The Best Places To Have A Baby Shower

places to have a baby shower

Do you have plans of throwing baby shower parties for your best friend or sister who’s expecting their baby? Honestly, it can get costly and I know that’s your dilemma right now. We have solutions to almost every problem in the world, but how do we plan a baby shower that’s not too much costly and is still fabulous? At what venues can you celebrate this event? How do you make the event as memorable as you want it to be even though the location is not that grand? In this article, I’m going to list the best places you can celebrate the baby shower on.

When planning a baby shower, you have a lot of things to consider. The gender of the baby should be the first to look at so that you can plan for a theme. Then there’s the decorations, venue, foods and guests. Everything should be in place and pace when the event takes on. But the first question is, where? Where is the suitable place should you celebrate the baby shower?

Read the list in depth and enjoy!

#1: At a Community Center, Yes It Can Be!

Community center is probably the last place you’ll ever think of when planning a baby shower. However, it’s one of the most inexpensive way to cater shower guests if you have a lot of them. First, to book the place you have to call the center’s office regarding the availability of the venue and the pricing. The town centers have meeting rooms that can accommodate guests whether large or small in number. It’s a blessing if the community center in your town has a lawn or a large grass area because you can have a picnic theme. Exciting right?

#2: At Your Place of Worship

There are a lot of local churches which has rooms specifically for social gatherings for their members. A worship hall or a gymnasium would be one of the best place to hold the event. If you are an active member of the church, you can ask permission to hold the event. It’s not that costly because the church would just ask for a donation or a nominal feel. You can spend the rest of your budget to other things, for example, the decoration and the foods.

#3: At Your Favorite Local Restaurant

If you and your group of friends loves to meet in your favorite local restaurant, you can try to hold the event there. The baby shower would be an intimate one, and the guests are your closest friends only. You can rent or reserve one private room. There are restaurants who allow little decorations. Since there are only small guests invited, you can budget a good meal for everyone.

#4: At Your Home, Of Course!

Well, if the mother-to-be’s home is big enough for such occasions, why not right? There would be no rent fees and other stuff! You can decorate freely, and there are a lot of things in her home that are usable especially if it fits the theme you are planning. You can transform the basement or living room into a fabulous place for a baby shower. You are not restricted to what kind of decoration you will put, how big and how grand. If the deck or the patio is of a great opportunity of such baby shower, then you can also use it too. The only limit is your imagination!

#5: At Local Tea Homes

If you are planning to have the event in an afternoon, a local tea home is the best spot. Light pastries and refreshing drinks can warm up every guest’s stomach! If you want to spend the time with your closest friend, you can rent the tea house’s private room and have a little celebration and little games.

#6: At a Hotel Suite

Well, if you want the event to be grand because you have a lot of budget, then you can rent a hotel suite that will give the event a very private touch. The place would be simple but fabulous, and the foods could be buffet.

#7: Rooftop Bar, Cool!

Other people might see this location a very unlikely one, but trust me if you want cooler air and refreshing ambience this is the best place you can celebrate the baby shower. You can personalize drinks and foods and make the event as happy as it can be.

#8: At a Glorious Spa, Yes!

Well, if the mom-to-be is not a party lover that much and actually just wants to celebrate the event relaxing, then you can have it in a glorious spa. The mom-to-be will be relaxed, as well as the selected guests. You may not have decorations or personalize gifts and cool looking food, the important thing is the mom-to-be is satisfied with the baby shower. Remember, baby shower isn’t just about the party, it’s about the quality time.

#9: At a Private Movie theatre, Why Not?

If spa time is not possible, and preparation of the party doesn’t coincide with your time, you can rent a private movie theatre and watch your favorite movies. This way of celebrating baby shower doesn’t just brings fun to your as a group of friends but it’s also a way of going back to the past by watching the movies you used to love. You can personalize the drinks, the foods and even have a theme of movies you’d be showing.

#10: On a Boat, Wow!

If you wanted to have a memorable event on a boat or on a cruise ship, why not! You can arrange the event and call the company, invite a DJ and have a ball. It is exciting especially if the baby shower you are planning involves a large guest and a very special party. The best time to do this is at night, where you can see the city lights from afar and dancing above water.

#11: At a Dinner Theatre, Lovely!

If the mom-to-be loves food and music, you can arrange the event at a dinner theatre! Isn’t it lovely and fun? You and the guests would surely enjoy the lovely evening which involves upscale dinner and the entertainment. After the music show, you can exchange gifts and messages. It would surely be a night well-spent. But remember, you need big budget for this.

#12: How to Organize the Best Baby Shower

Well, I already showed you the places where you can spend the baby shower on. In this final section, I will provide tips and tricks on organizing the best baby shower for your friend or for yourself.

First thing you should decide on is when the event would take place, aside from thinking where. You should decide too if you are going to be the lone host or should there be another one aside from you. If organizing an event, we should also think about the budget right? Set the right budget for the event so that then you can arrange everything. If you have set the budget, then you can decide for the theme and the foods you can prepare.

One thing to never forget also is the guest list. If you already picked up a theme and you decided where and when, then you should decide if the event can cater a large or small number of guests. You can choose the closest family or friends of the mom-to-be. However, if the mom-to-be has a lot of relatives then you can decide to make the event a bigger one.

Six weeks before the event, design and send invitations so the people invited can respond immediately and you can continue with the arrangements you are making. Go shopping, buy everything you need for the event, would it be kitchen wares and decorations.

Plan the menu, yes! It also should coincide with the theme you are planning. Remember to have it cooked by really good cooks. Foods are important in every party because it’s one of the major things the guests would enjoy so much.

The extra things you can do is to prepare games for the event, arrange for bartending services if you need one, assign a photographer and book some entertainers or musicians. Small little things really matter in such occasions like this, do not forget to prepare the words to thank guests.

I hope that this article gives you insights and ideas on where to spend a baby shower, as well as planning and organizing it. I put up the list for everyone who wants to surprise a mom-to-be in one of the most memorable events in her motherhood, which is the baby shower. Remember, if you want a grand party or small party what matters is the fun and excitement that is going to happen in that party.

Did you like the information I gave you? Please let me know what you think and write it in the comment section below. If you have suggestions or other questions, let me know too! I will gladly respond. Have a marvelous baby shower party!

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