Full Reviews Of The Best Baby Cribs And How to Buy

It is obvious that the most important part of the nursery is a crib. Even if you decide to kick off with a bedside bassinet or sleeper, your baby, finally, still needs a good crib. Thus, you should save money and start carefully considering to purchase a baby crib.

In case you are hazy about what you have to check and how to get a good one, do not worry. This today article will help you fully understand about a crib as well as which are criteria for best baby cribs.

Cribs gained popularity since the 1800s because family homes began to set up more rooms

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What is a baby crib?

Crib, or commonly known as a cot, is a quite small bed that is particularly designed for infants or very young kids. Apart from ‘crib’ and ‘cot, other less popular names of this are cradle and stock.

In the beginning, they created a crib to prevent a child from being capable of standing thanks to its cage-like form. Cribs are more likely to be used in Westernized countries as a good alternative to cultural norms or sharing a bed.

What is a baby crib

Different Types of Cribs

The prices might vary from approximately $300 to around $1,000 for custom designs. Therefore, I will divide cribs into three main groups according to the price in the market instead of its features like baby cribs and dresser sets, portable cribs or baby crib hammock.


The manufacturers would use less pricey hardware and materials, and less complex designs and finishes, however, they are still adequate. These cribs tend to be much more lightweight than expensive ones.

Lacquer-like finishes or paint could cover wood defects, like variations or knots in shading. Uneven patches or badly sanded spots could be some weaknesses of them. However, your crib must be sturdy instead not rattle is the main criterion you should consider.

Middle Price

Although these models give you affordable prices, you will have a wider variety of choices than the economy types. They not only are sturdier but also could bring your baby more accessories to play with.

Also, these cribs have a line of wood finishes including deep mahogany, golden maple, and Scandivanian-style natural. Many of them are equipped with sided slats which are greatly thicker than the economy.

Being fully kitted out with wheels, which are lockable, offers you stability. In this field, it is not difficult to see cribs (3-in-1 and 4-in-1) that could be changed into other kinds of beds consisting of a daybed, a full sized or toddler bed.


A huge number of high-end cribs are from European nations even though they could be made in China. The basic feature is that they have hand-burnished, glazed and rubbed finishes. Likewise, you could see hand-painted details and other handcrafted designs.

Several manufacturers will allow you customize your crib to go to your nursery. They often use metal frames or heavy-gage springs to support the mattresses. Similar to other types, these infant beds might appear with drawers and be converted into some nursery furniture.

Some parents look for cheap cribs that do not belong to any groups above. My suggestion is a DIY crib. Check the below video for specific instructions!


While some characters play a key role in the child safety, others could make your crib more aesthetically pleasing or convenient. It is all about your choice.

Stay Away from Drop Sides

Drop sides model that could be lowered to take the baby out is required to be eliminated by CPSC because this gets involved in about 32 deaths over recent 10 years. If you planned to use it for the next baby, please don’t. Stationary sides would be much safer.

Single drop gate crib

Image via ababy.com

Single Folding Gate

Single drop gate is another name of it. The cribs with single folding gate allow you to lower just a small part of the side in lieu the whole side. Hence, it could limit the risk of safety hazards as well as help you take the baby out easily.

Mattress Height

Those cribs in full sizes often have two mattress-height positions as an absolute minimum; some even offer you 3 or 4. To protect your little one from falling, change the mattress to the lowest point once he or she can pull up or sit, often from 6 to 8 months old.

A lot of models do not need supporting tools to change the mattress height, however, in a few models, bolts or screws are difficult to reach. The recommended distance between the top and the lowest point of your crib rail must be 26 inches as a bare minimum.

Mattress Support

The majority of mattress supports comprise of something like a metal frame hanged by hard springs. In some products, a mattress support is made from a simple board while others metals hangers stuck with the wooden frame.

The mattress support is often changeable to let you lower of raising the side of your crib. Also, it must be securely hanged to avoid being dislodged when you change the sheet, or your little angel starts to bounce.


Convertible cribs sometimes could be handy that you can change into toddler beds for small spaces just by adding a rail. Also, remember that several beds need parts which are not included in your original payment, for example, support rails, stabilizing and bed rails.


A large number of cribs often come with metal or plastic furniture wheels making it super easy to move the crib around. Having said that, a crib is too wide to be physically fit through your Standard doorways, especially for apartments.

If you prefer a crib with wheels on a tile or bare wood floor, please look for wheels which are lockable. This will avoid your crib from running around your room or other places without control.

Wheels crib

Construction Materials

Most of them are produced from wood, but some other kinds are utilized as well. Apart from dark wood, you will see a lot of cribs with lighter stains like classic white, maples, oaks, or natural woods.

Painted finishes consist of pastel yellow, pink, blue, green, washed whites, or off-whites. Tiny roughness is not a big deal since it does not cause any serious defects, for instance, peeling or splintering paint.

