Top 5 Best Post Birth Pads in 2022 Buying Guide

best post birth pads

After the struggling of a nine-month pregnancy and twelve-hour delivery, you finally have your little angel in your arms. But, is that all? No! You’ll suffer postpartum bleeding which could be a nightmare lasting several weeks later. Since the messy and smelly lochia can leave lots of stains on your clothing, you’ll need a tool to “confine” it to be dry and comfortable during the early days of motherhood.

Post birth pads are specifically designed for this purpose. While there are many models available on the market for you to select, the bad news is that you might not know what the best post birth pads that you should invest in. This article was written to help you just that!

Our Reviews of Best Post Pads

1. Always Maxi Overnight Extra Heavy Flow

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These maxi postpartum pads are designed to be thicker than the majority of pads out there, which makes them more suitable for overnight use. While the LeakGuard Core provides up to 10 hours of overnight protection, the deep channels wick fluid away from the wings to the core in seconds, giving extra comfort.

With the length of 15’’ and a 2X-larger back, these pads give you a full coverage for extra security. Besides, the Flexi-Wings stay well in place, so they won’t shift around when worn. In terms of odor prevention, they might not be able to keep any scent from getting out, but they can avoid bacterial infections.

The adhesive strip on top come in handy when you want to attach the pads to your underwear. After all, I would recommend them as the best post birth pads for overnight use. Not only great for new moms, but teenage girls with a heavy flow can also take advantage of them.


  • Extra-large design for full coverage
  • Absorbs fluid in a matter of seconds
  • ​​​​​Unscented
  • Anti-bacterial


  • Not thick enough to wear during the day or on heavy-flow days
  • Might dry the sensitive skin over time

2. Heart Felt Bamboo Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pad

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If you’re looking for postpartum sanitary pads that are not only superb absorbent but also cost-saving, then these are ideal to go. They have a layer made of bamboo charcoal which is considered as one of the most absorbent materials widely used in best baby diapers. Bamboo is also odor-resistant, stain-resistant and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for sensitive skin.

Since the pads are reusable, you can save hundreds of dollars on buying disposable tampons or panty liners which are also not eco-friendly at all. In the beginning, they might be a little pricey but will be a truly cost-saving approach in the long term.

The length of 10’’ is enough for large ladies. Besides, the inner fabric layer is very soft which won’t rub the wrong way. In overall, you’ll find them comfortable all the day long.

You might need to swap them several times throughout the day, but when the period is over, simply wash them by hands. Although they’re washable safe, I don’t recommend you to wash them in a washing machine. That’s because they might eventually accumulate bacteria due to unthorough cleaning.


  • Reusable and eco-friendly material
  • Washable safe
  • Avoid odors a​​​​nd​​​​ stains
  • No allergic reactions


  • The snaps are too big and thick.
  • They might slide around in the underwear since they’re only held in place by a button snap.

3. Poise Incontinence Pads, Ultimate Absorbency

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In spite of being designed for incontinence protection and bladder leakage, these pads can work excellently for women with menstrual flow and postpartum bleeding.

The Absorb-Loc core helps you stay 3X drier than what period-only pads can do. The long shape, which is 16 inches long, provides full coverage to ensure fluid secured for both daytime and nighttime use. Together, they keep you clean and free of leakages in almost any situation.

These pads don’t contain any fragrance to avoid any possible allergic reaction, so they are completely safe to use during the postpartum period without causing irritation.

Also, they’re a little thicker than the average standard and feature slightly curved sides, which allows them to sit comfortably in your underwear without moving around.

For those who are seeking for a leak-protection solution for the elderly – both male and female – these pads are also great. Many customers in this age range tried them, and they satisfied with what they purchased.


  • Hold a lot of fluid
  • Provide full coverage
  • No allergic reactions
  • No mushy feeling


  • The adhesive can stick to your clothing if you don’t place the pads carefully.
  • The absorbing material does not go all the way to the edges, which limits the absorbency.

4. TENA Serenity Overnight Ultimate Pads

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This is another great choice for overnight use. They’re some of the thickest pads offering excellent absorbency. People with different ages can use them because they generally work wells for all. They also feature an adhesive strip, but it’s stronger to make sure everything in place.

They come in an ample size with 16’’ in length (just like the Poise Incontinence Pads) but a little bit wider in sides. Especially, the back end is designed to be wider than the other. This unique design makes sure the liquid will run to the back and be caught when you’re sitting.

What makes these pads a little different than others is the top sheet which is not only extremely soft for comfortable wearing but also able to absorb moisture in an instance to keep the pads dried on the surface. You might feel mushy, but you’ll notice this when the time is near for a change.

In overall, they help to reduce the changing frequency a lot when compared to medium-flow pads. Of course, when dealing with heavy bladder leakages, changing after several hours is necessary.


