5 Best Pacifiers For Newborn In 2024 Buying Guide

best pacifiers for newborn

As a new mom, soothing your child is one of your most noteworthy needs, and you may discover a pacifier extremely supportive. Few babies can be mitigated with shaking and snuggling and are substance to suck just amid feedings. Others just can’t suckle enough, notwithstanding when they’re not hungry. If your child still needs to suck even if he just had his milk, a pacifier might just be what he needs. But, what pacifier products should you choose?

In this article, I will share the following information with you: the advantages of a pacifier, how to choose the best pacifiers for newborns, and the list of best pacifiers in the market.

Top 5 Best Pacifiers In The Market For Newborn Babies

1. Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier

1. Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier

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Philips Avent pacifier helps soothe and calm newborn babies. It comes with a unique shape that fits comfortably with a newborn baby’s mouth. It’s made from hospital-grade silicone for long-lasting comfort and durability, and also without detectable odor and taste.

The nipple is smooth and strong and resists becoming discolored, sticky, and misshapen. It’s best for baby’s ages 0-3 months old. It’s also the choice of over 2,000 hospitals and is very safe. This pacifier is easy to boil or sterilize for 5 minutes. It comes with snap-on hygienic caps that are dishwasher safe.


  • BPA-free
  • Made from high-grade silicone

2. MAM Newborn Pacifier

2. MAM Newborn Pacifier

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MAM newborn pacifier is BPA-free and was developed by developmental psychologists and leading pediatric dentists to prove style and lightweight comfort for newborn babies. MAM’s pacifier combines trendsetting design and technological innovation to help newborn babies.

It comes with a skin-soft silicone nipple that feels soft like a mom. It also has an anti-slip texture that helps the nipple stay in the baby’s mouth comfortably. It’s shaped specifically for the baby’s developing mouth. It features a curved shield that allows the pacifier to sit on the baby’s face. The multiple small openings and textured surfaces allow the baby’s skin to breathe.


  • Features curved shield
  • BPA-free

3. Tommee Tippee Pacifier

3. Tommee Tippee Pacifier

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Tommee Tippee’s pacifier collection will allow you to switch pacifier nipples without confusing the baby because the baby tends to get attached to its favorite one right?

You can now switch to different shield styles because the pacifiers have the same baby approved nipple. It comes with the symmetrical orthodontic shaped nipples that help the babies hold the pacifiers in their mouth while supporting oral development. The pacifier has modern yet understated designs that make it ideal for newborn babies.

It’s available in a range of colors and designs which allows you to choose which one fits your baby’s personality. It’s available in the following stages: 0-6 months with the smaller nipples, and 6-18 months with larger nipples. It’s also BPA-free for your complete reassurance.


  • Comes with different shield styles
  • Available in two stages

4. NUK Newborn Pacifier

4. NUK Newborn Pacifier

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NUK’s pacifiers are suitable for your newborn baby age 0-3 months old. It comes in different colors. The pacifier is made from 1 piece construction and the material it is made from which is silicone is soft on the baby’s face.

The orthodontic shape in its nipple fits the baby’s mouth and promotes teeth alignment and oral development. It comes with additional features like integrated channels for less palate pressure, scooped nipple cavity for the baby’s tongue movement, and a great heart-shaped shield which prevents irritation. It is proven that this nipple can soothe and calm the baby. All pacifiers from NUK are BPA free.


  • Nipples are soft
  • 1 piece construction

5. Chicco Silicone Pacifiers

5. Chicco Silicone Pacifiers

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Chicco soft silicone pacifier has an orthodontic, breast-like nipple designed specifically for babies. The groves, tiny ridges, and angled shapes of the nipple allow the natural positioning and movement of the baby’s tongue and even the tongue’s distribution of pressure against the palate. It comes with a sterilizable case for storage.

Its narrow base allows for optimal closure of the mouth and extra flexibility. Its ergonomic shield is curved and soft and has ventilation holes for air circulation. BPA and latex-free for the safety of your babies.


