From Buzz To Hush: Steps On How To Pacify Your Cry Baby

cry baby

There is no denying that probably the most dependent creature alive is the sweet, gentle being you hold to, his hand on your thumb. Your little one is reliant on you with food, shelter and security every single moment of every day.

As much as possible you want your loved one to always be laughing and smiling, right?

You want to give him all the comfort you could provide. You want him to be satisfied with the kind of tender care you give him. After all, your baby’s joy is the greatest joy you could undoubtedly experience in your life.

A. But What Happens When It Goes The Way You Do Not Want?

What happens when what you want is not totally aligned to what is happening in reality?

Upon your baby’s entering into this world, his cry might be one of the most happiest and fulfilling moments you could ever have experienced for it. It signified that your baby healthily and bravely let his way into the world.

However, as weeks and months pass, the happiest and fulfilling experience might just turn to fear, worry and confusion.

B. What Does This Mean?

It simply means that your baby will absolutely cry a lot and more often. You will be that unhappy person who will turn out miserable just because your dear one is unhappy and miserable as well.

You have to accept the fact, though, that babies really cry a lot for the simplest reason that for their particular age. They are not yet able to speak which is to say that crying is just their way of communicating to you.

Crying is the only way they can communicate how they are feeling whether they feel pained or hurt or uncomfortable.

[su_quote cite=”Elizabeth Pantley – The author of Gentle Baby Care”]Babies are human beings, and they have needs and desires, just as we do, but they can’t express them…their cries are the only way they can say, ‘Help me! Something isn’t right here!’.[/su_quote]

And thus, your baby crying right before your eyes is one normal thing that you most likely should get used to. As your baby gets older, he will be able to learn to communicate his wants and needs with you in various ways through eye contact, murmuring vague noises and beaming.

C. When Your Baby Starts To Cry

Meanwhile, let us enjoy our baby’s cute and cuddly existence; and gain factual information as to the differing reasons why he would cry as he ought to, and discover helpful ways in order to calm and pacify them at the end of the day.

It might be of a hassle and a little problematic to try and figure out the answers to the puzzling questions. You may have right now but sit back and relax because here are tried and tested tips that will actually be of great help to you anytime and anywhere you are.

You do not need to turn into a good actress and start crying and panicking as well. Instead, think of a great number of reasons why he started to cry in the first place. Try to imagine and think hard enough what he is trying to say to you.

Your baby might be suffering from one or more of these things:


Most mothers would claim that this is one of the primary reasons why their babies cry in the first place.

According to one of the most trusted websites in the name of WebMD, written by Carol Sorgen in 2005, “If three or four hours have passed since his last feeding, if he has just woken up, or if he has just had a very full diaper and he begins to cry, he’s probably hungry. A feeding will most likely turn a crying baby into a contented one.”

Most likely, younger babies, especially new born ones, tend to get hungrier than that of babies older than their age, which is possibly the reason why younger babies tend to cry a lot most of the time. Fortunately, the stomach of your baby cannot hold too much formula since it can still occupy very small space of food intake, and thus feeding him should not last like a lifetime.

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What you will do

  • If your baby is breastfed, gladly let him drink and feed from you. Your baby is crying because he is not either satisfied with his food earlier or simply because he wants more of it.
  • Your milk is the healthiest food your baby could probably have in his very young age which is why you must not deprive him of it.
  • In fact, even if you have just breastfed your baby, experts say that you still can offer him a drink and that is if your baby is still delighted to want it.
  • This may sound a lot like your baby is demanding too much from you but believe that your baby wants that milk of yours for some reason.
  • Breastfeeding your baby, is, after all the healthiest way you could feed him. This is the fact that all researchers and experts in the field would all agree.
  • If you are, on the other hand, feeding your baby from formula milk, it can be expected that your baby might not want another one for a maximum of two hours.
  • However, if your baby does not finish his milk from the drinking bottle, you might want to feed him little by little so he does not pop that little balloon of short-temperedness right back at you. It is also fitting and proper that you should learn to distinguish if your baby is already feeling hungry in order to avoid such alarming things from happening.
  • You can tell so if your baby needs to feed when he starts smacking his lips, nagging and putting his hands to your mouth.[/su_note]


If adults get so much upset when experiencing stomach ache, how much more would it be towards your sweet, innocent babies?

