How To Make A Pregnancy Test Positive With 100% Chance Of Success

Having a pregnancy is obviously such marvelous news to married couples. Meanwhile, it freaks you out if you are not ready to take the responsibilities of parenthood. Some people, therefore, use a fake positive pregnancy test just to fool their family and friends into reckoning that they are pregnant. If you are one of those women, but you do not know how to make a pregnancy test positive, this article is definitely for you.

What is A Positive Pregnancy Test?

A pregnancy test is the most common way to check whether you become pregnant or not because it is quick and trustworthy. If you see two lines appear, and bingo! A baby is coming.

What is a positive pregnancy test

How does a test work?

The body of a pregnant woman will release a hormone named Human Chorionic Gonadotropin(HCG) in the blood and urine. The test is designed to detect this hormone, and it will be illustrated by the lines on the test. However, the test is not always 100% correct. Hence, we can take advantage of this to manipulate the result.
But wait! Before getting started, make sure that you clearly understand the potential consequences of your plan. You think you know your family and friends very well and their reactions come out in a way that you could have never thought of.

#1. Use a fake pregnancy kit

Do you want something quick, and easy to use but still positive? A prank joke pregnancy kit would be your best choice. These kits look like a real test. However, they always come up with a positive result even if you dip them into pure water. These products are available on Amazon, and with small bucks, a kit will be delivered to you.

#2. Cola

Do you know that a soft drink product could help you make a pregnancy test positive? Well, you just need to prepare a real pregnancy test kit and a small cup of cola from any brand. Then, dip the stick in that liquid for a few seconds. Finally, sit down, wait until the Cola moves up the strip, and you will see the two lines show up.

To have a greater image of how to make a pregnancy test positive with cola liquid, check out the following video for the real-life skill.

#3. Contaminating with soap or detergent

As the right process of a pregnancy test, your urine will be used to test the level of HCG hormone. So, what should you do to bring the positive result come out even if there is no baby in your belly? The answer is to mix your urine sample with soap or detergent!

The instruction often tells the test takers to urinate directly on the strip or use a clean cup to collect their urine. If you use a cup that was washed with soap liquid or still has detergent, they might change the result.

#4. Use your hairdryer

Take your pregnancy test and run it under your hairdryer which is set to the high heat. Keep doing that for about 5 to 10 minutes. After that, a positive test result should come up, and surprisingly two lines could remain there for the maximum length of 3 days. That is long enough for you to make your evil plan well.

#5. Use the urine of a pregnant woman

If you know someone who is in the pregnancy progress, ask her! You can use her urine sample to do the test or use her test strip. A pregnant woman, especially after about six weeks, has a high level of hCG that always makes the test turn out positive. If you try to do the test with her too early, you two will receive a negative outcome.

#6. Use a marker to draw on the test

Snap two pregnancy tests up; an extra is just in case you made an error. Get a marker that matches the color of two lines on the test boxes. Let the test dry after you urinate on the test strip. Then, take something sharp and open the case. Use the marker that you bought to make it look like a positive test. Close the case, and done!

In some situations, you will find it difficult to shut the case sharply. Just use the glue to stick2 pieces and leave them there to dry.

Use a marker to draw on the test

#7. Do it during your monthly period

Many people conclude that blood can make a counterfeit positive pregnancy test by contaminating it. That is why I recommend you try this out when you have a period.

#8. Use the evaporation lines

On the test strip, evaporation lines are always next to the positive one. These lines, in fact, will get darker after you let it dry out, and they look like the positive test. Hence, do the test and allow it to dry out within one or two days. Your false positive result will come out but play your trick as quickly as possible because evaporation lines will get faded very soon.

#9. Use an old test

Many women reported that they were freaking out when they saw the false positive result after using the expired test. Hence, you can use this approach to counter your pregnancy test result. Of course, you could not find a used test at any stores, so just ask your friends if they had one.

#10. An Ovulation Predictor Kit

The last tactic that will help you make your audacious plan well is to do an ovulation predictor test. Not everyone could clearly distinguish between a pregnancy test and an ovulation predictor one since they appear completely identical.

An Ovulation Predictor Kit
The common ovulation predictor kits (Photo credit: Selbe Lynn via CC-BY-NC-ND)

To make it work, do the test between the 12th and 14th day of your menstrual cycle, and you will receive the ‘positive pregnancy test result. Trust me! You will not be busted!


These ten ways about how to make a pregnancy test positive are easy, right? You can play a big fool that your victim hardly ever thinks about with simple tools and techniques. If you have other ideas, leave a comment for us to know what you think. Again, consider carefully before announcing your fake positive pregnancy result. It could get an amused laugh, but at other times, it may worsen your relationships.

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