The Best And Portable Travel High Chairs In Town

Do you have plans on traveling with your family? You have you baby with you so you need a portable travel high chair. However, you don’t know yet what brand of the high chair to buy and how to buy it. Fortunately for you, I decided to put up this article to give you the list of the best travel high chairs for your baby!

Restaurants and other establishments might have booster seats and high chairs but its comfort and safety are not 100% ensured especially that it is used by other babies multiple times. When traveling, especially, you have to have your own high chair specifically the portable one. How do we know that the high chair we are planning to buy is safe and comfortable?

Is a Travel High Chair a Good Investment?

The Best And Portable Travel High Chairs In Town

Children are very active

Travel highchairs are very useful when you are traveling for a vacation. It ensures your kids’ comfort while eating his/her meal in a restaurant you stopped by or at the place you are staying.

There are a lot of travel high chair types you can choose from and I am going to elaborate it those in this article.

The first type of high chair is hook-on chair (or clamp-on seats).. This high chair is directly attached to a countertop or a table such as a kitchen island or any other addition to dining repertoire. Most of the hook-on chairs have removable fabrics for easier air drying and hand washing.

If you want hook-on chairs, you should examine the thickness of the countertop or the table. There are hook-on chairs which work with rectangular and square tables and are made of durable materials.

Another type of high chair you might be interested in is a booster seat. This high chair is less portable than hook-on chairs because of its bulky size. The seat is secured to an adult sized chair with a strap that wraps around the back and underneath the chair.

Cleaning booster seat is trickier than hook-on chairs but there are booster seats which have exterior materials that could be wiped down. The others have dry plastic with a removable tray which can be detached when cleaning.

Another option, seat harnesses (or chair harnesses) are a few options to wrap around seating. Compared to the two types of seats mentioned above, this type does not increase the height of the chair but keep your children safe. When not in use, simply fold up and put in the bag properly, do not take up much space that seems light

Tips in Buying Travel High Chairs

1. Examine if it’s Easy to Use

You should consider the following factors: the chair’s ease of set-up, baby’s positioning and strapping and compatibility to furniture. Most high chairs are used for dining out and travel, so the time you spend on setting it up and taking it down should be considered.

Examine the high chair by setting it up on a table (if you can find any on the store) and taking it down. Make sure that it won’t take you that long to do that.

The high chair should be compatible with other furniture too; especially to the table or countertop you are attaching to (I’m talking about the hook-on chair here). See if it works well with straight and curved edged surfaces or with horizontal skirts. Not all hook-on chairs would be able to do this.

The advantage of having booster seat is that it can be attached or strapped into any sturdy dining chair. However, it couldn’t be used in restaurant booths because it cannot come directly to the height of the table.

The Best And Portable Travel High Chairs In Town
The Best And Portable Travel High Chairs In Town

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The most important thing to examine is the positioning, strapping, and comfort of your baby. You can buy a high chair with an adjustable feeding tray and a nice cushion seat made of polyester materials.

2. Ensure Safety and Quality

Choose the seat with high support attaching mechanism, supportive backs, deep sturdy seats and adjustable straps. There’s nothing more important than your baby’s safety right?

The best high chairs have twist tight attachment mechanism, metal frame, high seat back is durable and lightweight and made of polyester. The quality should match the needs of the toddler as well as its safety.

The Best And Portable Travel High Chairs In Town
The Best And Portable Travel High Chairs In Town

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3. Portability

When you are traveling, it’s important to buy the most portable high chair you can find. The weight of the folded high chair should be considered because you’d a lot of transferring to places especially if you’re dining out in a restaurant or at a relative’s house. That’s why it’s important to buy the lightweight one with light padded should strap and storage compartment.

The Best And Portable Travel High Chairs In Town
The Best And Portable Travel High Chairs In Town

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4. Easy to Clean

You should also consider the cleaning part. High chairs are used by toddlers who are normally messy when eating, so buy the one which doesn’t require a long amount of time to be cleaned.

You can check out high chairs which are made of durable plastic that can be wiped in a hurry or hosed down. There are also whose plastic trays are detachable so you can easily wash it in the sink.

The Best And Portable Travel High Chairs In Town

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5. The Seat that Grows With Your Baby

Admit it; we are practical in almost every way. Fortunately for you, high chairs can be used and reused. Choose the high chair with a transition option which can be used first as a comfy cradle, toddler booster or as a youth chair. These qualities make the high chair usable for every stage of your toddler’s life. Never give up on searching for the best one you can find!

6. Space Saver

Having a travel high chair doesn’t mean the spaced would be used up, especially in your kitchen. Look for the chairs that are not bulky, there are high-quality chairs that save space but doesn’t compromise your toddler’s safety.

