When Does Nausea Start When You Are Pregnant?

when does nausea start in pregnancy

At the early stage of your pregnancy, it’s not impossible that you will experience that nauseous feeling commonly called as morning sickness. What should you expect if you’re experiencing this? When does nausea start in pregnancy? Fortunately, I would be sharing information in this article nausea and morning sickness during pregnancy.

Nausea or morning sickness is an icky feeling in your stomach’s pit. It’s not seasickness but it surely feels like that. If you wake up one day feeling like that, then you know it would be going on for many weeks.

1. Nausea and Morning Sickness

There is estimation that 3 out 4 women who experience symptoms of nausea or morning sickness. That queasy and nauseous feeling in the stomach often start during sunrise that’s why it’s called morning sickness however it can hit you any time even in the night.

You feel wake up with a queasy feeling, usually in the morning because of your empty stomach. However, the feeling of nausea can be felt like what I said anytime in the day. There are certain times you that smell would set off nausea, like the smell of food and perfume. You will also feel tired and sick throughout the day.

2. Is Nausea and Morning Sickness a Good Sign?

Of course, it is! It means that the pregnancy hormone level of your body is high. The sickness is connected to hCG or hormones human chorionic gonadotrophin which are largely produced by your bodies until the placenta is fully developed and will take over in nourishing the baby.

The hormonal changes in your body will affect the various center of your brain and will cause the nauseous sensation. These changes also relax the sphincter between the esophagus and stomach so when you’re sleeping a higher chance of getting heartburn will be experienced, thus you’ll wake up the following morning with a sour stomach.

However, morning sickness differs from woman to another. There are women who don’t wake up feeling queasy in the early weeks of pregnancy and there’s a possibility that they would miss the nauseous feeling altogether.

Are you pregnant with twins or triplets? You’ll experience morning sickness even more because your pregnancy hormone level is higher than a normal pregnancy. If the situation is severe, it will lead to sick feeling and vomiting. The most severe form is HG or hyperemesis gravidarum which includes excessive vomiting. It can cause dehydration, so you better go to your doctor more often.

3. When Does Nausea Start?

Some women feel this nauseous feeling but not yet entirely the extreme morning sickness as early as their 2nd to 3rd week of pregnancy, and it’s one of the signs of pregnancy. Some of the nauseous feelings you might observe is a heaving stomach, again queasy feeling and dry retching.

Morning sickness doesn’t start right after you found out you’re pregnant. According to Michelle Hakakha, an ob-gyn, nausea or morning sickness is likely to start between 6th and 8th week of your pregnancy. It’s also unheard of that it will start before the 6th week.

Again, women will have different experiences in a simple feeling or nausea and morning sickness. Others will experience the extreme morning sickness where they experience excessive vomiting to the point of losing weight. Others become too tired and sick to work throughout the day, and others are very sensitive to smell and become irritable.

4. Ways to Ease Morning Sickness

There is no absolute way of curing morning sickness but there are ways to cope up with it, so you will still stay feeling active throughout the day.

Have a Little Breakfast in Bed

Have a meal prepared in your bed so the feeling of empty stomach won’t prolong. You can have bread or toast, and it them slowly before you get up.

Drink between Meals

Limit your drinks during meal times if you don’t it’s difficult to keep the fluids down. Drink throughout the day to stay hydrated.

Sniff Lemons! Yes!

Sniffing a cut of lemon will relieve the nauseous sensation. Adding some lemons to your water or iced tea will also be beneficial.

Drink Ginger Tea

Ginger can also ease the nauseous sensation. Remember to use in moderation, though. You can buy ginger tea or make them yourself.

5. Conclusion

If you are on your 6ht week of pregnancy right and is experiencing a nauseous feeling, then that’s already it. Remember wishing to not have it will not change anything; there are only a few people who don’t experience this kind of sensation. Again, when does nausea start in pregnancy? It’s normal between 6th to 8th weeks of pregnancy.

I hope you find this article informative. Please leave a comment in the comment box!

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