Quick And Easy Steps On How To Use IVF Due Date Calculator

ivf due date calculator

Calculating your due date using In Vitro Fertilization or IVF calculator is different from calculating it for a natural conception. The due date is precise because it knows the exact transfer date of the embryo. The question is how to use the IVF due date calculator? I will show you the quick and easy steps on using the IVF calculator and I will also give you a couple of things to remember.

Due dates are calculated based from the date of the woman’s last period or we call this the average gestational age at birth which is 40 weeks from the period. Due dates are only estimation and babies can be born within the range of one month. The normal term gestation is 37-42 weeks, and there’s a high chance that the baby is born in that period. However, there’s only a percentage of 10% who give birth on their estimated due date. Remember, this is just estimation and not a requirement.

IVF Due Date Calculation

1. About IVF Calculator

Usually, the calculation of natural conceptions is based on the first day of your last menstrual period. The gestational age is also calculated from that time too. On average, 14 days after the start of cycle, ovulation and conception occur. Take this situation as an example. Your last menstrual period was September 1 and now is October 1, there’s a probability that the baby was conceived around September 1. The due date would be June 4 next year.

Are calculations for natural conceptions precise and accurate? It’s not necessary. There are several factors and one of this is, the pregnancy is not planned and is very unexpected. The woman might not remember her last menstrual period’s date. Another factor is that, women’s menstrual cycle length differs. There are women who ovulate after or before the date of ovulation.

With IVF or In Vitro Fertilization, which is the focus of this article, you can be very precise of the result. The calculation using IVF calculator will calculate your due date based on the date you are more sure of; it could be the day of ovulation, the day of insemination, the day of egg retrieval, the day of the embryo transfer and the day of your last menstrual period. Remember though, if you conceived a baby in natural conception this is not the calculator that’s best for you. IVF calculators are for those who don’t know and who conceived a baby using In Vitro Fertilization or IVF, a fertility treatment.

Take this situation as an example. If the 3-day embryo transfer happened on April 1 and today is May 1, the possible gestational age is 6 weeks. The estimated due date would be on December 19 this year.

2. Using The IVF Calculator

You can calculate your due date here in this link. This will also calculate your due date from your current pregnancy or potential IVF cycle. You can also try this IVF calculator. Another calculator is called estimated date of confinement or EDC and estimated due date or EDD.

3. Special Considerations

IVF calculator can also produce concerns. For example, with IVF and other reproductive technologies, multiple pregnancies is common than with natural conception. For example, there were who was born 37 weeks gestation or three weeks before pregnancy; triplets are on 33 weeks on average and quadruplets on 31 weeks gestation. Note that multiple pregnancies will yield risk of complications like preterm labor.

4. Determining Pregnancy

IVF is very useful for couples who have infertility problems because it offers a better chance of producing pregnancy than natural conception. But, the same with natural conception, pregnancy at first try isn’t guaranteed. Most of the couple who tried this didn’t get pregnant after the 1st IVF cycle, but there were a lot of them who got pregnant within or after 3 cycles. So, it’s recommended that you plan for at least 3 ICF cycles.

With IVF or IUI and other fertility treatments, waiting is the key before you find out if you are pregnant or not. But, it’s common that you have 2 weeks to wait. When the embryo is already transferred or inseminated, you can confirm pregnancy after 2 weeks using blood or urine test.

Advantages Of In Vitro Fertilization

Since we are talking about In Vitro Fertilization or IVF due date calculator, it’s much better to talk about the advantages of the process of IVF itself. Since I already gave you the websites where you can calculate your due date, I will dedicate this section for those who want to know more about IVF and for those who tried already who wanted to hear some good news about the procedure.

There are couples out there who have fertility problems, and you could be one of them since you wanted to calculate your due date using IVF calculator. IVF is a method or a process of assisted reproduction which serve the couples who have difficulty in conceiving a baby. A special medication is given to the female to stimulate the ovaries that will lead to more eggs to be produced.

Once the eggs are ripened, they are surgically harvested. There would be sperms to be taken from the male which would be combined to the harvested eggs. The embryo is left to grow for 3-5 days in the laboratory. Once the embryo is becomes viable, it is implanted into the womb. After 1 week, a pregnancy test is conducted.

The Advantages of This Procedure

It boosts the possibility of getting pregnant, women with blocked fallopian tubes will have a chance of getting pregnant, weak sperm will respond to IVF, embryo is already created so there’s no need for the sperm to go through the reproductive tract, couples can choose donor eggs, surrogating and the genetic abnormalities would be checked.

The process won’t guarantee a 100% pregnancy but there are a lot of cases that this procedure is successful and a happy family is created. There are challenges with IVF procedure, but all of these would be overcome if you choose a good doctor.

There are a lot of ethical and religious issues regarding this treatment. For example, there are embryos which are not put on the uterus and stayed frozen in the laboratory. However, this fertility treatment gave a lot of couple the opportunity to create a biological child than to adopt one.

One thing to remember, the younger you are the better chances of pregnancy you will get. There are a lot of inspiring stories that are made because of IVF.


IVF due date calculator is used for women who have undergone IVF fertility treatment and is planning to know her baby’s due date. I already gave you websites like those of IVF Connections, Your IVF Journey and Princeton IVF. I hope that you have the plans of trying those calculators I mentioned.

IVF fertility treatment brought a lot of innovation in today’s technology about reproduction; and fortunately it received a lot of good feedbacks. If you feel hopeless with your fertility problems, don’t worry because there is something you can do about it. I specifically included information about IVF other than the due date calculator because I want to inform the readers that there is a solution to fertility problems other than adopting. You can share this information to other people out there!

I know you have your stories about the treatment too, so why not share it with me. If you like this informative tutorial about IVF procedure and IVF due date calculator, or if you have questions, beep me up in the comment below so I can respond to you quickly. I hope you had a good time!

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