What To Pack for a Summer Bike Ride With Kids

A family outing on your bikes is definitely something to get excited about. You get to spend some time engaged in a favorite activity with some of your favorite people. For the outing to be a success, a little planning will go a long way. As you head out on your electric beach cruiser or another capable bike, you want to make sure you have the items that will keep you and your kids safe and happy.

Your checklist begins with a few safety items. Make sure you have plenty of water or at least will have chances to resupply on the trip. Sun protection is also critical, as you don’t want to return from your excursion looking like lobsters. The appropriate SPF 15 or higher sunscreen should work and don’t forget clothing that covers as much skin as possible.

Sunglasses for you and the kids are also important. A small first-aid kit is essential to treat any scrapes or other small wounds. As for items that will increase your enjoyment, consider these additions:

  • Healthy and tasty snacks
  • Favorite toys
  • Some light reading material
  • A smartphone
  • A lock 

Finally, make sure you can carry all of your items safely. A seat post bag, a handlebar bag or even a small backpack can tote several items.

Pick a Great Destination

With kids, it is indeed all about the journey; however, the outing will always be better if you take them to an appropriate place. This of course will depend upon your kids’ interests and their ages. If you reside in California, you can find a bike trail for kids near me that meets your needs. Young kids will want something fun and easy, with small parks being an ideal location. Older kids might yearn for something more adventurous and want a challenge.

In the San Francisco area, the Golden Gate Park is a great place for smaller children. It is safe and vehicular traffic is closed on JFK Drive on Sundays and holidays. Plus, everyone can enjoy the sights of the bridge and the ocean. The Strand, a 22-mile trail in Los Angeles, is a stunning ride for both smaller children and those with more endurance.

Choose an Awesome Bike

The more time you spend on your bike, the more you will appreciate its many features. Mens beach cruiser bikes provide comfort and stability no matter where you ride. They come in a variety of models that have perfected the laid-back vibe of beach touring. Featuring comfortable seats, upright handlebars, and coaster brakes, cruisers have a sturdy frame that allows you to carry what you need on a family outing. 

If your family enjoys a day at the beach, having the optimal bike model can add to your enjoyment. Best of all, it is easy to find the right model for your lifestyle or customize the bike to your liking. An electric version can help you keep up with your kids after a long day. Shop online for the right items to make your family outing the best it can be.

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