  • One-end-wider design keeping fluid from running to the back
  • Very soft top sheet for more comfort
  • Very strong adhesive
  • Thick pads ideal for overnight use


  • The shape with one end wider than the other may cause a difficult for the first-time use.
  • They might be too large for some people.

5. Dutchess Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads

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This is the second reusable choice of maxi postpartum pads that we list for you. The pads are quite similar to the first set, and thus, another best choice for women suffering menstrual bleeding and heavy-flow bladder leakage.

The absorbent layers are not only made of charcoal bamboo, but they also come in a double form, giving you better absorbance.

Since bamboo has a natural anti-odor property, it’ll also ensure the pads free of odor. Besides, the dark color of charcoal helps you forget stains which might be the cause of bacterial infections.

While the outer layer is waterproof, the inner layer is made of very soft microfleece. You’ll really enjoy these pads due to the superior comfort with no abrasions or rashes as they’re touching your skin, even if you have sensitive skin.

Washing these pads is easy. Simply rinse them in soak water, then lay them to dry. If you want, you can later throw them in a washing machine for a more thorough cleaning. For the long term, you’ll also save a ton of money with these reusable cloths.


  • Reusable and eco-friendly
  • Easy to wash
  • Avoid odors and stains
  • No allergic reactions


  • They might slide around in the underwear since they’re only held in place by a button snap.
  • A wet bag was not included.

What is a Post Birth Pad?

During the pregnancy, the uterus expands its size, leading to increasing the volume of blood up to 50%. After giving birth, the uterus starts shrinking back to the pre-pregnant size, which results in shedding most of the lining. This shedding process is called postpartum bleeding or postpartum hemorrhage.

It’s quite similar to a menstrual period in many aspects. However, unlike a period that normally associates with cramps and lasts a couple of days, postpartum bleeding can cause continuous discharge in six weeks. Although the bleeding will gradually get thinner as you get further away from birth, it can unexpectedly occur due to physical activity or sudden movement. So, it’s really annoying to new moms.

Do you know how to prepare for postpartum period? Check this video:

​Post birth pads (also called postpartum pads) are designed to help new moms get rid of such hateful bleeding. They provide a better absorption capability in comparison with period tampons or panty liners. If you’ve been using them, you will realize how important they are.

How to Choose the Best Post Birth Pads

There are many factors that you should take into account when buying post birth pads. We listed six of them – which are the most important features – for you. While it’s almost impossible to find the pads that give you the best of all worlds, you can try to find a combination of these features to get the best post birth pads.


The absorbency of postpartum pads depends on the material and thickness. In terms of material, bamboo is considered as one of the most absorbent choices on the market. Cotton or polyester generally only absorbs a small amount of fluid. In terms of thickness, the thicker pads give more room to store liquid. That’s why they’re recommended for overnight use.


There are many factors that affect how comfortable a postpartum pad can be, and one of them is, again, the material. If it’s too touch, it can irritate your skin. If it’s too loose, it may catch on stitches and healing wounds. Always look for pads that are soft and hypoallergenic to be comfortable during the day. In this case, bamboo is still the best.


It’s another factor that decides the comfort of pads. Since pads vary in size, you should spend time to find the ideal size that fits you perfectly. If it’s too tight, you’ll feel very uncomfortable. Otherwise, it might slide around under your clothing.

Also, keep in mind that pads that give full coverage are better for leakage prevention. Generally, 16 inches is the maximal length that you can find. My advice is to look for pads that are not more than 50% larger than the ones you use for your period, and you would have peace of mind in both comfort and coverage.

Reusable or Disposable

While reusable pads are more expensive in the short term, they’ll help you save hundreds of dollars in the long term. That’s because they’re washable to be reused for many times. On the other hands, with disposable pads, you have to throw them away after use, which means that you have to buy a ton of them over time. However, if you hate washing repulsive stuff like postpartum pads, then they should be your choice.


Since you don’t want to smell nauseating scents from used postpartum pads, it’s important to go with products that have the ability to avoid odors. To get the best value for your money, I would suggest pads made of bamboo which is a natural anti-odor and anti-stain material.


Keeping post birth pads from sliding around when moving and sleeping can be a hassle. In disposable pads, an adhesive trip is responsible for doing that. Whether it’s located on the back or wings, it should go around your underwear to keep everything in place. Make sure the adhesive is strong for the maximal security. On the other hand, reusable pads feature a snap on the center of the wings to hold them onto your underwear. Also, make sure the snap is durable for long-term use.


Heavy bleeding is a nightmare, but with the best post birth pads, you can keep yourself away from it throughout the days.

Personally, I’d suggest you pick the Heart Felt Bamboo Reusable Pads. They’re not only made of super absorbent material but also a cost-saving solution for long-term use. They’re also eco-friendly because you can reuse them after years.

Hope you enjoy our post! If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. Thank you for reading!

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