This is precisely the reason why your baby still cries even after you have fed him already. This condition is what they call as colic wherein the baby desperately and unstoppably cries for three hours a day in three consecutive weeks or more.

Experts say that one-fifth of babies develop colic, and there is not a single explanation which could define what causes it; however one expert had theorized that colic is, “a way for the baby to ‘vent’ after a long day of new experiences and stimuli.”

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Colic or no colic, it is still necessary for you to do some preventive measures to avoid certain situations from happening.

What you will do

  • As a nursing mother, you should be watchful of your diet. As much as possible, minimize or avoid foods that do have dairy, caffeine and onions in them. Do your baby and your baby’s health a big favour and give up your consumption of cheese and milk for some time.
  • Remember that your baby is feeding from you. Whatever food you take matters just as much to your baby than you. Whatever food you eat will also be eaten by your baby naturally because he is depending on you for food. Your baby is feeding from you.
  • Also, minimize your drinking of too much coffee or as much as possible avoid to do so because it contains caffeine which is not absolutely good for your baby at his age.
  • You must not allow yourself to eat onions and other foods that may trigger factors which could contribute to your baby’s stomach pains.
  • You can also do the colic hold. What you need to do is hold your baby close to you, lay him on your forearm and then rock him back and forth. Eventually, your baby would be still and enjoy his mother’s rock-a-bye for him.


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Another cause of stomach pain could be due to gas.

What you will do

  • There are several available over-the-counter anti-gas drops for babies which most mothers would purchase from drugstores. There are anti-gas drops that are certified and approved by most pediatricians so buying one that is effective should not be a problem at all. Anti-gas drops cure your baby at the moment, it helps in soothing him and letting him sleep peacefully.
  • There are also other medicines which could help in releasing the gas in your baby’s tummy. You could also prefer letting your baby drink gripe water which is made from herbs and sodium bicarbonate to let out that gas inside your baby’s stomach.
  • However, you should consult your doctor first before using any of these to prevent worse case scenarios.
  • According to researches, most babies who end up crying a lot has no problem except. They really will need to let out a big fart. Babies tend to be discomforted with air being stuck in their stomach and so you must be aware that your baby crying might be an indicator that he really just needs to fart and let out the gas that is troubling his stomach.
  • Your baby might have a lot of gas inside his stomach and so you must expect for him to cry or sometimes scream a lot. According to researches, infant drops may cause healing to your baby and so you must also try and do the same.
  • Massaging your baby also helps in his digestion and in keeping him calm. Try and use massage oils and cream that is prescribed by your doctor and rub his back and his tummy as gentle and as careful as needed.



Sometimes your baby just needs a good burp. This is due to the reason that most often your baby gets a mouthful of air upon breastfeeding or drinking from the milk bottle when he feeds. If the air is not released from your baby’s stomach, it may cause huge uneasiness to your baby’s part.

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What you will do

  • Hold your baby close to you, and then rub and pat your baby’s backs while walking around.
  • Hold your baby in such a way that your baby is facing you and his head leaned towards you so that his stomach might get a little pushed and then your baby could finally burp and release that gas out there.
  • You could also hold your baby in such a way that he is facing away from you and try to gently press his stomach with your arms for your baby to have a good burp. Remember that you must only gently press him otherwise he might vomit if you press his stomach hard enough.

Newborn Burping Techniques



Your baby could also get distracted and disturbed when they feel like their diapers are already full.

