Need a List of One Syllable Boy Names? You Should Know These

one syllable boy names

If you are having a new baby boy, it is truly exciting to think about his name! It would also be convenient for you and for his friends to call him when he has a one syllable name.

Rather than spending too much time on it, you can just prepare the things that he is going to need. Just stay back and relax as a helping hand would come at your service.

This article would be of great help for you to save some time of mulling over what his name would be. Just read these suggestions and decide for yourself.

1. ART

Art is what makes this world wonderful to live in. In fact, it is a trivia that the earth without an ‘art’ is just an ‘eh’. With this, you can inspire your child to be an artist or to be as free as he would want to be. Just let him express himself in ways and appreciate his efforts of trying.

This name could just be a nickname for your baby boy. You can still add another syllable to this if you want it to be longer. This name could say a lot about the future of your child.

It may be that your child wouldn’t grow an artist, but by naming him Art, you can inspire him to be one. This is a wonderful name for your baby boy.


Again, this name could be his nickname. You can also add up another syllable to it. Nevertheless, this could still fit your child.

This name is cool for your child. You can inspire him to study drawing since his name is the past tense of ‘draw’. Your baby could have a great future if you would just inspire him. Never ever be disappointed at his attempts of being a wonderful one.

By naming him ‘Drew’, you will see how much of a potential he will get to have as he gets older. It always starts at a young age.


If you are familiar with Adventure Time, you will be able to find the name Finn in there. And Finn has a lot of adorable characteristics that you would want your child to have too.

The thing about giving your baby boy the name Finn is that he can look up to that Adventure Time character and do exciting and fun things. This way, your child wouldn’t be socially awkward but rather, a friendly and easy to be with person when he grows up.

Finn can also refer to the body part of a fish. This helps the fish swim smoothly underwater. At some extent, this could be a metaphor for your child, wherein he can go with life’s flow and never surrender. This can also encourage him to be a helping hand to other fishes, to other people when they are having some difficult times.


This name is somehow similar to that of a brand of the car. A Ford. Well, not everyone can purchase a Ford, meaning, it is expensive, a one of a kind.

This can be a metaphor for your child too. He can be a person that does not accept cheap ideas in growing up. This way you can encourage him to have better ideas and one of a kind intellect. As a child, you can let him know how precious he is to you.

Ford could be a wonderful name that you can give your child. It should be emphasized that you cannot afFord to lose him.


Holt can also be the best name that you can give to your baby boy. This sounds like ‘halt’. In some manner, you can encourage him to halt when he is uncertain of what he is about to do.

Naming your child Holt can give you the authority to discipline him, in such a way. By being able to know when to take a break, when to stop and think, you can have an amazing son. It all starts with you.

Kemp is also a nice name that you can give to your baby. It sounds like kempt which means being tidy or being clean at all times. If you name your baby boy as Kemp, there is a huge possibility of him being tidy at all times. Of course, with your encouragement also of him too.


Kemp is also a nice name that you can give to your baby. It sounds like kempt which means being tidy or being clean at all times. If you name your baby boy as Kemp, there is a huge possibility of him being tidy at all times. Of course, with your encouragement also of him too.

There’s a huge chance that he will be reminded to keep himself clean whenever you call him, or when his friends call him. Giving him this name would be spectacular for him when he grows up.

7. KIN

Kin would also be a great name that you can give to your baby boy. It sounds like the word ‘keen’ which means careful and critical as referred to an observer.

When you give this name to your child, it is more likely that you can encourage him to be a keen observant. It would benefit your child greatly if he grows up to be as keen as he can possibly be. Being sharp to whatever is happening in the society can help him cope up with the happenings in life. Additionally, he will be able to manage making wise decisions that would greatly affect his lifestyle and that of the people who are surrounding him.

8. MAX

Max is also a good name for your baby. This can encourage him to exert effort in whatever it is that he may want to achieve. Max, in English, is a short term for maximum. Encourage your child to be in his maximum capacity in thinking and in doing things that he loves.

This name can give him the power to live his life in a manner that he wouldn’t regret of not being able to give his best. You can actually enlighten him about his potentials and guide him in his endeavors in life.

This name would be easy for him to pronounce even when he is still small because the sound of ‘m’ is usually the first one that babies can manage to pronounce. In this manner, he will be able to know his name at such a young age.

9. RON

Giving your baby the name ‘Ron’ can make you feel nostalgic about the series Harry Potter. You can encourage your child to watch a magical series at such a young age because his name is there. Although Ron in the movie is not the main character, he still plays a role that is significant in the series. Without him, it would not be as nice as it is.

Ron in the series is one of the best friends of the main protagonist, Harry Potter. He has good characteristics that you can let your child have to survive this world. Ron is not really an intelligent wizard in Hogwarts as Hermione, however, he has been a good friend and he has his ways. Thus, you can help your child adopt some traits of Ron in the series such that he can be friendly to others, and loyal too.


You see, these are only some of the awesome one syllable boy names that you can give to your baby. You can take these suggestions as his nickname only, or you can have it as his full name! There is so much fun at giving your baby the name in which he could do so much with growing up.

Can you imagine inspiring your child by the names that you are giving him? Yep, that is truly possible.Babies may not be able to realize it when they’re young, but when you repeatedly explain to him why he has such a name, among all the other choices, you can tell him the reason why. And it is none other than to inspire him to be positive in life, be excellent, and of course, be open for others who may need his help.

Do you have some thoughts about these names? Share it here by writing it in the comment section.

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