This cereal is a significant flavor of the Happy Baby Cereal brand considered as the top rated baby cereal with a desirable balance of nutrition and taste. The Happy Baby Organic Probiotic Baby Cereal with DHA & Choline, Brown Rice is an organic baby cereal and a perfect choice for babies to start with as its taste is tailored for babies and infants.

It is an iron-fortified rice cereal with the right proportion of calcium and other nutrients vital for the development of the baby. Containing choline and DHA, this cereal is also very helpful and supportive for the development of eye and brain.

With probiotics, it can help maintain the healthy digestive system of the baby and fulfill a big required fraction of daily calcium to the baby. Furthermore, the good microorganisms including Bifidus and Lactobacillus of this Happy Baby cereal can improve the gut’s health of a baby.

This cereal can be prepared with breast milk, water or baby’s formula. Other purees can be added to The Happy Baby Organic Probiotic Baby Cereal with DHA & Choline, Brown Rice for better taste.


  • An Iron Fortified cereal
  • DHA & Choline good for brain health
  • Easy to digest


  • Some babies may have reactions with allergies
  • A bit pricey

4. Gerber Baby Cereal, Rice

Gerber Baby Cereal, Rice is a perfect rice cereal and a great alternative if the baby can’t be fed well with other cereal types. Containing Vitablocks Nutrient Blend, this cereal is specially formulated with the nutrient blend to provide a good source of zinc, iron, and vitamins, which are very helpful for the overall development and growth of the baby.

This cereal also contains vitamins E and C. Without artificial flavors, or colors added, this cereal is a great choice of a completely natural cereal. It can be prepared with water, formula or breast milk.


  • Nutritious
  • Affordable price


  • Short expiry date

5. Happy Bellies Organic Brown Rice Cereal

Enriched with Choline and DHA good for eye and brain development, Happy Bellies Brown Rice Baby Cereal is considered as the perfect choice of first solid food to feed the baby. With pre and probiotics, this cereal is also very good for the baby’s immune system support.

It offers a huge source of nutrients to babies such as brown rice and vitamins and minerals including B1, B2, B6, B12, B3 and other different cofactors. With DHA & Choline content, it can strongly support the baby’s health of brain and eye. Especially, probiotics in Happy Bellies Brown Rice Baby Cereal can support the balance of the digestive system. Calcium in this cereal is also helpful for strong teeth and bones of the baby.

It is quite easy to mix this cereal with others to provide similar taste to the infants such as water, baby formula or breast milk.


  • Affordable
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Rich in probiotics
  • A variety of vitamins


  • Some babies might not like the taste
  • Some babies might be allergic with sunflower extracts


With tons of different brands and types of rice baby cereals, it will be a quite difficult job for you to make the final decision. To check if the new rice cereal fits your baby’s demand, you had better try the taste yourself first as the taste is very important for the baby to start with the first solid.

To make the taste more similar to the baby, you can mix the cereal with the breast milk as well. Most importantly, it is better if you can spend time reading the labels considerately to become a smart shopper purchasing best value-for-money products to your baby. Hopefully, that above information is helpful enough for you to select the best for your baby.

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