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What you will do

  • You will know when they have had enough when they start to cry and you also will know when they get undisturbed again after a quick diaper change.
  • Aside from the fact that this is irritating for the baby’s skin, the main reason why you should do change your baby’s diaper as often as you can is that it is not good for the baby to feel too wet. Especially that he is still sensitive and vulnerable against various of germs.
  • Your baby does not absolutely want having to feel a wet or soiled diaper which is precisely the reason why you must check it as regularly as you can.
  • You must not wait for the time when your baby’s diaper is full enough because they will be uncomfortable about it and eventually, cry.



When your baby cries too much and starts yawning and rubbing his eyes, that is when you know that he needs to sleep. When he starts to get disinterested to people trying to make him amused and entertained or when he starts to get bored with colourful toys in his crib just by staring, that is when you know that your baby needs to sleep.

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What you will do

  • You could try and rock your baby’s world to sleep through these:

+ Rock-a-bye baby. This is where you hold your baby in your arms and then rotate or revolve back and forth until such time that your baby is asleep.

+ Swings. There are plenty of swings which you could buy for your little child. This offers rhythmic motion that pacifies your baby until such time that he falls asleep.

+ Strollers. You could go for a walk with your baby through placing him in strollers. Observe that after a few minutes, your baby is now enjoying his calm and peaceful ride to dreamland.

  • You must take your baby someplace quiet, in the bedroom perhaps, because most likely they will have a difficulty sleeping in a noisy room.
  • Your baby might not want the lights to be on so you turn off the lights or as much as possible make it dim so that he would not be disturbed when sleeping. The longer the hours he sleeps the more he will be in a good condition when he wakes up.
  • If in the case that your baby wants the light to be on, you must also do otherwise. Your baby wants a bright room so do not switch off the lights but instead draw the curtains and make the room as bright as possible.
  • You could also hum lullabies to your baby so he could easily fall asleep.
  • You could play music which does not necessarily hurt his ears. Songs like rock and roll might be too harmful for your baby since it is too loud and noisy. Play soft music instead that would keep your baby calm. Play sweet music that would easily let your baby head off to dreamland.



Because your baby was closely guarded inside your womb for the past nine months, it is natural for him to feel uneasy in the real world because of the unfamiliarity of the environment he is now in. He was used to being in a warm, comfortable place which is why he needs to feel warmth even when he is already outside of his mother’s womb.

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What you will do

Undress yourself and your baby, lie down, gently put him against your skin and carefully cover yourselves with a soft blanket. That way, your baby would feel secure around his mother’s protective, loving arms. Baby slings are also sure to contribute to your baby’s comfort and relaxation.

Because of its soft and warm cloth, there is no doubt that your baby could have the most serene sleep anytime and anywhere. However, when you decide to put your baby in a crib and he has already waken up after some time and cries too loud. It may only signify one thing: he does not want to feel alone and longs for the warmth of your skin pressing against him.

[Image] How To Swaddle Your Baby

How To Swaddle Your Baby

[Video] How To Swaddle Your Baby

  • This is where you cuddle your baby and put him back to his dreamland again. Cuddling is definitely a must especially for infants because as early as that age and stage, they want to be assured that you are always there for him and that you will never leave his side.
  • When you place your baby so close to you, he becomes comforted just by listening to the sound of your heartbeat and the comfort that your warm embrace brings.
  • Babies could also detect your smell which is most probably the reason why they cling to you and cry if you are not the one hugging and holding him tight. Moreover, you might also want to talk with your baby about random things because that is exactly what they want. They like to hear your voice while you hold them tight their hands on your thumb.



Checking whether your baby feels too hot or too cold is helpful especially when he is now crying at the top of his lungs.

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What you will do

  • You need to feel his stomach. If his stomach seems too hot, you need to get rid of one of his blankets and if it feels cold, just feel free to add another.
  • Be careful not to overdress your baby so he would not feel too hot. Babies, especially new born ones, absolutely want to wrapped up and be warm. But too much warmth is unpleasant and distressing for them.
  • If your baby feels too cold upon you cleaning him under with a wet wipe or when you change his clothes, you may sense it when she starts to cry. Most often, your baby cries when he is very uncomfortable—either he is too wet, too chilly or too warm, he will really cry until such time that you will finally be able to figure out what really is bothering him from the inside out.
  • Most babies, according to experts, would usually arch their backs; this means that they are trying to get rid of the source of their own restlessness.



