Top 5 Best Travel Potty In 2024 Buying Guide

best travel potty

Are you planning on potty train your toddler?

If you are still doing it, have you experienced traveling with your little ones but they happen to have an unstoppable call of nature? This is possibly a frustrating moment for you because you have to look for a public restroom where your child can poop or pee. That’s why you will need a travel potty that is lightweight and foldable.

The question is what best product to buy? Worry no more; in this article, I will share a lot of information about the regular potty and travel potty, and the best travel potty we discovered.

Top 5 Best Travel Potty Reviews

1. OXO Tot Travel Potty

1. OXO Tot Travel Potty

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Your child doesn’t have to wait a long time whenever nature calls, because OXO is always prepared for an emergency with their Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty. This portable potty opens easily and quickly. The legs lock securely in place at an ideal height.

It comes with 3 disposable bags with absorbent pads. The flexible flaps securely hold the disposable bags in place. It’s very easy to store in strollers or diaper bags.

The seat is small, which is perfect for little bottoms. The surface is also very easy to clean and there’s a generous shield that prevents splatter.


  • Comes with an absorbent pad
  • Best for truffles
  • Has flexible flaps

2. Kalencom Travel Potty

2. Kalencom Travel Potty

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Kalencom’s new 2-in-1 travel potty is a trainer seat and portable potty at the same time.​It’s great for home use or for travel when you are potty training. Kalencom Travel Potty is great to take everywhere even if you don’t have any access to a sanitary bathroom.

It’s a clean trainer seat and clean potty for your child. It’s great to use when you go to the beach, park, or to keep in the camper, RV or boat.​It comes with 3 super leak-proof, absorbent and easy-to-use disposable liners. It suits for child ages 15 months. The legs lock into place when it’s opened.


  • Has two functions
  • Great for travel
  • Has disposable liners

3. Jerrybox Foldable Travel Potty Seats

3. Jerrybox Foldable Travel Potty Seats

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This travel potty has a compact size of 18x15x5, which is foldable. It has a lightweight design that perfectly fits into your travel bag or diaper bag. It’s perfect for traveling with your baby on a faraway place.​​ Why? It suits for travel and home use too. It fits the most elongated and standard toilet seats which allow you no direct contact with the public toilets out there.

Jerrybox foldable travel potty will help you prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. It is specifically designed for kids those ages 1 to 6 years old.

It’s made of odorless, non-toxic, and safe food-grade ABS material which is environment and health-friendly. It comes with an animal print and a cheerful color that brings fun to your kid. You can clean it with disinfectant wipes after every use and place it in your storage bag afterward, it’s that easy. It comes with an ergonomic design with locks to maintain stability and double non-slipping paddings. Whether you use it on various sized toilets, it will not slide, thus the safety of your child is ensured. To sum it up, it offers great convenience and care for parents and their children.


  • Convenient
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry and use
  • The safety is ensured

4. Summer Infant Travel Potty

4. Summer Infant Travel Potty

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Summer Infant’s potty is perfect for your child’s potty training toddler. The comfortable and stylish potty blends with an existing bathroom decoration. The clean-up is simple and quick because of its high splash guard and easy to remove the pot.

It comes with a high back seat that provides additional support and comfort for your little one.

5. Cool Gear Travel Potty

5. Cool Gear Travel Potty

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When you’re traveling or off to somewhere with your child, you’ll be grateful that you bring Cool Gear Travel Potty with you. It’s handy and very helpful when there’s no bathroom in sight. It is lightweight and durable and folds up to a small briefcase’s size.

To use this travel potty, just pull the recessed grips to open. Then slide the sides down and finally lock into place. If your child is done using the potty, just remove the bag and seat it shut. Then you can dispose of the content. It comes with 2 large compartments which provide more room for storage.

Advantages of Potty Chair

A few youngsters get terrified of sitting on the latrine and may discover the Toddler Potty Chair friendlier. Potty Chair can be arranged anyplace and utilized anyplace, regardless of whether inside the house or while going with a kid, when you can’t generally rely on upon latrine offices. There are even “Travel Potties” made particularly for this reason.

Potty Chair can be reasonable for guardians who take the tyke situated, progressive approach of beginning moderate by first presenting the potty. A Potty may be simpler to-present than a Toilet: it can be put any place in the house, and guardians can urge the kid to sit “just to get the vibe of it”.

With Potty Chairs you can your two kids or more to have a “potty-sit” together. This could be useful with regards to potty preparing solid discharges, which is, even more, a test normally.

Features of Potty Chair

1. Splash Guard

The splash guard or the lip is intended to help with potty preparing young men. Your toddler won’t promptly know how to position his bottom when sitting on a potty. It implies that there will once in a while be cases of amicable fire winding up everywhere on your floor.

The splash guard keeps pee from getting away from the potty by bobbing it once more into the bowl underneath, possibly sparing you from cleaning pee.

You may not require a sprinkle watch on the off chance that you are potty preparing a young lady. So, some little girls tilt their pelvis forward when peeing. This particular peeing position will quickly have pee if your potty seat does not have a sprinkle watch.

2. Stability

The most ideal approach to keep the floor clean is by picking a potty seat that is hard to tip over. We know you don’t need your youngster to incline left or right and have the potty seat topple over, which results in sending its contents everywhere throughout the floor.

If you want to check the potty’s stability, put it on the floor. Bow down before it and put your hands to the right and left side of the potty. Apply weight and move it from one hand to the next. Subsequent to contrasting a couple you will rapidly have the capacity to locate a potty that is much harder to tip.

