Workout with Baby: A New Year’s Resolution

How are you and your baby going to stay healthy in the new year? With the cold weather approaching, chances are you might not get out as much as you’d like to exercise, but there are still plenty of ways you can keep your body in shape while caring for your newborn. Even if you’re only able to squeeze in a walk around the block after putting your baby down for the night, it’s better than nothing! Check out these exercises with baby that will work your entire body and still let you spend plenty of time with your little one.

How to exercise with a baby

One of your New Year’s resolutions is to get back in shape after baby. Here are tips to help you stick to your exercise plan. Try working out together as a family (running, for example) or doing yoga and stretching. It may seem silly, but there are many easy ways that your baby can join in on a workout routine and be part of your new year’s resolutions. Pick one or two simple exercises that you enjoy and do them together every day if possible. Your body will thank you!

Pick the right time

Before you even think about picking up your baby, make sure you have set aside enough time to work out. If your daily routine already involves taking care of a newborn or very young child, it might be too much of a hassle to find an extra hour in your day just for exercising. Instead, try getting it done right after he or she goes down for a nap. Not only will that allow you to knock two things off your list at once (exercise and child care), but it will also put you in a relaxed state of mind by giving you time to decompress. If child care isn’t an issue at all, shoot for early morning so you can squeeze in some exercise before starting your day and leave less room for excuses later on when things get busy.

Get Some Exercise Equipment

Exercise tools, such as a treadmill or weight bench, can add an incentive to stick to your fitness routine. Plus, exercising with equipment is a great way to help you discover what sort of activities make exercise fun for you. If you have children or just don’t feel like going out to a gym every day, try some at-home exercises that require little more than resistance bands and free weights. Then, when you’re ready for more of a challenge, go out and get some cardio equipment! There are treadmills, elliptical machines, and stationary bikes that allow babies up to 2 years old (and even smaller kids) to ride along while mom gets her workout in.

Find Activities That Work for Both of You

To be honest, you might have to do a little extra legwork for a few weeks when your baby’s new skills are developing. That’s okay! If you want to incorporate him into your workout routine, though, it helps to find activities that work for both of you. For example, we recommend trying resistance band exercises since they involve minimal movement on your part. They’re also easy for Mom and Dad to complete while holding or rocking their baby in their arms. Even if resistance bands aren’t appealing, however, that doesn’t mean an exercise-filled resolution is out of reach!

Choose the Best Music

Music can be a great motivator when exercising. But not all music is created equal. Find music that you like and will listen to over and over again. The right tune can change your mood, energize you, and make exercise seem more fun than work. If you don’t have any motivation to get started or you’re finding it hard to keep going while working out, try a different song! Your motivation might just jump-start again!

One of the best ways to start your exercise is to include your baby or toddler. There are a lot of great exercises that you can do with babies and kids because they learn so much just by being involved in everything you do. It can be as simple as getting your baby stroller and going for a walk. Be sure to bundle up your baby with these cute swaddles from Presley Couture. It will be a nice bonding time for you as well. Although sometimes it may seem difficult, if you have patience and creativity, you will be able to find many different ways for both of you to stay fit and healthy.

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