10 Heartwarming Ideas Of Mother And Daughter Tattoos You Need To Know

mother and daughter tattoos

Mom is a great pleasure the God brings to our life. Being closer and emotional to the mom is one of our greatest things we have ever wished for. There are many different ways to show this close relationship and getting tattoos is becoming one of the most interesting trends.

Currently, it’s quite normal and common for a mother and daughter to get tattooed in a studio or a tattoo salon. The tattoo itself makes sense perfectly. It is a great commemorating way to connect the strong bond or special relationship between mother and daughter.

What do mother and daughter tattoos mean?

So, what do mother and daughter tattoos say? It is a way for daughters to thank their mothers for her meaningful efforts to the daughters as well as let the mother know how importantly she plays a role in the daughter life. Beautiful mother and daughter tattoos are the mental and sincere connection with a close relationship.

Tattoos have become massive in the past ten years. It is normally thought of a form of arts and designs on people’s body, but now it is getting more and more socially and even culturally acceptable. Mother and daughter tattoos, seen as an art form nowadays, show the devotion, pure love, and unconditional supports.

Gorgeous and incredible tattoos under concealed heartwarming stories and love bring the perfect way to honor the relation of mothers and daughter sincerely. Different from the romantic relationship, the relationship of mom and daughter will narrow down the distance and last forever.

What are the most common designs?

There are quite many plentiful designs of mother and daughter tattoos without any specific images or sketches. They can come in any forms, patterns, and size of either big or small. The most importance is to show out the strong bond and the link between the mother and the daughter. In spite of different favorite pictures for selection, there are two main categories of the designs for mother and daughter tattoos including classical and unusual.

Classical designs consist of infinity tattoos, puzzle, Ying Yang patterns, etc. Unusual designs, on the other hand, include animals, anchors, and so on. Whatever designs you choose, make sure they are special and meaningful to both of your mom and yourself.

10 heartwarming ideas of mother and daughter tattoos

This list is going to bring creativity, uniqueness, and heart. The mother and daughter tattoos are always as special and meaningful in its ways as the relationship between mother and daughter.

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1. Birds on the tree branch

Birds on the tree branch tattoo

This fabulous design of bluebirds on a branch of the tree is very meaningful. One bluebird is bigger than the two others, which possibly symbolizes the mom and her two daughters. The mom bird is delicately watching over her baby birds when they are leaving their nest. If you and your mom are a nature lover, this symbol is a great idea to try on with tattoos. The tattoo position can be in different places such as in the hand wrist and the waist side area.

2. Giraffe Love

Giraffe Love tattoo

As an animal lover, you and your mom might be interested in the tattoo of the Giraffe Love with the mama giraffe taking care of the baby one. The tall mom giraffe is protecting and taking care of her calf, which is the most notable job of every mom in the world. This tattoo is also very special and unique with a cute small red heart.

3. My sunshine

My sunshine tattoo

Are you a fan of the singer Johnny Cash? If yes, you might be very familiar with the beautiful and sweet lyrics of one of his songs in 1975 “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.” This classic script has been transferred into tattoos that are considered perfect for daughter and mother.

It is also very meaningful when the daughters are always the sunshine of the mothers. It is interesting when the tattoo of “You are my sunshine” is started on foot or wrist of one person; the other side “My only sunshine” is finished on the other. We can only see the full lyric when both mother and daughter are together.

4. Bees Tattoos

Bees tattoo

Little and cute bees are also an interesting consideration. Bees are a hardworking and noble creature with various nice cultural meanings. The placement of this tattoo can be on foot with the unique design of 3D ultra-realistic that will bring you a gorgeous style.

5. Watercolor

Watercolor tattoo

Do your mom, and you like colorful characters? The watercolor tattoos are interesting for you to have with the great compliment of the bright side to each other when both of you and your mom put together. From the color itself, you can design your abstract with different meanings. It can be identical or unidentical but with the same theme, which will surely show and brings you a unique and quirky side.

6. Musical Tattoos

Musical Tattoos

Musical Tattoos are not a bad choice for a loving music pair of mother and daughter. When you see the tattoo, let imagine the melody and lyrics that your mom used to sing to you when you were young. It will be very meaningful and touchable that way.

7. Infinity

Infinity tattoos

Infinity means forever and a lifetime. Therefore, infinity symbol is a great design for women’s accessories such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, etc. It is now even a trend for a tattoo as well, especially for mother and daughter. Infinity symbol will surely mark a unique love or even a special friendship of mom and her daughter.

8. Anchors

Anchors tattoo

Anchors are a classic and traditional symbol of sailors who would like to have anchors tattooed to remind themselves of their home when they are in the sea. Nowadays anchors have further meanings. It’s a special way to acknowledge and let people know where you are from. Therefore, there are more and more mothers and daughters who want to have this tattoo. The mother is like the anchor in the life of the daughter. It’s such perfect sense.

9. Love heart

Love heart tattoo

The heart is a long lasting symbol of love and sincere care. Love is the utmost goal a mother offering to her daughter unconditionally. With a variety of designs of the love-hear shape, it is especially meaningful for you and your mother to get tattooed. It shows the mothers forever love to the daughter and vice versa.

10. Lions

Lions tattoo

Lion is the symbolic image of strength, being brave and boldness. Therefore, it used to be expected to be the tattoo for father and son. Since there are no rules and boundaries now, this lion tattoo can come to art for mother and daughter as well. If you are going to have something outstanding and unique, this tattoo of lions will top you off.


Hopefully, this list can bring you with some of your ideas for the most meaningful and gorgeous tattoos for your mom and yourself. The idea can be an unforgettable memory during your childhood, your favorite gifts from mom, your mutual favorite song, etc. Or you just simply wish to commemorate your sincere love to your mom through sayings, symbols, fairy tales, quotes, and images.

There are still a thousand of various great and meaningful mother and daughter tattoos. If you have any interesting ideas for the mother and daughter tattoos, please open your mind to share with us your most memorable ones.

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