7 Funny Glow In The Dark Games You Need To Know

glow in the dark games

Every time you think of your beautiful childhood, what appears to your mind first? I’m sure it is the playing time with your friends at school and on long day camping trips. Childhood reminds us of kids’ games, tricks, and naughty activities. It is also the time when your mind was full of creations and ideas. You were playing Ghost Games in the graveyard, celebrating cool and awesome parties with your family and your friends.

I bet most of these cannot be complete without the existence of glow in the dark games, which is a part of each person’s life. There are a whole lot of great activities together with these games that I want to share with you in this article. So, which one do you wanna have a try first?

What is it?

Glow in the dark games are simply games often played in the nights and outdoors. Some might prefer to play them inside their houses but trust me; you should try them out outside like in your garden or backyard to enjoy yourself the best.

Normally, these games are designed in a way that the light is the main element to shine up space or area in which such games are celebrated. There is a variety of methods to create your games, or more easily, you might purchase available glow equipment at stores and enjoy your game.

Now have a watch over this video clip below to understand briefly the main topic I want to mention.

To know much better about different games with light factors, please read this article further, and you can create yours for many other purposes.

#1. Tic-Tac-Toe

This is a simple game without much preparation. All you need to prepare is glow sticks in different colors, the more colorful your glow sticks are, the better the game is. You can use a glow stick for the game called Tic-Tac-Toe, a very popular game for everyone.

How to create the board

The board on which you play the game can be made from glow sticks. You should use these glow sticks to create a grid with 3×3 in the square. Keep doing so until you have a 9 square board. To fix and keep your board stable, clear tapes can be useful. In case you have more remaining glow sticks, use them to make a larger tic-tac-toe board and enjoy the game.

How to create game pieces

Create circles with glow sticks. Please be noted that circles should be divided into two colors to differentiate two game players.

This game is suitable and perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities and people, whether for kids or for adults. Your whole family can play together on a family camping trip!

#2. Bowling Game with light stick

Bowling Game with light stick
Source: pinterest.com

This game does not require a lot of efforts and time to prepare. It is funny enough for kids to play around on a summer night.

What to prepare

  • Glow sticks
  • Water bottles
  • Ball (heavy enough to move down the water bottles)

How to make light stick bowling

  • Pour water into the bottles out until the only ¼ of water remained
  • Turn on your glow sticks and put them into the water bottles
  • Tighten the bottle lids, and the game is ready

How to play

The basic rule of this glow stick bowling is the same as normal bowling game we often play. Anyone who knocks the pins down the most is the winner.

#3. Water Balloon

Water Balloon
Source: thescrapshopperblog.com

This water balloon game is very funny and perfectly suitable for kids, friends, neighbors and families. In hot summer days, nothing is better than playing with water.

What to prepare

  • Glow sticks (non-toxic)
  • Water
  • Water balloons

How to make water balloon with glow sticks

  • Turn on glow sticks and fold them into three parts
  • Put folded glow sticks inside water balloon
  • Pour water into balloons

If your kids are playing this game, I bet they would be very happy. However, you should watch out your kids to not let them playing with water for too long as they might get sick.

#4. Halloween Decoration with Glow Sticks

Halloween Decoration with Glow Sticks
Source: pinterest.com

Do you want to make a different Halloween Party for everyone to be surprised? Using glow sticks to create your decoration and make it a memorable one. This idea is not expensive and complicated at all. You can utilize your house supplies to save costs, and all you need to buy is glow sticks.

Balloons are a great idea to be decorated with glow sticks. Fold your glow sticks into smaller parts so that you can put them into the balloon. Draw evil or ghost faces with black ink to make them more thrilling. Make as many as apparitions you can and fix them all to a wall or a door with transparent tape. In the dark, these glowing ghosts and devils shall scare your friends easily.

Another idea for using glow sticks for parties like Halloween is to make stairs in black and light glows. This is funny and scary enough for you to have fun with your friends. However, children are not recommended to prepare these glowing steps.

What you have to do is cutting open glow sticks and pour them on stairs. Please be noted that you should wear gloves while doing this. Keep the liquid stay away from children. Although it is quite messy, the result shall not disappoint you.

#5. Ring toss with glow sticks

Ring toss with glow sticks
Source: pinterest.com

The best way to enjoy ring toss is playing it with glow sticks in the night. Whatever your pole is, make your rings as big as possible or as little as you want to start your game. The ring can be made from different colors of glow sticks to reach a colorful effect. Kids are often interested in this game.

What to prepare

  • Glow sticks
  • A pole made from anything

How to make a ring and how to play

Fold glow sticks in a circle. You can use more than one color to make a ring. The playing rule is easy. The more rings are tossed around the pole, the better you are.

#6. Glowing Easter EggHunt

Glowing Easter EggHunt
Source: pinterest.com

On Easter Day, instead of hunting normal eggs, you can try Easter Eggs made from glow sticks.

What to prepare

  • Glow sticks
  • Plastic eggs

How to do and play

Fold glow sticks into small parts and put them into plastic eggs. Then hide these eggs around your house, turn the lights off and let your kids look for them. In the dark, the light of eggs might attract the kids and help them to find the eggs easier. I am sure that your kids will be more interested in this game rather than normal Easter hunting eggs.

#7. Glowing Fireflies

Your children love to play in the garden or backyard. They often ask you to prepare a large tent and imagine that they are on a camping trip. However, that seems a little bit boring. You start to think about making giant fireflies from glow sticks.

The way to do is not complicated yet attractive and beautiful enough to keep your kids interested in.

What to prepare

  • Empty water bottles
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Glow sticks
  • Mod Podge
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Foam

How to make

  • Cut strips from tissue papers, but you should make sure that the color of paper is consistent with the color of glow sticks
  • Put a Mod Podge layer onto the center of your bottle which is your firefly’s body later on
  • Apply tissue papers onto the Mod Podge layer. Keep putting another Mod Podge layer on top of
  • Wrap pipe cleaners (3 cleaners) around the bottle and form the firefly’s legs by twisting such pope cleaners
  • Cut 02 wings from the foam and stick them to the top
  • Put glow sticks in the bottle
  • Create the fireflies’ antenna by wrapping one more pipe cleaner
  • Draw eyes on bottle lids, and then you finish your fireflies
how to make Glowing Fireflies
Glowing Fireflies (Photo Credit to http://onelittleproject.com)

Well, you can play with these glowing fireflies by themselves or with each other for fun. Now create yours with various colors to light up the night.


Now that you have obtained a lot of ways to do with glow sticks and to create your games in the evenings. All of above suggestions are appropriate for family camping occasions and parties. Such games with glow sticks shall become a part of unforgettable memories as they are day by day coloring your youth and painting your life.

If you find this post interesting, share it with your friends and let us know which one you like the most.

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