16 All-time Favorite Female Demon Names You Need To Know

Angels and demons are two ultimate opposite poles in the earth. Everyone tends to love angles and scare of demons, even though there are a lot of misleading assumptions about their existence.

Demons always give me a feeling of a bad nature, a negative circumstance and dark supernatural characters, but convey a message of mysterious stories. I will not say it is not fun to discuss this; especially some female demon names were created different versions of myths passing through time.

Let’s dig down to the roots some.

#1. Avalon

I like her a lot to put her on the top of my list of all-time favorite female demon names. Avalon is well-known as a Lady of the Lake, and called as Nimue, Viviane, Vivien, Elaine, Morgaine, Niniane, Nivian, Nyneve, or Evienne, among other variations in Arthurian legend.

Her role is not completely evil because she saves and helps the men around her. It’s just about the way she does it too flirty. Of course, she is beautiful.

#2. Batibad

She is an old, huge and fat woman in Ilocano folklore who causes death to people while sleeping. She is resided in a tree and doesn’t let people sleeping nearby. If they do, she will attack them from the neck until the victims can’t breathe.

One way to recuse this person is to bite the toes to get awake from the nightmare, including Batibad.

16 All-time Favorite Female Demon Names You Need To Know

#3. Hecate

Here is one of the most popular evils in female demon names list. Hecate is named in Ancient Greek and famous with the status of Triple Hecate. She seduces men to create babies while later grow up become half human, half demon. It seems like she wants to dominate the world with her kids, to be under control of everything.

#4. Lamina

The lamina is also in Greek mythology. She is a very beautiful lady who turns out to be a child eating monster. The story starts when she plays a role of God Zeus’s mistress. His wife is jealous to kill all her children. Then she loses her mind to go hunting for kids from others.

#5. Pandora

Although Pandora is in the female demon names lists, it is well known also as a worldwide jewelry brand. She is considered the first woman in Greek. Pandora is beautiful, elegant but she is a cause of every single plague and disease on earth. She opens a jar which releases all evils to the outside world.

#6. Mara

Mara is a vengeful demon of Scandinavian folklore. People hate her because she threatens kids in their dream. She also seduces Gautama Buddha and later blames he is her child.

#7. Gorgon

Gorgon in Greek means terrible, bad and evil in Greek. She represents a mysterious but wise woman. She creates life but also brings death.

16 All-time Favorite Female Demon Names You Need To Know

#8. Lamashtu

In my opinion, Lamashtu is the scariest version for a female demon named list. She is described as a lion head, a hairy body, donkey’s teeth and ears, bony fingers. She is the cause of newborn and unborn babies. Lamashtu is a nightmare for every single pregnant or young mother. She even can skip nap the baby while the mother is feeding. She also chews their bones and sucks their blood to death.

#9. Kasdeya

Kasdeya is an angel falling from heaven and after that looks at life in a different way. She is famous in poisoning and well-known as a fifth Santa.

#10. Bella

Bella is a short call from Isabella. It reminds me the girl Belle Swan in Twilight Series. Surprisingly, it also indicates a name in the vampire world. Bella means “Lovely.” She is a very helpful maid who turns out to be a vampire later. Belle is an old name used popularly in the 18th century.

Here is the trailer for Twilight:

#11. Elena

Elena is another name in Vampire world and famous for a TV show “Vampire Diaries,” but also in an animated series Elena of Avalor in Disney Channel.

Check out its trailer to see a real Elena:

#12. Nukekubi

Nukekubi is an ordinary woman in a day time but transforms into a demon in the night time. She is punished for committing a crime of unfaithful to her husband. She is normally starved for human blood. The most interesting thing I found in her is her neck can be stretched to miles to reach to the victims.

Another myth is her neck and body don’t get attached. She doesn’t cause any big harm so far but must be a huge scare to people.

#13. Nure-Onna

Another transforming demon which is famous in Japan is Nure-Onna. She is described as an attractive young lady with a beautiful face, but a snake body. She is normally disguised herself as a miserable mother holding the baby.

When somebody comes to help, the baby will weight super heavily that he can’t run away. Then this is the time for Nure-Onna to eat their body.

#14. Hone-Onna

Hone-Onna is a skeleton form of female demon. She allures men with a nice appearance, leads them to her cave then transforms back to be a skeleton. The victims, of course, don’t know about this, and when they know, it’s too late to run away. She will eat them until becoming a skeleton themselves.

16 All-time Favorite Female Demon Names You Need To Know

#15. Ubume

Ubume is a woman who dies before or after a little bit the time a child is born. As she dies and her kid is alive, she will return as a ghost mother to take care of the kid. She brings “grocery” and “food” to her baby until she makes sure her kid in a good hand.

#16. Yama Uba

Yama Uba is in female demon names list and also a name of a sad story in Japan. She is used to be a young girl born in a very low-income family. Her family can’t afford to feed her, so they left her in the cave. She has to find the way to survive and becomes insane with hunger and depression. Nobody knows if she is alive.

However, in this area, there are a lot of missing people cases. They rumor that Yama Uba turns into a demon now. She normally disguises to be a young girl who offers shelter for people who get lost. After bringing them to her cave, she will eat them. Or some people say she uses her hair to trap people to her cave also.

Fun facts about female demon names:

  • Roots within ancient cultures such as Babylon, Assyria, and Egypt, as well as within Jewish, Christian and Muslim lore, also from Asia for China or Japan are the most well-known.
  • Most women are described beautiful but alluring, try to seduce men to get benefits.
  • They don’t fight to each other much like women in real life.
  • All myth starts by a sad story, or I can say the reasons these women become demon are very tragic


All female demon names have an interesting story behind, but most of them are sad and horrified. However, I don’t think it’s harmful to make it as a topic or a discussion with friends about this.

Also, if you are playful parents, you can pick “Belle” or “Elena” for your baby girls. They are cute and graceful. Plus all the actresses with the same name are very attractive. Comment below if you are “brave” enough to take a risk on your baby.

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