  • Easy to clean
  • Safe and clean

Parts Of A Pacifier

Ordinary pacifiers are comprised of three separate parts.

1. Nipple

The nipple is put inside your infant’s mouth and sucked on. It provides a recognizable solace that is connected with nourishing time.

2. Guard

The guard keeps your infant from drawing the entire areola into the mouth, which could bring about a potential gagging peril.

3. Ring

The ring, or handle, gives you a dribble freehold utilized when you have to expel the pacifier from your infant’s mouth.

A pacifier isn’t a substitute for supporting or encouraging, obviously, however in the event that your infant is still particular after you’ve nourished, burped, snuggled, shaken, and played with her, you might need to check whether a pacifier will fulfill her.

​Things To Consider When Choosing The Nipple

A portion of the great things pacifiers can accomplish for your child – and you – include:

1. SIDS Low Risks

Pacifier use amid rests or evening can avoid sudden newborn child demise disorder. Specialists aren’t sure how it functions; however, in the event that you give your child a pacifier while she’s sleeping, you may bring down her danger of SIDS by the greater part.

2. Fulfill the suck reflex

Babies have a characteristic needs to suck. The jug or bosom ordinarily addresses this issue, yet the craving can wait even after the paunch is full. A pacifier can offer assistance. Simply make certain it doesn’t supplant mealtime.

3. Urge infant to self-calm

Pacifiers can help babies figure out how to control their sentiments, unwind them, and make them feel secure. The solace variable can be a twofold win: A more settled infant can mean more quiet guardians.

Step By Step Instructions To Deal With Your Child’s Pacifier Utilize

On the off chance that you choose to present a pacifier, remember these rules:

1. Give your infant a chance to control your choice

On the off chance that she takes to it immediately, fine. Be that as it may, on the off chance that she opposes, don’t drive it. You can attempt again some other time or simply regard her inclination and let it go.

2. Offer the pacifier between feedings when you know he’s not hungry

Abstain from utilizing a pacifier to defer your infant’s feedings or as a substitute for your consideration. All things considered, now and again your child has to hold up to be bolstered or support. On these occasions, a pacifier can be a boon.

3. Have a go at giving your infant the binky at rest time and sleep time.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that it drops out of her mouth while she’s resting, don’t return it in. When your child’s fastidious, first attempt to solace her in different courses, for example, snuggling, shaking, or singing.

4. Try not to tie a pacifier around your infant’s neck or to his lodging.

He could choke in the line of lace. It’s sheltered to join the pacifier to his garments with a clasp made particularly for the employment.

5. Deal with the pacifier.

Pick a pacifier that is protected and suitable for your child, and keep it clean by washing it with warm water. Supplant it when it hints at little splits or other wear.

6. Try not to “clean” a pacifier by placing it in your mouth.

The American Dental Association says grown-up salivation contains microscopic organisms that can bring about pits in your child’s teeth when they start to emit from her gums.

When Not To Give a Pacifier To An Infant

Try not to give a pacifier to an infant who is having issues putting on weight. So if your infant is experiencing issues nursing or in case you’re experiencing difficulty keeping up your drain supply, it’s presumably best to manage without a pacifier, in any event for the present. You’ll likewise need to consider having your child abandon a pacifier if he’s had rehashed ear contaminations.

In any case, if you have an untimely newborn child who’s not putting on enough weight, a pacifier likely won’t have quite a bit of an impact somehow. Furthermore, utilizing a pacifier may really shield preemies from SIDS, so talk it over with his specialist before decision it out.

If you don’t need your infant to have a pacifier at the healing center, tell the medical attendants early – particularly if you are expected to breastfeed. Despite the fact that a day or two of pacifier use in the healing facility won’t be propensity framing, it just doesn’t bode well to acquaint something you aren’t running with use at home.

Does A Pacifier Affect Teeth Development?

Children are probably not going to harm their teeth, jaw, or nibble on the off chance that they quit utilizing a pacifier when they’re 2 or 3 years of age – and your youngster likely won’t be grinding away for that long. Amid the years that most children utilize a pacifier, they have just their infant’s teeth.