Safety Tips

#1. Keep a used or antique bassinet or crib away

It might lack some parts that you did not notice leading to failing in some ways.

#2. Check the slat spacing

You need to ensure that the opening is not too large. If you find your crib unsafe, please return it immediately and report your situation to the CPSC.

#3. Check for splinters!

Before making a purchase, you should find rough edges, splinters, cracks and other hazards that could be dangerous to your child.

Check for splinters

#4. Keep it bare

You should take the cushy surfaces or loose fabric including baby cribs toys, pillows, blankets or bumpers away.

Remember that you should keep the crib bumpers away when you see that they are sold with bedding sets. Your child could die due to suffocation in bumpers if his or her face is up against them.

#5. Use the fitted mattress

There should not be any distances from the mattress to the crib to prevent your baby from getting trapped. My recommendation is to buy baby cribs with mattress included instead of buying a separate mattress from other brands.

#6. Crib mobiles are not to touch

Ensure that your little one will not touch baby cribs mobiles to avoid being entangled in anything.

Last update on 2019-02-17 PST - Details

Best Baby Cribs

Here are the reviews of 5 baby cribs available on the market. Read them carefully to choose your own best baby cribs.

1. Delta Children Convertible Crib

This is a prime example of convertible baby cribs with a changing table. As your baby grows, you can easily change this crib into a full-size bed, daybed, or a toddler bed. There are three colors available for you to choose which are Black Cherry, White, and Grey.

However, the crib mattress is sold separately so I think you will have to pay more for a fitted mattress. Likewise, the crib is too big, so it is impossible to put it next to bed for you and your baby get close to each other.


  • Convertible with changing table
  • Sturdy and strong construction with storage
  • 3 adjustments of mattress height
  • Spacious drawers
  • Easy to assemble
  • JPMA certified
  • Meet ASTM standards
  • 2 shelves with wooden drawers


  • The crib is too big
  • Expensive
  • Does not include mattress

2. DaVinci Mini Crib

Although it is a mini crib, you can convert it into a bed for twins with baby cribs sets. Also, it offers user 2 changeable mattress positions. The product meet CPSC as well as ASTM safety standards.

Nevertheless, the warning sticker is too big that make the crib look cheap. The tiny board that your baby will lie on will make you question its sturdiness. The mattress could cause birth defects as well as carcinogens as well.

No products found.


  • Nice design with perfect dimensions
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to assemble with clear instruction
  • 2 different mattress positions
  • Meet the safety standards
  • Could use for boy and for girl baby
  • Full 1 year of warranty


  • Big warning sticker
  • Tiny board
  • Might include some harmful substances

3. Stork Craft Convertible Crib

With versatility, this crib could be easily converted into a daybed or toddler bed without a guard rail. It brings you 3 positions of mattress height to keep up with the growth of your children apart from composite construction and solid pine.

Nonetheless, the original purchase will not include portable baby crib quilts and fitted mattress because they are sold separately. Moreover, there is no wheels or casters attached to the crib, so it is quite difficult to move this crib.


  • Convertible
  • 3 positions of mattress height
  • Composite construction
  • Cheap
  • Easy to set up
  • Meet the Standard safety
  • Full 1-year warranty


  • Unpleasant smell due to the paint
  • Does not include quilts and mattress
  • Quite heavy and difficult to move it around because of no wheels
  • The nail might poke through that is very dangerous

4. DaVinci Regency Crib

Again, this is still a convertible crib that you can change into other types bed when your baby grows. Different from other products above, this one brings users up to 4 positions of mattress height for you to choose.

In spite of its quite high price, the mattress is not included in the original purchase. Sometimes, there are some technical issues, for example, the screw or paint.


  • Convertible
  • 4 positions of mattress height
  • Reason price
  • Great design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Meets safety standards


  • Does not include mattress
  • Technical issues
  • Does not have casters or wheels to move around

5. Union Convertible Crib

This crib could be easily converted into a daybed or toddler bed. It brings you 4 positions of mattress height to keep up with the growth of your children apart from composite construction and solid pine.

However, the original purchase will not include fitted mattress because they are sold separately. Moreover, there is no wheels or casters attached to the crib, so it is quite difficult to move this crib around.


  • Convertible
  • 4 positions of mattress height
  • Composite construction
  • Cheap
  • Easy to set up
  • Meet the Standard safety
  • Full 1-year warranty


  • Does not include mattress
  • Quite heavy and difficult to move it around because of no wheels
  • Technical issues like floppy leg or fallen out screws


In brief, depending on your requirements, you should choose the one that almost meets your demands instead of expensive one which has too much. Always remember that the safety of the child is the top priority.

I am glad if you enjoyed article today and thought it is useful. Hope that now you know how to pick best baby cribs to consider. If you have questions, leave a comment to let me know. Last, do not hesitate to like and share this post with your friends.

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