Why Do Babies Sleep With Their Arms Up? The Answer May Surprise You

why do babies sleep with their arms up

Baby has many different sleeping positions, but starfish catches more attention than others. It seems to be strange and look like cheering in its dream.

At first glance, that sleeping position can be cuteness, but after a long time when your baby repeats the action too many times, some of you may ask yourself “why do babies sleep with their arms up?” Is it normal? Or is it something which needs you pay attention more? Your answer is in my post. Besides, I will also provide you and your baby a few good tips for a deep sleep through the night.

Babies sleeping with their arms up _ Is it normal?

Yes, that action is very normal. Baby sleeping with the arms up is another name of starfish position which is a very popular sleeping position.

In fact, the sleeping position is just a way to find out personalities of your baby at the early age. For example, when it comes to starfish, your baby is likely to be a useful and friendly person. Why? The action of wide-open arms likes it is embracing other people to make new friends. Even you can understand that it is ready to help everybody.

The only problem is that it’s easier for babies with the starfish position to wake up at the half of sleep and once the sleep is intervened, it’s really hard to come back. In some cases, your baby can have a normal startle reflex which is after a few seconds, that will pass off and wake your baby up even it can cry and scream after the sleep.

Babies sleeping with their arms up

Why do babies sleep with their arms up?

As mentioned, raising the arms up while sleeping is a way to find out its personalities. However, it also has other reasons.

Your baby is covered by the warm feeling. If yours sleeps in a warm bed or crib, it tends to raise their arms up as comfortable as possible. This occurrence helps the circulation of air around easier as well as creates the relaxing feeling making your baby’s deep sleep faster.

How to help your baby sleep well

How to help your baby sleep well

Although I answered “normal” for the question “why do babies sleep with their arms up?” starfish may make your baby wake up at night. Therefore, it’s very important to help it sleep well.

A proper sleeping routine (10-12 hours every day) can provide a rejuvenated body and speed up the growth. Below are some tips of offering a deep and comfortable sleep for your baby:

  • Choose the cool and light or pajamas because a warm sleeping environment plus warm clothes just create a hot and uncomfortable feeling.
  • Remove the unessential beddings away your baby’s crib to steer clear of suffocation.
  • Adjust the room temperature at a proper level as long as it’s not too cold or hot. 20 degrees centigrade is an ideal choice. Moreover, check the temperature of its skin to know whether it’s hot or cold before sleeping.
  • Make a peaceful environment by turning on a soothing song which will take your baby into the deep sleep easier. To reach the best effect, open that song at a low level.
  • Set a bedtime routine will familiarize your baby with sleeping in right time. For instance, you can begin bathing with warm water and applying lotion, finally, kiss goodnight to inform bedtime indirectly.
  • Make sure all distractions around the room out of your baby’s reach and vision. Colorful toys on the floor or the pictures of an open book can take its attention.

If the tips above aren’t enough for your baby’s good sleep, you can refer to the video below:


Enjoy the sleep

Again, why do babies sleep with their arms up? Starfish position can be strange occurrence, but it’s normal. Thus, there is no need to be worried or surprised. It’s safe if you apply the tips for helping your baby sleep well since this position can lead to waking up in the middle of the night easily. If you don’t remember, I will make a short bullet list:

  • Wear the cool and light pajamas
  • Take the unessential things out the crib
  • Adjust the proper room temperature (about 20 degrees centigrade)
  • Create a peaceful sleeping environment
  • Make a bedtime routine
  • Get rid of all distractions around the room

Is my post useful? Can it answer your question and help your baby sleep deeper? Please put a comment below and share with your loved ones.

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