How Long Should A Couple Have Sex After Dc?

sex after dc

After the Dilatation and Curettage surgery, you need to follow the medical advice to avoid an infection. Here are four common questions you need to consider to proceed an intimacy safely after an operation.

In fact, you may have to undergo a long way to recover grief and sense of loss after a miscarriage. Besides, there is a worth considering physical factor which is the Dilatation and curettage (D&C). This 10-minute surgery will remove tissue of the womb lining.

And you have to proceed all the preparation step, and recovery procedures for the sake of your health carefully. That’s why you should clarify and follow-up your doctor’s direction. Here are four information you should be aware of having sex after dc safely.

1. When could you have sex after dc?

In most of the case, you can resume your normal activities within two days. However, it depends on your individual circumstance to determine how long it takes to have sex after dc.

As each woman will undertake the difference D&C treat varied from conditions, you should listen to a medical advice and follow the advised procedures.

Especially, you need to pay extra care of your “pelvic rest”. Specifically, it requires generally 9 to 14 days to let the cervix close. Hence, until your uterus returns to normal size, you should not insert anything into the vagina.

By then, your uterus could avoid any possibility of infection.


When could you have sex after dc
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That’s why during this required period of recovery, you should not do a sexual intercourse, douching and use tampons. Averagely, it often takes nine days for recovery.

After that, the women who undertook D&C surgery could have intimacy with their partner safely.

2. How to take care yourself when having sex after dc?

Typically, the bleeding stops around one week after this minor surgery. Otherwise, you need to wait up to two weeks and go to the GE if there is any heavy bleeding, damage or smelling found of the vagina.

If you find any sign of bleed or cramp during sex, you should stop it. Then, you need to examine its condition for one week. In case you still face the cramping or bleeding, you need to consult a doctor.

As there is more likely to have an infection during the bleeding of miscarriage (change your sanitary pad every 15- 20 minutes), you should take particular sign carefully.

How to take care yourself when having sex after dc
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3. Why should you wait to have a safe sex after dc?

To help you understand the importance of waiting for two weeks to have sex after dc, I will demonstrate how it seriously causes infection. Indeed, you are allowed to have a vaginal intercourse only if your bleeding stops.

And it often takes a week. As your uterus and cervix after the D&C partially dilated, it tends to suffer an infection. So, call the clinic when you find these symptoms of infection

First, there is a constant pain, cramp or you get a fever (higher than a degree). Besides, be aware of a foul odor discharge from your vagina that would cause itching or pain.

In this situation, you should tell the doctor what medicines are taken in past 6 hours (Tylenol, Advil, Motril, etc.).

Why should you wait to have a safe sex after dc
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4. When do you need to have immediate medical advice?

Noticeably, you need to visit your doctor two weeks after the D&C operation. They would give you intensive medical advice to treat your frustrating experience after D&C.

Along with aforementioned of infection symptoms, you need to tell the doctor if you have a pain in a stomach, a large blood clot, or a breast swelling for more than two weeks.

Also, notify them when you feel the chill, unusual sweating and have a vomit which lasts than three days.

When do you need to have immediate medical advice
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Besides, if there is an excessive bleeding that lasts over seven days and lightly red, plus an unstoppable large clot, you need to visit your doctor urgently.

Likewise, if you find an abdominal discomfort, some cramping or any mild pain, you have to see the doctor right away. After all, you need to make sure that there is no way bacteria could enter your uterus by delay sex until your doctor allows you to do so.


As D&C is a surgery that scrapes away the lining of the womb, each woman would be treated differently varied from conditions.

By following exactly what your doctor advises and thoroughly consider any abnormal change of its complication, you could have sex after dc safely. Pay final notice of your recovery to see if the uterus stops bleeding after two weeks.

In case it appears a heavy bleeding, you should seek a medical advice or meet your doctor directly to have a diagnosed in time. Hope you recover well after your operation and have a quite intimacy with your dear one.

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