Babies can be troubled in almost every little thing. Since their skin is still too sensitive for their age, they might be fifty times irritated or tickled even just by a tiny hair in their toes or fingers. Other babies might get irritated with itchy tags on their clothes or with scratchy cloth you choose to dress them. That and other little things might be too hurting for them but you just might have missed it and forgot to reconsider. Babies of early age seem to be irritable about sounds they hear and things like that which is why we must be very careful as to what we allow them to see, hear or touch.

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What you will do

  • Crying rhythm of babies because of painful factors is too abrupt and high-pitched, and thus you must be very observant with yours 24/7.
  • Warily check where he is hurting.
  • Thoughtfully check the temperature of your baby and gradually check for anything that could possibly be the cause of uneasiness and discomfort on your little darling.



This situation is perfectly normal.

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What you will do

  • If you wonder why all of a sudden your baby cries out of the blue, for no reason at all; try to use your finger and feel his gums. You will be able to know just how much he is hurting because you will feel a hard root of a baby tooth that is about to emerge.
  • Babies typically undergo from growing teeth problems from 4 to 7 months of age. Just like how adults get pained when their wisdom tooth starts growing, babies also are hurt twice as much.
  • However, you should also bear in mind that this is a natural phenomenon which must be undergone by your baby because obviously he is growing. He would not stay like a baby forever and so as a mother, you must endure; and as much as possible comfort your baby through holding him or letting him hold you.
  • Massage him or rub his back. Do not leave him in this time of need.



Overstimulation means that the baby might be overwhelmed by everything. That is happening around her and thus he wants to find for a place where he can maintain his own kind of solitude. Noisy people in a noisy room being passed from one relative to another, that is what triggers a baby’s patience and endurance. Your baby might get too overwhelmed with the kind of environment that he is in, especially if he is growing up with a big family.

[su_note note_color=”#E0F8F1″]

What your baby will do

  • Your baby will abruptly close his eyes and shut himself from the world.
  • Your baby might eventually cry and turn his head away from people, irritability and discomfort undeniably revealed in his face.

What you will do

  • When this happens, you need to take him out for a while, cradle him in and spend your moment together just the two of you.
  • Most babies, especially new born ones, like to be wrapped around his mother’s embrace. It makes them feel like they are protected from anyone or anything that is trying to snatch them from their mother’s arms.
  • It makes them feel that amidst everything that is happening and regardless of everyone who tries to carry them. They still feel that there is that one body they could go to perfectly recognizing its body’s scent, because that is their one and only mother, at the end of the day.
  • When you feel like your baby has had enough, you can retreat to a peaceful place and let him cry out there.


On the other hand, there are babies who want to experience more stimulations and immersions to the world. Your baby might be one of these. Frankly speaking, this can be very much tiring for you for the reason that babies like these tend to be demanding and so they really want to see various places and meet different people.

[su_note note_color=”#E0F8F1″]

What your baby will do

  • They always want someone to talk to them, they love the noise and they love the spontaneity of everything that is going on around them.
  • They love different activities; they basically love everything under the sun. This is not to say that babies like these are tough and challenging but instead take this as a sign that soon your baby will grow into a very outgoing person who is unafraid to speak for himself and show the world what he has got.

What you will do

soothe crying baby get outside
Change the surroundings will change a child’s mood as well as your.
  • This is the exact reason why you as a parent must plan several, spontaneous activities which your baby can enjoy.
  • As much as possible, go with the other parents’ babies.
  • See numerous sights that your baby might surely enjoy, explore kid-friendly places and go to picnics.
  • You might also want to visit playgrounds that would surely let your baby doll enjoy, although, he still cannot try the slides or the swing even then, the amazing thing is that you were able to let him see it.
  • Or you could go to zoos or themed parks and let your child see different types of animals. This is called learning while travelling. You are educating the child while at the same letting him have fun.



