The Truth About 6 DPO Symptoms You Need To Know

Even though pregnancy is celebrated in every culture, not every woman experiences this in the same way. The symptoms might come in different time and different forms.

While some do not notice any symptoms during the first two weeks, others are likely to have 6 dpo symptoms only 6-10 days after getting conceived.

What is DPO?

DOP is an abbreviation of “days past ovulation.”

Pregnancy is normally detected after women notice their period’s missing. In most cases, this occurs more or less than 15 days past ovulation.

Not every case of pregnancy is similar because pregnancy might result in numerous symptoms. The women’s body, after conception, will release human chorionic gonadotropin – a hormone that causes these symptoms.

Let’s find out top 6 dpo symptoms so that you can know immediately when the conception is successful!

Top 6 Common DPO Symptoms

The number of dpo symptoms varies from a person to another. Some women experience up to 8 dpo symptoms, while most cases record the number of 6.

If you are trying to get pregnant, you had better pay more attention to transformations in your body, including the slightest ones. Below are top 6 dpo symptoms that can tell your success rate of pregnancy instantly.


The Truth About 6 DPO Symptoms You Need To Know

Fatigue or exhaustion is among top common dpo symptoms that most women are likely to have. It is even more common in the first trimester.

According to experts, the reason behind this problem is the increasing production of progesterone in women’s body. This substance has stimulating effects on sleepiness.

Also, more blood is released so as to bring more oxygen and nutrients to women’s developing fetus. This makes your heart work harder and harder, which explains for your tiredness.

This symptom is quite annoying, especially for those who are still working, as fatigue will prevent them from performing activities efficiently. On the other hand, you do not have many options to deal with this issue.

The simplest, and perhaps the only way is to sleep or rest whenever your body demands it. Reduce your responsibilities and follow a balanced diet which contains a sufficient amount of proteins and iron.

You had better not use stimulants, trying to raise the energy level to work. The stimulants, for example, caffeine, are reported to have negative impacts on your health, especially in large quantity.

Besides, you can also take part in some simple physical activities, such as walking for half an hour every day.

Implantation Bleeding

The implantation of a fertilized egg on women’s uterine wall normally takes place around 8-10 days after ovulation. The rising problem is that this implantation usually leads to bleeding or even cramps.

Fortunately, bleeding because of implantation does not tend to happen in a long period of time, and it will disappear naturally. Also, it is quite light.

Therefore, you do not need to make great attempts to stop it. But if you are worried about your conditions, you can consult a doctor or expert for a better recommendation.


Pregnancy usually results in a significant increase in some hormones which are responsible for relaxing muscles. When they interfere with the digestive tract, they will slow down the digestion in women’s body.

It creates a favorable condition for bacteria to grow and work, instead of being eradicated quickly as normal.

As a consequence, fermentation will be worse, and there is more gas in your stomach, causing bloating. Besides, bowel movements might happen more slowly and harder.

To escape from this problem, you are recommended to consume a high amount of water on a daily basis. Besides, some types of exercise will support the prevention and treatment of gas during pregnancy, such as walking.

Regarding nutrition, you should choose some foods which are packed with a high content of fiber. It is crucial to a healthy digestive system.


The Truth About 6 DPO Symptoms You Need To Know

Nausea or queasiness often comes very early when you are already pregnant. In fact, nausea happens anytime without your expectation.

According to many women, queasiness happens the most in the morning as their stomach is still empty. Meanwhile, others claim that it is possible to experience nausea or queasiness at any moment of the day or sometimes, all the day.

The reasons behind this dpo symptom are still mysterious. However, some experts blame it on the increasing hormone level, especially progesterone.

This hormone has relaxing effects on muscles of women’s gastrointestinal tracts. As a result, their digestive system functions less efficiently, which leads to bloating and nausea.

Besides, several women’s sense of smell becomes more sensitive when they are pregnant. Some odors, such as smoke, perfume or coffee, may be the catalyst for nausea. Thus, you should stay away from these smells that possibly cause nausea.

Another feasible cause of nausea is due to low blood sugar. This is common, especially when you ignore some meals because of queasiness. Your blood sugar will decline quickly and consequently; nausea will become even worse.

Even though it is challenging to make someone tired eat something, you had better think of your health first.

Small meals are recommended to provide enough nutrients at the right time. You should consume meals a few times per day so as to avoid being hungry for any moment.

Furthermore, fluids play an important role as well; therefore, remember a sufficient intake of water to prevent dehydration.

In this day and age, stress is more and more common, and experts have claimed that it only worsens nausea. Pregnant women will experience a lot of emotions in this period, both negative and positive.

No matter what happens, you should pay attention to your physical and mental conditions.


The Truth About 6 DPO Symptoms You Need To Know

A backache is another common dpo symptom that comes from the increasing amount of progesterone in women’s body.

Because of this hormone, your ligaments and disks that support your back become softer.

Undeniably, backache will lead to many discomforts in daily life. If you want to handle it, one of the simplest, but most effective ways is to massage your back regularly.

Plus, yoga, meditation or swimming will do wonder to a backache during pregnancy as well. They are the most popular sports for pregnant women.

Tender Breasts

After conception, it is highly possible that women will experience tender breasts as one of the most significant dpo symptoms. But you may be happy because it indicates that you are successful in getting pregnant.

When the body releases more hormones, the blood circulation will be stimulated, and as a result, your breast tissues experience a series of changes, including swelling, itchiness, tingling and sensitivity.

Some women even notice bigger and heavier breasts.

If you find these symptoms very annoying and unbearable, the suggestion for you is to sit in warm water a few times on a daily basis to relieve discomforts.

On the other hand, it is important now to select suitable bra, instead of expensive or new ones. You should go for something that fits your new size of breasts and supports them effectively, even when you sleep.


In many circumstances, people often ignore these 6 dpo symptoms, but if you do pay attention to them, then you can start making changes in your daily life to adapt to new health condition – pregnancy.

I hope the information helps you understand the conception and pregnancy very well now. Do not hesitate to share with us your amazing experience!

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