On the off chance that you have tiles or a wooden floor then an elastic lined base is a required component. An elastic base will keep your potty from slipping and sliding around your floor while your infant attempted to move on board.

Types of Potty Chair

1. Single Piece

The most fundamental of potty seats are produced using a solitary bit of formed plastic. While this potty seat will take care of business, this style can be awkward to sit on and cumbersome to clean.

2. Two-Piece Potty Seat

The standard of cutting edge potty seats is the two-piece potty seat. As the name recommends, this potty seat is comprised of two separate pieces:

An external plastic seat that backings your child while sitting.
An internal plastic bowl that gets your child’s waste.

At the point when your child is done; basically expel the internal can and clean it before returning it to the potty seat. Cleaning a removable embed is much less demanding and speedier than attempting to clean the entire potty seat in the sink.

3. Exclusive Potty Chair

An exclusive potty chair contains a wide range of fancy odds and ends, including:


Hooks and haul out drawers will permit you to keep bathroom tissue or child wipes close-by and prepared for utilize once your infant has completed the process of crapping.

Lights and Sounds

When your child has completed his business, he can press the lever and is remunerated with a flushing sound or blazing lights. Some potty chair even play music when your keeps an eye on.


Helps prevent your child’s crap from stinking out the house before you get an opportunity to wash the potty.

Padded Seat

Provides a staggeringly delicate place for your child to do his business.


Some potty chairs accompany an arrangement of stickers. These stickers permit your youngster to make a novel potty only for him!

Special potty seats are a lose-lose situation. The elements can be unbelievably helpful in getting your kid to utilize the potty. On the flipside, each additional element will add mass to the potty and is likewise one all the more things that will require cleaning when it gets covered in pee or crap.

4. Multifunction Potty Chair

This type of potty chair is intended to develop with your child. The following are the distinctive combinations of multifunction potty seats:

  • 2-in-1 – A potty seat with a removable potty seat
  • 3-in-1 – A potty seat, potty seat, and step-stool
  • 4-in-1 – A potty seat, potty seat, step-stool, and capacity compartments

Types of Potty Seats

1. Plastic Potty Seats

A plastic potty seat is produced using a solitary bit of formed plastic. They frequently have a slanted top to permit any spills to keep running off into the can beneath.

They are fantastically simple to spotless and dry rapidly too. While a few guardians trust plastic is too hard for their kid’s base, kids are by and large just on the potty for a brief span. Additionally, they will need to get used to a hard plastic seat when they move to the customer can.

2. Cushion Potty Seat

A pad potty seat gives a flawless delicate seat to your kid’s base. On the off chance that your little one is observably awkward when sitting on a plastic seat then a padded potty seat might be the arrangement.

The drawback of padded potty seats is that they are harder to clean with pee pooling in the middle of the pad and the plastic. Most potty seat pads can be expelled from the plastic external for washing yet regardless it adds an additional progression to the cleaning procedure.

Benefits of Travel Potty

Despite the fact that it might appear to be inefficient to buy an extra potty seat to use for travel, it regularly proves to be useful. Travel seats offer these points of interest:

  • Travel seats are regularly less burdensome than transporting a conventional preparing seat.
  • A travel potty allows your youngster to proceed with his/her preparation amid occasion and get-away months when long auto excursions and movement is inescapable.
  • Travel potties can help kids who are awkward utilizing a vast potty in shopping centers, libraries, and different stores.
  • Versatile potties are incredible for crises, as at a recreation center with no restroom offices.
  • Children travel potty frequently has simple to wash squander compartments or dispensable liners, making tidy up a breeze. Rehearsing with the travel potty at home can help kids get used to the potty before you utilize it in a hurry.
  • A convenient potty is somewhat bulkier than a collapsing seat, yet it can be stowed effortlessly in a vehicle. These seats offer youngsters a littler variant of a standard preparing latrine. They are ideal for children who are reluctant to utilize a grown-up potty or for going along the extend of the street without open restrooms.

Travel Potty Tips

Going with children who are potty preparing can be troublesome. With little and untrained bladders, kids in starting potty preparing stages will most likely be unable to hold their pee until they achieve a worthy rest range. Travel seats are immaculate in this circumstance.

Tips for going with a tyke who is potty preparing include:

  • Restrict the measure of fluids a kid drinks for 60 minutes or so before taking off.
  • Have the kid visit the lavatory a few circumstances to make sure her bladder is clear.
  • Arrange a course with a lot of stops and time for breaks.
  • Consider placing novices in a preparation gasp or diaper for great degree long outings, particularly if your youngster tends to nod off.
  • Put a waterproof liner on supporter seats to help with mischances.
  • Pack a potty first aid kit that incorporates a change of garments, change of underpants (or a preparation gasp), infant wipes, hand sanitizer, towel and sack for ruined attire.

Potty preparing can be an unpleasant time for both youngsters and guardians. Utilizing a travel kid’s potty can make the move from diapers to clothing go all the more easily when you should be out on the town. Inquire as to whether you have questions with respect to potty preparing your kid.


Are you ready to shop for your child’s travel potty? I hope that all of the information I shared above is informative enough to find the best travel potty. Remember the benefits you can get from using a travel potty, and take note of the tips I also shared.

Among the top 5 products I discussed, OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty is the most recommended. It’s lightweight, portable, foldable, and made of child-friendly materials.

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