All things considered, the more drawn out your tyke utilizes a pacifier, the more prominent the shot it will influence dental advancement. On the off chance that you ever turned out to be worried about this, ask your tyke’s specialist or dental specialist to ensure your youngster’s jaw and teeth are doing fine.

How To Choose The Best Pacifier

Take note of the following tips for choosing the best pacifiers for newborns.

1. Time

Put aside an opportunity to acquaint your child with the pacifier. It ought to be after your child has been bolstered yet not very near the following feast.

2. Temperament

The following variable you have to overcome is your child’s state of mind. Present the pacifier when your child is feeling quiet and substance. In the event that your baby is vexed or crying, hold off until his disposition makes strides.

3. Touch

With time and temperament are dealt with the time has come to acquaint your infant with the pacifier. Touch the pacifier to your infant’s cheek, only somewhat additionally once more from the side of the mouth. Your infant ought to instinctually turn towards the pacifier and start to suckle.

Appears to be straightforward, isn’t that so? Tragically not all children quickly take to a pacifier. The following are a portion of the reasons why babies decline to utilize a pacifier.

4. Taste

Your infant may at first reject the pacifier areola in light of the fact that the taste is new and confounding. Take a stab at plunging the pacifier in bosom drain or recipe before presenting it. Once your infant relates the pacifier with a natural and consoling taste he may just never surrender it.

5. Type

You are now mindful of this however your little child is a special person. Because one kind of pacifier was worshiped by another infant does not mean your child will be a take to it. Explore different avenues regarding a couple of various pacifiers before quit. You may find that your infant is dismissing the pacifier in light of the surface, shape, or even shading!

If your child opposes utilizing a pacifier then don’t drive it, just attempt again at a later date. In the event that your child still denies the pacifier after various endeavors then you may need to regard your infant’s decision and locate a substitute solution for keep your infant quiet and substance.

Pacifier Replacement

Nipples will in the end wear out after using for quite a while. How rapidly the pacifier should be supplanted will rely on how enthusiastically and how regularly your infant sucks the pacifier.

Signs that the Pacifier Should be Change

  • Gaps or tears in the nipple.
  • Stained zones.
  • The nipple is stretched.
  • Plastic has turned barbed on the watch or handle.
  • A bit of the pacifier is loose.
  • The nipple is sticky, even after altogether washing.

Search for these notice signs every single time you offer a pacifier to your child. Make certain to pull on the nipple every once in a while to ensure that it is still solidly appended to the base. If you don’t supplant pacifiers as they age then you chance the nipple or some other part of the pacifier severs when sucked, you are putting your infant at danger of gagging. Luckily most pacifiers are very shabby to buy and won’t put a gouge in your wallet.

Cleaning The Pacifiers

Unless the bundling states else, you can clean the lion’s share of child pacifiers a similar way you clean your infant bottles and sippy glasses. The sanitization procedure is precisely the same too.

After you have cleaned your pacifier you may see that there is still water or buildup inside the nipple. This is ordinary. For whatever length of time that you have crushed however much water out of the pacifier as areola as could reasonably be expected, this will in the long run dry out. Essentially leave the areola in a dry, very much ventilated territory.

Utilizing various pacifiers can be a favorable position as you can swap pacifiers over while permitting the pacifiers you have washed satisfactory time to dry.

Continuously wash and clean a fresh out-of-the-box new pacifier before acquainting it with your infant. This should be done every last time you purchase another pacifier.


If you’re planning to buy your baby a pacifier, I hope that all of the information I shared above is informative enough. Remember the benefits you can get from using the safe pacifiers, and take note of the cleaning and buying tips I also shared.

Among the top 5 products I discussed,  Philips Soothie Pacifier is the most recommended. It’s the best pacifier for a newborn because it’s BPA-free, made from hospital-grade silicone, and the choice of over 2,000 hospitals.

Drop your inquiries below if you have any!

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