9 Brilliant Baby Shower Cake Sayings You Need to Know

baby shower cake sayings

Baby shower cake sayings are one of essential key points to consider when throwing a baby shower for your beloved ones. Just imagine the new coming born baby has only one cake for his/her baby shower party of a lifetime, you want it to be perfect in every single detail.

I am sure you will take a very good care of the guests, the food, the decorations and you definitely can’t ignore the baby shower cake sayings.

Most people will be panic when coming to this stage. You probably want something meaningful for the baby and also for the mother and the family, but you get stuck in ideas? To create an excellent saying, check out nine brilliant ways to categorize them into different topics. Hope it will ring you a bell.

#1. By gender

Whether your party leans forward to classic or current, baby shower cake sayings about gender are never getting boring.

With the obvious revealing baby gender, you can create tons of ideas to congratulate about this.

For baby girls:

  • It’s a Girl
  • Little Princess
  • Thank Heaven for this Little Girl
  • Daddy’s Little Girl
  • Little Miss Happy
  • Princess Pea
  • Ribbons and Pearls, It’s All About the Girls.

For baby boys:

  • It’s a Boy
  • Mommy’s Little Prince
  • Thank Heaven for this Little Boy
  • Mr. Happy
  • King of the Castle
  • Prince Charming

Baseball, Football, Tennis Anyone? Look Out Little League, Here Comes Our Son!

Some families don’t want to reveal the gender of the baby until the baby is born due to personal reasons. To make sure everything is in its place, it’s smart to do research beforehand or ask around for more information.

For neutral baby:

  • Welcome Little One
  • Welcome Bundles of Joy
  • Shower of Happiness, Shower of Love
  • Be Great Little One; You are our Greatest Adventure
  • Welcome New Arrival

For surprisingly revealed gender:

  • Pink or Blue! We have no clue! God bless Baby and You
  • Girl or Boy, Bundle of Joy

#2. By name

Normally the shower occurs closely to the Labor Day, most people have already named their baby and announced to everyone. Isn’t it a good idea to customize the baby shower cake sayings? But to make sure the spelling is correct, as you don’t want a little detail to destroy the whole cake.

  • Someone special, someone new, baby _____, we love you
  • The time is near; baby ____ is almost here
  • Hip, Hip, Hooray, Baby ______ is On His/Her Way!

#3. By multiple kids

The more the merrier for a twin or even a triplets for a family. At first, it must be not easy to combine one shower for many babies at the same time, as it will involve more works to select themes or gifts. Especially when you want your baby shower cake sayings to be an additional touch, you might feel more pressure. However, your creativity can be explored the most here.

  • Two of Everything
  • Pigeon Pair
  • Two are coming soon!
  • Double the diapers, Double the pins, Double the booties – We’re having twins!
  • Triple Trouble
  • A Trio of Trouble

#4. By your sense of humor

It goes without saying that a funny and unique saying for a baby shower cake can be an interesting topic to remind of the party in years.

  • Here is to Sleepless Nights and Dirty Diapers
  • Someone Get a Mop, Ready to Pop
  • Baby powder, Baby oil, Soon you’ll have someone to spoil!
  • Diapers & Pins, Now the Fun Begins
  • Tiny Hands and Little Feet, Hello Baby, Goodbye Sleep
  • Congrats, Sperm!
  • Save the drama for your mama!

#5. By congratulating the news

The whole point of a baby shower is to help a family to welcome a new member and to share their joys and happiness. But stay true to the underlying of the shower is to offer gifts to the parents. This is also a safe way to create a sweet congratulation saying.

  • Congratulations Mom
  • 50% Mom, 50% Dad
  • Congratulations Mom-to-be
  • First We had Each other, Then We have You, Now We have everything
  • I don’t know why they say “you have a baby.” The baby has you
  • A new baby is the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.

#6. By religion

Another common way to categorize baby shower sayings is by religion. This point is to appreciate the precious gift from God and to be grateful for the healthy state of the baby.

  • Blessed Child
  • Gold’s Most Precious Gift
  • For this Child, We have Prayed
  • Straight from the Heaven Up Above, Here is a Baby for You to Love
  • Made with Love, Delivered in Faith

#7. By Party Theme

Many party planners have different variations of their ideas to display the theme for the Baby shower. It will be greater if the Baby Shower Sayings are matching with their theme.

#8. By Poems

Poems are always nice, especially for the day in which you will take later tons of photo. Poems can convey the message to express the emotion to the baby and his/her family. Sometimes, it’s difficult to say it aloud, but it will not be a problem for a baby shower cake saying, as long as not too long.

  • Ten Little Fingers
  • Ten Little Toes
  • You’ll find your Sweet Baby
  • The more He/She Grows
  • Twins are coming from above, all the more for us to love!

#9. By talking like a new coming baby

You can be as creative as you want, and one of this is to imagine the new baby is talking to everyone at the party.

  • Oh what fun, here I come!
  • Good-Bye Tummy, Hello Mummy!

Here are some tips for beginners to start from scratch:

  • Research, research, and research. Give yourself a chance to be smart in front of many people at the party by not choosing the inappropriate sayings which can ruin the whole special occasion. Unlike another birthday party, remember that it is one lifetime and people expect a lot of good things about it.
  • It’s always safe to know what the mom likes and dislikes to make her happy. Even if it may not be exactly what she is looking for, the well-planned cake will be highly appreciated.
  • Try to get it as short as possible. First, I don’t think there is any giant cake enough for you to write a letter. Second, not so many people are patient enough to read through wordy sayings. Lastly, the mom will be the one who gets all attention, not your cake.
  • Mentioned about the cake, I highly recommend that your sayings should be matched with the colors and the type of the cake. It can be an extra bonus for a perfect baby shower.


So, with many options to choose from, I am positive that you will find your perfect baby shower cake sayings. You either can choose to be classic, to be funny or to be religious. It depends not only on your personality but also on the mom and her family’s personality.

But if you are still not pleased with any of my suggested options, why don’t you simply come up with your new category and your new saying which can be unique, customized and beautiful itself to the baby and the mom. The most important is the joy and happiness at the baby shower; and also the unforgettable memories you bring to everyone.

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