This is one terrifying stage for every mother in the world. They do not even like it that their children gets dirty or gets bitten by a tiny insect, what more if they see their poor child suffering from pain because of an illness? You might be one of these mothers, of course you are. Sure you are. You do not want your baby to sick. You do not want him to catch cold or be down with fever. You want him to be as healthy as possible.

[su_note note_color=”#E0F8F1″]

What your baby will do

  • One of the signs and symptoms of a sick baby is his cry. If your baby’s cry is different from his cry when he is hungry or uncomfortable, then you might want to call your doctor immediately. If you know for yourself that you did not lack anything and you are assured that you have met all of your baby’s needs, then you do not have anything to fear to.

What you will do

  • Just gradually check his temperature moment by moment and be attentive and watchful for any signs of other illnesses like allergies, for instance. The cry of a baby that is absolutely not feeling well is a weak cry. According to WebMD, this is your baby’s way of communicating and telling you that he feels awful.
  • You will know when your baby is not in a good state or condition because his cry will be more urgent and incessant. It tell you to help him and heal him because he could not endure it by himself anymore. Nobody knows her baby like a mother does, which is why if you feel that something is definitely not right, you must call your doctor straightaway and talk to him about it.
  • Let him see your baby so he could diagnose it and be given proper medications to minimize his pain. However, do not think that you are alone in facing this. Do not do the job alone just because you are your baby’s mother and you think that it is only you who can help him get through this.
  • Call somebody who can help you, call your family or relatives or even friends. Do not be so hard on yourself. You do not need to do the job alone. Know that you always got a helping hand that got your back through this motherhood phase in your life that you are slowly learning.


While those are some of the tips that you as a mother must try to bear in mind. You must also need to give these tried and tested tips which could really be of help in pacifying your baby. This is not only helpful and healthy for your baby but it is really helpful and healthy for you as well.

D. All Of These Are Just Suggestions And Pieces Of Advice As To How To Soothe Your Crying Baby

In this day and age where there are lots of resources available online (blogs and websites about parenthood and parenting) and where medical technology seems to be more rapidly increasing, almost everything is impossible.

This is exactly the reason why you must not be stressed of where you are right now. You must know that a baby crying is very normal so do not for a second try to take all the blame by yourself.

Surely, do not think that everything is your entire fault. If in the instance your baby does not stop from crying and you think that it is very dangerous for him not to, erase that kind of mentality.

E. Crying Does Not Contribute Any Danger To Your Baby

It is his way of expressing himself and it is his way of communicating to you.

Do not think that there is something wrong in you just because your baby cries for no reason at all. If you continue with this kind of attitude, this may lead to you getting upset about it and then you suddenly realize that you are not thinking about your baby’s welfare anymore but you are thinking for your own self.

You are not the cause and you will never be the reason. Most of the time, you have to accept the fact that your baby really cries a lot. If you know for yourself that you have not neglected any duty that you as a mother should work with, then it is time for you to think of your well-being.

F. Do Not Worry Too Much.

Relax. Give yourself a break.

Find support in your family, in your friends or in any local support groups you have who have the same struggles as well. You do not need to do the job alone.

Surely there will always be somebody who will willingly lend a helping hand to help you sort things out and take care of the baby. Remember that this is just a phase.

Babies crying are too normal that if your baby is not crying then surely there is something wrong with him. You also have to remember that your baby is still a baby. When she grows a little bit older she will learn to communicate with you in any other forms. When that day comes surely the crying would not be as excessive as it did when your baby was still younger.

Remind yourself that this, too, shall, pass. And that feeling guilty about it does not help you or your baby at all. Do not think that hurting your baby or yourself can bring more good than harm.

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