What Is 8 Dpo Bfp And Why Do You Have To Know It?

8 dpo bfp

Technology helps human to save time and energy for a lot of aspects of life. It’s impossible for people 100 years ago to imagine that a handy stick can predict a woman either pregnant or not in 3 minutes. And yes, it’s true.

However, this also has its limit as it can only show results after a specific period of time. In reality, there are many types of research proves that a sign of pregnancy can be found earlier in 8 BPO BFP.

What is 8 DPO BFP?

Before jumping into details, you should get familiar with the medical terms.

BFP is a common term used in pregnancy, and maternity forum represents for Big Fat Positive

DPO is an abbreviation of days past ovulation. Normally a pregnancy test works the best after 15 DPO, but if you pay close attention to your body, after 8 DPO, you can slightly tell if you are pregnant.

Why do you have to know it?

Discover the news early of pregnancy is always a good idea to get ready for the next step in life. So why not?

most common very early pregnancy symptoms
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You might experience several symptoms in your 8 DPO, and you never know:

Abnormal Bleeding

Your bleeding may be pink or light red and get mistreated as a period. It lasts a few days only, ideally less than normal menstrual cycles. It is implantation bleeding. Your egg at that time has gotten fertilized already and implant itself on the uterine wall around 8-10 days after ovulation. Don’t underestimate your bleeding and see a doctor immediately if you find pain in the lower part.

Easy Fatigue and Exhaustion

Extremely fatigue will occur even though you spend a lot of time in bed. It’s because your body has to work harder to prepare for the new functions. Your hormone needs to be increased to make everything balance for you and the baby. Some women are lucky enough to experience fatigue in the early stage of pregnancy only, but some might suffer from the entire process.

Tender and Swollen Breast

As a sudden amount of hormone increases in your body, the blood flow also gets changed and bumps more to breast tissues. Your nipples will be very sensitive and hard to touch. Wearing a bra at this time is also uncomfortable because the breast will increase its size. This symptom will be gone after a few weeks when your hormone gets back to normal.

A Headache and Dizziness

Due to the blood flow, your brain may get affected a bit. The blood volume and blood circulation cause a mild headache and sometimes dizziness. You need to take rest, as it’s hard to concentrate to work, drink a lot of water to ease the pain.

Constipation and Gas

Your digestion tract is involved in this process as well. The body seems overloaded with new functions. Therefore everything is close. It takes longer to digest the food, leads to constipation. Also, you might feel floating in your stomach and gas will come out automatically. It’s important to drink enough water and eat generous fiber to help to fasten the digestion.

Morning Sickness

Or it is also seen as dried vomiting. You feel like you want to vomit in the morning after waking up, but your stomach is empty and can’t vomit anything. This is an obvious sign at 8 DPO BFP. To some women, some certain food or smell can be a reason to make them feel vomiting more.

Frequent Urination

This experience is very inconvenient and uncomfortable in daily life. You may go to the bathroom more frequently even though you don’t consume much water. It’s because of the blood flow which stimulates the kidney to produce more liquid in your bladder.

Eating Habits

This is one of the reasons why a food market for pregnant women expands. Your body will be craving for a particular kind of food which you never want to try before. Or some of you will be so sensitive to some smells. Whatever it is, try to provide enough nutrition for your body and also your baby inside.

You can watch more examples of 8 DPO BFP on YouTube:


They are some symptoms you can experience to have your 8 DPO BFP, but most of you will underestimate it or find it negative in your pregnancy stick. It’s too early at this moment to test at home. I advise you should look for professional consultation from reliable doctors.

Not all women have the same symptoms, but it’s important to know that your body is changing day by day. Paying close attention to your body is necessary to adjust eating habits and lifestyles. All is for the baby later.

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