Moby vs Boba – Which Baby Carriers Are the Best for You?

moby vs boba

For the first time, I could not recognize the difference between Boba and Moby Wrap in its shape, size, and color. After that, I was lucky to meet a-three-kid mom at a Yoga class, and she had helped me how to distinguish Boba wrap vs Moby wrap.

In my opinion, it is not difficult to recognize it. Then, you enable to use the wrap on a regular basis when you want to come out or you have to solve the problem on your work every day at home.

Boba Baby Carrier

An overview and key features of the Boba wrap

The Boba wrap has a straightforward model without having buckles, straps, or buttons. In other words, it is very easy to use it so that every parent wrap in a few minutes only.

You just wrap Boba baby carrier around your body, covering it in front of your body, and your back in order to lift the weight of your baby. The wrap should fit your body like a tight T-shirt to assist your baby when you cover and tie it for the first time. Then, you take your baby in the wrap.

Both of mom and baby feel comfortable when using Boba wrap for long hours as it balances the weight of a baby. Infants and bigger baby can be used it without much hassle. How long is a Boba wrap? In fact, Boba has over 17 feet.

Boba baby carrier is made from cotton and Spandex blend materials which are washable elements so that users enable to wash it in the washing machine. Spandex blend helps users feel comfortable when stretching and holding under any circumstances. The wrap is truly a great cozy holds.

When your baby weighs between 7 and 35 pounds, you can use Boba wrap freely. Furthermore, parents completely use it for infants, but you should pay close attention to the wrap’s supporting to prevent potential accidents for a newborn baby.

Once you open Boba baby carrier or other wraps out of the box, it is a difficult task to realize all fabric materials. To know all elements, you should read the instruction carefully.

Sometimes, you need to learn multiple layers of fabric and practice them to tie the wrap. Because I have already practiced it many times, I enable to cover the wrap in a few seconds. You can do it similarly if you practice this task every day.

Boba baby carrier has several benefits that I should use it and take my baby at the same time once I want to come out my house. My baby can have a good sleep without getting aggression and annoyance even if I have to drive or move in a couple of hours.

What I like

  • Soft all layers
  • Comfortable wrap for both mother and baby
  • Ease of moving and cleaning
  • A suitable choice for those who have to take care of their babies and a part-time employee at home
  • Great colors
  • Chemical-free materials

What I do not like

  • Unavailable baby carrier for a bigger baby
  • Uncomfortable feeling in a humid summer period
  • Lack of support
  • Difficulty of using
  • Heavy wrap with several layers of the fabric

The Moby Wrap

An overview and key features

In general, the Moby Wrap also has a simple design with a long length of fabric that comes in a variety of colors. This wrap made from bamboo viscose and cotton materials, but the percentage of the bamboo viscose contains more than the cotton (70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton).

The wrap is created to support babies between 8 and 35 pounds which most parents love it because of the comfort, shape, and flexibility. With the Moby, your baby totally has a safe and soft place to fall asleep while you are moving.

With the Moby, full of fabric expands from your shoulders to your belly area to increase comfort. In other words, the total weight of a baby is dispersed across your entire back and shoulders for appropriate support.

The wrap can come down from your shoulder area which makes both of you feel comfortable, especially supports the baby’s knee position. Furthermore, you enable to adjust the wrap for an ideal fit whenever you use the Moby.

More specifically, a skin-to-skin feature could boost the comfort between parent and baby as using it for a while.

Do you know that your heart rate also makes a secure feeling for a baby? Thanks to the Moby, your baby feels safe and comfortable in your chest area. This is called the first bonding moment between a mom and her baby.

Another feature that lets me love this wrap is it has four babywearing positions to try and adjust – Newborn Hug Hold, Hug Hold, Hip Hold, and Kangaroo Wrap. You may try the wrapping folded or the wrapping gathered in the first three positions easily.

Because Moby is also quite difficult to wear, you should read the instruction and several videos on YouTube to make sure you do the right form.

What I like

  • Cozy wrap for baby to fall asleep
  • Safe wrap with two side panels for holding a baby
  • Helpful guide with many videos for the first time of using
  • First-rate quality of the materials
  • Breathable feeling
  • Beautiful design
  • Ease of washing
  • Soft fabric

What I do not like

  • Long layers of fabric
  • Uncomfortable feeling in the hot condition
  • The difficulty of using because of a steep curve
  • Unavailable wrap for a bigger baby
  • Uncomfortable usage for toddlers
  • Heavy wrap with many layers of the fabric

Some Certain Similarities Between Boba and Moby Wrap

  • Both of Boba Wrap vs Moby wrap has a simple design with beautiful colors;
  • These wraps also have several colors for choosing;
  • Boba vs Moby could support the weight of your baby without having buckles and thongs;
  • It is quite difficult to use it for the first time, so you need to read the instruction carefully;
  • Layers of the fabric are too long to create potential accidents while walking on the floor or seating in your car;
  • Boba Wrap vs Moby wrap is perfect for using in the summer or hot weather only;
  • Boba vs Moby are made from high-quality materials with washable elements ;
  • Because they have several layers, you should wear them before coming outside;
  • You can wash Boba vs Moby in your washing machine easily;
  • Boba Wrap vs Moby wrap is not lightweight;
  • Both of these wraps can support the weight of the baby from 8 pounds to 35 pounds. In other words, they are not available for bigger baby;
  • They have the same price tag;
  • They create a comfortable feeling when wearing;
  • Boba vs Moby is cozy and secure for parent and baby

Some Main Differences Between These Baby Carriers

  • The Boba has over 17 feet in the length and 1.5 feet in the width while the Moby has over 18 feet in the length and 2 feet in the width;
  • The Moby is bigger than the Boba;
  • The Boba contains the cotton and the spandex blend while the Moby has the bamboo viscose and the cotton;
  • The Boba has two holds only – Newborn Holds and Love Your Baby Holds, but the Moby has four holds to change – Newborn Hug Hold, Hug Hold, Hip Hold, and Kangaroo Wrap;
  • The Moby has a newer thong than the Boba;
  • The Boba made in China while the Moby made in Thailand;
  • Boba baby carrier is softer than the Moby thanks to the Spandex blend material;
  • The Moby could not stretch, but the Boba can do it slightly


At this time, could you recognize between the Moby and the Boba? It is not complicated to choose the wrap with its features and benefits when you draw attention to.

For me, I have already taken both baby carriers and feel many experiences. You enable to use Boba wrap vs Boba wrap depending on your needs. And you can use Boba vs Moby to get your experience.

Using a baby carrier is also an incredible idea for developing the connection between parent and baby through the heart rate only. Please keep in mind that these wraps should not use for a bigger baby (over one-year-old). I hope that you will realize these unique differences. Feel free to contact me if you have further questions in the upcoming time.

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