A Guide to Choosing Car Floor Mats for Family Cars

Are you considering new mats for your car but don’t know where to start or what to look out for. Well, Mr Car Mats has created a simple guide for people looking for car mats to keep their cars clean and tidy below

Checking ridges and rims

There are many factors you need to consider as you purchase floor mats for the vehicle. The first thing you should do is look at the rims and ridges of the mat you want to get for your car. Keep in mind that the best mat is one that has higher ridges or those that have an edge forming the perimeter of the car floor mat. This is important because it forms a deep dish that is going to trap liquids. This is going to help prevent anything from getting on the floor when there is a spill.

Back of the floor mat

It is important for the mat to have a system that allows you to lock it in place. This prevents the mat from moving around. Most mats have a backing that has teeth or nibs that will sink and grab the fibers of the carpet. There are some mats that have holes mounted onto the OEM floor hooks of your car. You need to make sure that the car mat doesn’t roam or shift especially when controlling the pedals.

The thickness of a mat

You need to go with thicker mats over the thin ones. Thicker mats are better because they are heavier and are going to help minimize the idea of roaming or traveling on the floor. They are also less vulnerable to cracking, curling, or even drying. They are also better when it comes to handling snow, mud, or gravel.

Choose odorless materials

Car mats shouldn’t emit noxious gases or fumes according to government agencies. This is because they can be a health risk for those inside the car. This is why you should always choose odorless materials.

Type of car mat

It is important to consider the type of car floor you want to buy. You can choose to go with a mat with all-weather capabilities or ordinary floor mats. There are also those carpeted mats that are going to look great when inside the car, but might not be a good option for owners who tend to spill their drink inside the car.

Auto carpet floors are the same as what you have in your home. the carpets are made from nylon or polyester fabric. This is a good option because they provide the best protection against spills. They tend to be more fashionable and presentable when you compare them to other types of car floor mats.

All of these tips should help you when choosing a car mat for your family car and help keep things clean and your carpets in good condition.

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