Top 6 Best Travel High Chairs

1. Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat from Fisher-Price

This travel high chair falls under the category of a booster seat. It has feeding tray that you can wash in the sink and an easy-wipe smooth surface. Keeping it clean is easy so there would be fewer germs for your baby. It can be compactly folded and is portable. When you’re traveling, it’s best to take this. The booster seat comes with two straps to secure the baby and a shoulder strap for portability.


  • Best for travels and vacations.
  • The seat is lightweight and sturdy.
  • It doesn’t take too much space.


  • The safety trap is not removable in case it needs to be cleaned.

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2. Fast Table Chair from Inglesina

This hook-n high chair has simple and twist-tight couplings. It is compatible with almost every kind of tables leaving them scratch-free. It is collapsible, light and portable. It has a fold-flat closing system for easy transportation, firm seat and lifted backrest for comfort, handy rear pocket, removable cover and hand washable material.

The chair also has an optional accessory which is the dining tray. The tray has deep borders surrounding it so the foods are safe on the tray. The seat support is made of medium density fiber, the fabric is made of polyester, the foam is made of polyester, and the bag is made of nylon.


  • Portable for traveling
  • The chair is not treated with flame retardants
  • The fabric is washed beautifully, no discoloring


  • Might not work with ALL of tables, but works best on flat stab wood tables.

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3. Travel Highchair - Coco Snow from My Little Seat

This high chair is also perfect whether you’re staying at home or traveling for a vacation. It’s a cute and trendy sea. It comes with a matching bag and can be folded down into a size of the diaper. It incorporates a 5 point harness and seaming that is tested for durability and strength. It can be slung over a chair, it’s easy to set up too! When it comes to cleaning, this seat is machine washable.


  • It worked on almost every type of chair.
  • Compact, safe and easy to use.
  • Works perfectly when traveling.


  • The seat can’t be used in flights.
  • Might be uncomfortable when used on unloaded chair.

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4. Washable and Squashable Travel Highchair from Totseat

This travel high chair is adaptable to almost any kind of chair and is portable. It is also machine washable and ca be squashed into a little piece and would fit into your diaper bag. It fits toddlers of 8-30 months old. It comes with 3 points adjustable harness, 2 unique options for chair security, fastens with quick clip, and has 3 adjustable height setting. It is also lightweight that’s why it’s portable and easy to use while traveling.


  • It can be used in round chairs.
  • It fits perfectly to a most matching pouch.


  • The baby becomes lower compare to the table.
  • The baby is difficult to secure with only two hands.

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5. Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat from Summer Infant

This comfortable folding booster seat is a comfortable and convenient solution for eating at home or eating at restaurant. This booster is perfect when you are travelling because of its compact fold. It comes with a machine washable cover so an additional comfort is added for you.

It is an infant feeding seat that comes with a dishwasher safe tray. It makes the toddler comfortable in the booster seat. It also has a 2 level height adjustment for a growing child. The booster seat also has a 3-point restraint system. It comes with a chair straps so the booster seat can be secured to a chair. The compact folding is designed for portability and storage. It also has a removable and machine-washable seat pad.


  • The tray table has different adjustments.
  • Perfect in size, not too bulky
  • .Lightweight, compact and easy to use
  • Portable and easy to clean


  • The bottom is not slip proof.
  • The back cushion is only attached to the top.

6. Caddy Hook On Chair from Chicco

Caddy Hook is a hook-on chair seat that is ideal for meal times, storage and easy travels. It weighs 7 pounds and folds compactly. Cleaning the seat is easy because of its wipe clean nylon seat. The baby’s safety is assured because of its 3-point safety harness. It comes with a rubberized hippo grips that won’t leave marks on tables or pinch fingers.


  • Fits most of any table.
  • Super-easy to attach.


  • It becomes very long when folded down, it might be inconvenient for travelling.
  • After using for quite a long time, the fabric starts to tear a hole on both arms.

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I hope that this article helped you in choosing the best travel high chair you can bring in your travels, or anywhere you go. It is important to consider your baby’s safety and comfort when choosing the best travel high chair. As what I’ve said, you should go with the durable, compact, portable and comfortable high chair. Consider your comfort too. If the high chair makes you comfortable in carrying it around especially if you’re travelling in distant places, then buy it.

If this could be of more help which I’m sure will when you’re still deciding what to buy; the winner of this roundup is the Fast table Chair from Inglesina! Its lightness and collapsible ability are perfect for traveling across miles, and even just feeding your baby at home or restaurants. Its flat-closing system will make your transportation very easy. Its firm seat and lifted backrest will give comfort to your baby, which is one of the most important things. The foam is made of polyester and the bag is made of nylon, the perfect materials you could ever ask for.

What makes it the best among the 6 mentioned best products in the market? Its components like the backrest, harness, straps and tray are made from the best materials which are child-friendly and will definitely give the comfort you ever want for your baby.

Did you enjoy this article? If you do, please let me know and tell me what you think in the comment section below! Share this information to your fellow moms too, so they would have the idea of what to buy if they’re planning to have a new one!

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