What Is The Best Congested Baby Sleep Position?

congested baby sleep position

Nothing in the world is more annoying to you than trying to get to sleep when you have a cold or a bad allergy. The reason is that you cannot get the air through your nose and get awake the whole night. Therefore, I am more worried when my children get into this trouble. This issue is very common if you have a little baby and they seem to be very congested.

What can you do to relieve these symptoms for them quickly?

I have much experience in dealing with this case, and I am willing to share my understanding with you. As a result, to help your baby to have a good night, I am going to show you the congested baby sleep position right now.

The Best Congested Baby Sleep Position

As a parent, I am always eager and passionate to learn how to take care of my baby the best. However, I have to say that this is not an easy task for anyone. And well, I think that many parents are having the same concern as me, especially, when your baby has the nasal congestion at night.

As a consequence, I am going to show you how to help a congested baby sleep quickly. First and foremost, babies should sleep on their backs. If your babies sleep on their tummy, prone sleeping is a major risk factor that can cause them to die of SIDS.

how to help a congested baby sleep

Having your newborn and infant sleep on their back is the safest way. This will significantly decrease the chances of SIDS and crib deaths. Moreover, this element is very important during the first 6 months of life.

Furthermore, the crib mattress should be firm with one sheet and only one blanket is the best. You should avoid the soft cushy mattress, too many stuffed toys together with too many soft pillows. If the baby rolls onto their side and over onto their stomach, these things can obstruct their airway.

Besides, remember to keep the head of your baby slightly elevated. In particular, you can fold the towel and put it under the mattress. You should not put the folded towel under your baby’s head directly since it will cause the annoying feel for them in the middle of the night.

Otherwise, you can use the crib wedges that go underneath the crib sheet. By using this, you can elevate the baby’s head properly. It is very helpful for babies who have reflux or colic. Also, having this position really helps the contents of their stomach stay down during their sleep as well as offer the better sleep for your babies who are suffering from the stuffy nose.

How to Reduce the Congestion for Your Baby

Use the suction bulb

Use the suction bulb

First of all, the question comes up that ‘Should you use the bulb syringes as well as the nasal aspiration? This is not the best option since baby hates having things stuck in their nose. But if you must do this remedy, make sure to go straight back as you are going towards the ears.

You need to tip your baby’s head back and squeeze a few saline drops into each nostril. Then, you should wait for two minutes to let the drops loosen the mucus. People have the tendency of trying to go up the nose and do a brain biopsy.

It is not the right way. If you use the bulb syringe, you should squeeze out the air, stuck it straight and suck the mucus out. By doing this, your baby can open up their air passages and stop a blocked nose. You can buy it on Amazon.

Breastfeeding and bottle feeding

Next, your baby can maintain a good latch when they are breastfeeding or when you happen to be bottle feeding. In particular, they can have the bottle in their mouth and just suck it away.

Even though they cannot breathe well if their mouth is sealed around the breast and the bottle, they are still having enough air. In addition, your breast milk is the best thing to help fight the cold because you are making tons of antibodies for your baby.

Have a warm bath and use the cool mist humidifier

use the cool mist humidifier

Last but not least, you can give our baby a warm bath with a menthol scent. And then, during the naptime and bedtime, you can turn on the cool mist humidifier inside the room in order to keep the air moist. If you want to buy one, you should check out my article. This quick guide will help you to pick the best humidifier for babies congestion.


In conclusion, I hope that all of the sharing in this article will help you to gain more knowledge about this aspect. In the end, you can know the congested baby sleep position. However, in case you have any confusion or queries, please do not hesitate to keep in touch with me anytime.

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