Baby Makes Noises When Sleeping. Is It Serious Or Normal?

baby makes noises when sleeping

When it comes to sleep of the baby, there are many misconceptions from parents. To guarantee the best growth, you must learn carefully with its sleeping cycle to deal with all problems timely and calm down with “strange but normal occurrences”.

Baby makes noises when sleeping which might be the most common problem. Is this a regular issue or a health problem? Depend on the different signs, your baby can sleep with noises it makes through the night while in some situations, it needs a doctor as soon as possible. This problem has more aspects which can surprise you. You will have the answer in my post:

Baby makes noises when sleeping. Is it normal?

Yes, that occurrence is very normal. Even you can be surprised that your baby continues its deep sleep through the night in spite of a lot of noises it makes while sleeping. In particular, a little bit jerking movements attached to these noises are also very common. It is called as startle reflex or Moro reflex which just lasts about 2-3 months. Below is the video about Moro reflex _ everything you need to know:

However, in some cases, if noises attached to grunts, that can be a severe case requiring a doctor, for example.

Why do babies make noises when sleeping?


When dreaming, your baby can make grunting noises attached to fleeting laughs or cries even some strange sounds. If it wakes up in the midnight by any disruption, it can produce a little bit noises before coming back the sleep.

Why do babies make noises when sleeping


Typically, a newborn can take around 40 breaths per minute when it’s awake, but this may slow by half or increase suddenly within a few seconds in the sleep even occasional pauses. This can lead to irregular or shallow breathing even weird noises.

Whistling noises: the first months are the phase which your newborn learns how to regulate the breathing. However, due to tiny noses, just a small amount of air can pass inside. If a little bit mucus or dried milk blocks a breathing passage, your baby can make alarming noises while sleeping (you should buy a baby-size nasal aspirator to clear these blockages out).

When does your baby need a doctor

You don’t need to worry about the occasional appearance of grunts in your baby’s sleep. However, if your baby makes grunting noises at the end of each breath, that can be an indicator of the health problem like difficulty breathing. In this case, you must bring it to the pediatrician.

When does your baby need a doctor

Besides, there are other unexpected symptoms which you have to pay attention:

  • Quick breathing: the breathing rate increases over 70 ones per minute and still stays up.
  • Persistent grunts: grunting noise at the end of every breath becomes a continuous occurrence.
  • Retraction: you can see clearly the muscles in its chest and neck which contracts deeper than normal.
  • Noises of hoarse cry and “barking” a cough: these blockages happen in the windpipe (larynx). This can be indicative of croup, or the infected larynx, trachea and bronchial tubes.

From above plus your baby makes noises when sleeping indicates that your baby is difficult to breathe and in need of doctor immediately.

The final thoughts

In sum, what you have to remember includes baby makes noises when sleeping which is very normal excepting particular cases. In some severe situations such as noises with quick breathing, persistent grunts, retraction, and noises of hoarse cry and “barking” a cough, you must bring your baby to the pediatrician as soon as possible.

On the contrary, if noises come from dreams or problems related to breathing that you can resolve by a baby-size nasal aspirator, for instance, that’s just a strange but normal occurrence.

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