10 Office Holiday Party Invitations and Planning Dos and Don’ts

There’s always the need to socialize with coworkers, clients and at the same time make new acquaintances within and outside the organization. Corporate holiday party invitations are a good way to socialize with other people and if you are sociable enough, advance the career. Unlike other party invitations, there are a couple of dos and don’ts for an Office party invitations.

It’s also vital to know that although these holiday party events are organized to help the staff relax and have some fun, they are still official and business events. Consequently, these events require appropriate conduct. So, are you wondering how can I be professional and yet funny during a corporate party? If yes, then this article has all the Do’s and Don’ts for planning office Party invitations.

Be formal

Every summer, business owners thinks of hosting holiday parties for their clients and co-workers. In such moves, it’s very easy to make some etiquette mistakes which can hold the rest of your working relationships. For that reason, start by sending formal holiday cards to all your workers and clients that you need in the function. It all starts with addressing all the cards in a formal manner. The format of the invitation cards should be formal and address the guests individually. I understand it can be easy to make the mistake of sending all the guests Text Messages. Although text messages will communicate the invitation, it’s not perfect for formal events.

No Mixed invitations

This is the case when you’re considering inviting outside guests. The fact remains that not everyone will honor the request. However, feel free to express the desires clearly. I’ve over time seen people put mixed invitations on their official party invitations.

Be specific

If no gifts are accepted in the official holiday party, be straightforward. You don’t want to receive flowers from your employees or the clients which can soften your business relationship. Another important thing, do not link a gift registry if you already stated no to gifts on the invitations.

If you put no gifts, be gracious and don’t rush into conclusions in case one of your guests brings gifts. I mean you don’t have to yell at your guests ‘’I told you no gifts’. Just take the gift nicely and say Thanks. The only trick here is to avoid opening the gift in the events.

Your presence is present enough

If for any case you want to accept gifts in this formal events, it’s not advisable to say it directly like, ‘’please gift your friend’’ It can be as easy as saying ‘’your presence is present enough’’. You can add to that like ‘’However, if you need to give a gift, help us feather out new nest.

You can kindly say no

If a formal holiday party welcomes other guests and friends of your guests, it’s no longer formal. In some cases, companies fund these formal events and Holiday parties using company earnings. Consequently, you don’t want to account for money that was used to buy Children chocolates and candies. It’s hence important to say no to any other guests. Let no one of your guest bring other friends and family members. If she spends most of her weekend time with the children, she will have to look for a baby sitter. ‘’This event is adults only, but we love kids’’

Be clear and precise

When sending the message about the date, venue and other requirements for the office party, please include all the information precisely. The venue and the data should be clear and precise. Additionally, all the instructions such as gifts, bringing friends and dressing code should be clear and precise. This eradicates any types of confusion and misinterpretations from the guests.

Comment on the dressing code

This is a holiday party but remember it’s still a business event. For that reason, you should comment on the dressing codes. Women should avoid wearing see through dresses or short dresses that can expose their inner body. Alternatively, comment on the dressing without using too many worlds. You can easily write ‘’Dress appropriately’’.

Ask about the Preferences

When sending Office Holiday party invitations, you don’t have to be a sole decision-maker. Ask the workers and other involved parties their preferences. This is about dietary restrictions and venue preferences. You actually don’t want to order meat for everyone and some of your guests are vegetarians. You also shouldn’t pay for drinks without consulting the guests and know how many drinks will be necessary.

Lastly, it’s important to understand how to carry yourself during an office holiday party. Don’t take too much drinks or start dancing crazily. Instruct the guests to minimize their alcohol consumption. Additionally, the party should be held on the better part of the day. It shouldn’t be a night party.

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