Unique And Clever Baby Boy Names That Start With C

baby boy names that start with c

Expecting a baby boy? I know for sure you are planning to give the best baby name for your baby boy. But what’s the best name you should give to your baby? If you’d like the baby boy names that start with C, don’t worry! In this article, I will provide a list of baby names that start with C that would best suit your upcoming baby!

Should baby names be beautiful and memorable? Yes! It should also suit the characteristics of your baby! But how do we choose the best baby name from millions of names available in the world? The decision shouldn’t just be a spur of the moment or out of the blue; it should come from both parents because names are powerful!

The following list I will share with you is some of the best name choices for baby boys that you can choose from. Enjoy reading it and think of the possible name you can give to your baby boy.

#1: Choosing the Best Baby Name

Before I discuss the list of the best baby boy names you can give to your upcoming child, I’m going to give you tips and tricks first on choosing the best name you can give to your baby boy.

Choosing a name is confusing, right? But if you follow some of my advice, the job won’t take a long time, and you can actually choose the name you want for your baby boy.


First, think about the sound of the name. How does it sound to your ears? To your family’s ears? There are times that you think the name sounds just good, but it really isn’t.

Some parents prefer longer names to shorter names. Which one are you? Do you want the name to sound like your surname? Do you want it to be unique, long or short?

You shouldn’t settle for less. Choose the best and in line with your preference. You can also practice saying the name you have in mind and decide if it just sounds good or not.


Well, who would want a common name, right? As much as possible, choose a unique and beautiful name for your baby boy. Something very memorable, and a name that has a personality of itself. The kind of name that will leave memories on people’s minds. The kind of name that can be easily recognized but not common.

However, choose a unique name that won’t bring unusual attention to your baby.


Don’t just choose a name that is a product of a “spur of the moment” moment. Choose the name that has significance to the baby and to you as the parents.

You can choose a name that honors one of your family members or the name that will remind you of something important.

Think Ahead

If your baby boy grows up, goes to school, finds a job, or applies for a job, think ahead if the name will not bring embarrassment to him. Some name is adorable if the baby is still a baby however if they become an adult it becomes embarrassing.

One of the goals of this article is to provide you names that age well with your baby boy.


Well, some of the problems that you might encounter are other family member’s suggestions! Others might force you to inherit their names, especially the grandfather of the uncles.

You can give the name you want, but the suggestion of others might just be their nickname.

I will provide you the names in the next number, and I hope you can choose from them. Enjoy!

#2: Classic Names that Start with C

Classic names are usually the names we give to our babies because of its symbol and popularity. These names are taken from the popular people of the classic era. These people are names we encounter in our history books and oftentimes in bibles. The following are some of the names I’m talking about.

  • Charles – this is a royal name that originated in French royalty and was introduced to Great Britain.
  • Christopher – this name is popular because the patron saint of the travelers and the discoverer of New World is named Christopher.
  • Caleb – the name is popular in Bible. Caleb, along with Joshua was one of the Israelites who left Egypt. If your family is a Bible reader and/or religious, you can name your baby boy Caleb.
  • Christian – most of the boys are named Christian because it’s cool to hear and very gentlemanly. You can also just shorten it to Chris.
  • Chad – this name refers to as the warrior. It’s a medieval name taken from Chadwick and Chadwell.
  • Conrad – if you’re a literary fan, you might have heard of the traveler/novelist Joseph Conrad. You can name your baby from your favorite author, for example, Conrad.
  • Chester – this is the name of an old Roman settlement or camp in Britain.
  • Caesar – it means imperial and powerful.
  • Creon – a name of a prince or a ruler.

#3: Celtic and Old English Names for Baby Boys

Specific in terms of classic names are the Celtic and Old English names. These names sound unique. (Celtic Names):

  • Cadman – it refers to a man of battle.
  • Caedmon – it means “warrior”.
  • Camlin – it means a crooked line.
  • Carden – it sound unusual but the name means coming from a black fortress.
  • Coalan – it refers to a slender thing.
  • Conall – it means as strong as a wolf.
  • Caradoc – it means amiable or lovable.(Old English Names)
  • Caldwell – it refers to a cold spring.
  • Carlton – is the name of the settlement of the free peasants.
  • Carrington – it means “beautiful”.
  • Carter – it sounds really beautiful but in Old English, it pertains to a cart maker.
  • Cody – it refers to a cushion or a pillow.
  • Cromwell – it pertains to the winding stream.
  • Cynric – it refers to a kingly lineage.

#4: Biblical Baby Names

We like to name babies inspired by our favorite bible characters. I specifically made this article for those who wanted their baby boy named after popular bible names.

  • Cain – in Hebrew meaning, the name means possession or possessed. The name Cain in the bible is the character who murdered his brother because he’s possessed of jealousy.
  • Caleb – the biblical meaning of the name is dog or basket or a famous bearer. In the bible, Caleb was one of the Israelites leaders sent by Moses to explore the land of Promise.
  • Camon – the meaning of the name is “His resurrection”.
  • Carmel – the name refers to a garden both in English and Hebrew. However, in Bible, Carmel means to harvest or a circumcised lamb.
  • Casey – this is originally a Celtic name and it means brave, vigorous and alert.
  • Christ – this is a very popular name which means the ‘anointed’.
  • Claudius – the Biblical meaning of Claudius is lame.
  • Clement – it means good, mild and merciful.
  • Cyprus – it refers to fair or fairness of a thing or person.

#5: Unique and Clever Names

Well, if you’re the kind of parent who prefers the unique name, I also prepared a list for you.

  • Cyrus – it means the sun or the throne. Of Persian origin, it is the name of the Persian Empire’s founder.
  • Curt – it actually means a courtier or an attendant of the court.
  • Crawford- it derives from the Crowford.
  • Craig – it means the rock.
  • Courtney – it pertains to a person who lives near the farmstead.
  • Corey – the name comes from the hollow, it also refers to a head protection or a helmet in a battle.
  • Conan – it means the “little hound”.
  • Ciel – it means “from heaven”.
  • Claude – it means the “lame one”.
  • Colby – it pertains to anything or anyone who comes from a dark country.
  • Conrad – the names means bold and wise.
  • Craig – this is a name of rock or a Craig of Scottish Gaelic.
  • Cupid – the name originated from Latin, which means desire and passion. It is also the name of the ancient god of Love.
  • Carlyle – a unique name originated from Old English which means Carl’s Island.
  • Cassidy – the name originated from Irish Gaelic which means the ingenious or the clever one.
  • Cayden – the name got its origin from Gaelic which means the spirit of the battle.

I hope that the article contributed to you greatly. Other information on the internet is very exhausting to look at. Long list, many names! But in this article, I chose the best that I can find, and I hope it greatly contributed to your endeavor of giving the best name for your baby boy, a name that specifically starts with C.

Did you like this article? Please let us know and give your comments below.

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